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We have always said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 

But what if we also want it to respect the principles of the vegan diet and give us a load of protein to fill up on energy?

In this case the solution is a vegan protein breakfast, capable of guaranteeing all the nutrients needed by the body but which at the same time can favor proteins (over fats and sugars).

If you are confused, we want to help you better understand how to organize it, with some sample menus, easy recipes and ideas to bring directly to the table without spending too much time.

Sweet or salty? We have something for all tastes. Follow us on this journey that satisfies every type of palate to start the day full of energy.

THE vegan principles even at breakfast

The vegan diet follows precise rules which absolutely forbid the consumption of foods deriving from the animal world. 

So say NO to eggs, milk, cheese, meat or fish.

The principle is to respect animals without harming them in any way and manage the daily planner by excluding any food of animal origin from meals.

Indeed, vegans go even further and are sensitive to the problem of experiments involving laboratory guinea pigs, vetoing any cosmetic treatment or supplement that is not cruelty free.

On a practical level, however, this requires a radical change in the typical diet which provides for a constant supply of substances naturally contained in prohibited foods and which therefore fail the body.

What to do, especially at breakfast? Forget scrambled eggs or bacon on toast!

A vegan breakfast certainly involves a change in one's habits, but this does not mean that it is less tasty or appetizing. Indeed, you will discover a new way to start the day that ensures much more vitality than you could imagine, especially if besides being Vegan it is also protein.

Protein breakfast: how to make it vegan too?

That proteins are contained in meat and eggs is also well known to vegans. So how to make a protein and vegan breakfast without using foods of animal origin?

Just use vegetable proteins!

They contain few calories, are light and healthy and even manage to decrease the intake of saturated fat in the body.

Here are some examples for making a shopping list and planning the menu for a vegan-friendly breakfast:

  • tempeh
  • soy
  • tofu
  • cereals
  • peanut butter
  • fruit
  • rice or oat milk
  • biscuits
  • dark chocolate
  • Porridge.

In addition to vegetable proteins, these foods also contain many fibers, minerals and vitamins, in order to guarantee the assimilation of all the necessary macronutrients by the body. 

Vegan protein breakfast: any ideas?

Now that you have figured out which foods are allowed in the vegan protein breakfast, it's time to create a nice menu to vary your meal when you wake up and let yourself be tempted by delicious alternatives to the classic breakfast based on milk and biscuits.

However, since we want to please everyone, on the one hand we will take care of giving you strictly sweet suggestions and on the other hand savory solutions, both of which can easily be included in your menu to vary the possibilities and always enjoy different flavors even at breakfast.

You are ready? Let's start with the sweet protein breakfast.

A breakfast with a sweet taste

If giving up milk and cookies is too hard for you, however, there is a workaround: use rice or oat milk and dip vegan cookies (without milk, eggs and butter). 

Don't like the taste of rice milk? Try strictly protein vegetable drinks. There really is something for all tastes: soy, hazelnut, almond, coconut. All are sweet at the right point without adding other sugars.

Eventually, however, remember that not even honey is allowed so avoid this sweetener for your dishes.

Choosing fruit for breakfast is a very sweet way to start the day. Red fruits and raspberries are the recommended choices, perhaps to be mixed in a vegan smoothie.

vegan protein breakfast

Do you like biscuits? Spread a veil of fruit jam (or peanut butter) and add two nuts: healthy and rich in nutritional properties.

If you have never tried it you must try the muesli, with fresh fruit or dark chocolate: excellent both on its own and in milk or soy yoghurt. 

For those who get up early and have time to mess around in the kitchen, it's worth making vegan pancakes with oatmeal and almonds and a few dark chocolate chips.

Alternative breakfast for those who prefer salty food

And now let's move on to the savory menu. Here apparently it seems more difficult to plan a vegan and protein breakfast.

Here are some simple but delicious ideas.

Rye bread, oatmeal porridge, buckwheat, tofu, almonds and walnuts: there are several foods available that can be mixed to vary our morning meal every day.

For example, there are many recipes with tofu: scrambled with turmeric, smoothie with blueberries, in an omelette, or to be made into a quiche with soy cheese. And if you like tempeh you absolutely must try the wholemeal toast (or bread or focaccia) with grilled tempeh with some added vegetables. 

Everything also depends on the times you have in the morning: if you're in a rush, it's better to choose quick meals, otherwise you can really indulge yourself in vegan recipes that present you with excellent culinary solutions based on vegetable proteins.

And if you are on a diet?

Don't worry, even those on a strict diet can face a rich vegan protein breakfast without problems.

When we talk about soy yoghurt or whole grains we are referring to a low-calorie and healthy diet that even people on a diet can follow without exceeding in calories or sugar.

Just be careful not to abuse those foods rich in sugars such as fruit that can affect your daily calorie intake.

In short, all you need is just a pinch of imagination in the kitchen and there are no limits for vegan and protein recipes even for breakfast, starting with the right sprint from the morning.