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With the arrival of spring, there is an Italian gastronomic tradition that awakens the senses and delights the palates of adults and children: the Easter Colomba. This sweet symbol of the Easter holiday has won the hearts of many families, becoming an indispensable element of Easter tables. Among the many variations available, the Lemon and Vanilla Colomba by Olivieri 1882 emerges as a true masterpiece of flavors and aromas.

Tradition and Innovation from the Olivieri Family since 1882

The Olivieri family, for over a century, has stood out for its dedication and passion in the world of master leaveners. 

There Colomba Olivieri 1882 it is a cloud of butter, eggs and flour, covered in an almond and sugar glaze which, at first taste, gives a light crunchiness followed by an extraordinary softness! Its structure is incredibly soft, with an elegant but strong taste. 

A rich yet extremely digestible dessert thanks to the long leavening and the use of the highest quality raw materials. Without preservatives, semi-finished products, artificial flavors or vegetable fats, it is a 100% artisanal product, made entirely by hand with passion, following the tradition started way back in 1882.

An explosion of freshness that spreads gently with every bite.

The Lemon and Vanilla Colomba by Olivieri 1882 is characterized by handcrafted candied lemon which, with its lively and fresh flavour, gives the Colomba a touch of lightness and a sparkling note, enriched with fragrant sweet notes of vanilla. Its balanced acidity perfectly marries the sweetness of the vanilla and the softness of the dough, creating a harmonious contrast that conquers the palate.
A feeling of freshness!

The Perfect Dove for Every Occasion

There Easter dove with Lemon and Vanilla by Olivieri 1882 stands out as the best tasting among the varieties available on the market. It is not only a traditional dessert to be enjoyed during the Easter holidays, but is transformed into an excellence suitable for any special occasion thanks to its rich bouquet of flavours. Its enveloping fragrance and refined taste make it perfect for every moment, from breakfast to dinner. Served with a cup of coffee or accompanied by a mascarpone cream, it becomes a memorable culinary experience capable of conquering the most demanding palates.

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