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Changing the menu within a diet isn't always easy, we know it well. Foods are limited, some cooking methods cannot be used and care must be taken to avoid certain foods that can alter the progress made.

Yet everything is simpler on the ketogenic diet! Why? There is a vast choice of possible foods that you can choose and alternate between them and there are also various solutions with a low carbohydrate content that help make the menu more varied (for example, have you tried low-carb focaccia?).

Crafting a personalized keto plan then becomes even more fun. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner must be carefully planned. Do you need a hand? We're here to help you: today we're talking about ketogenic dinner: delicious and healthy recipe ideas and some advice to not weigh yourself down before going to sleep.

Keto diet to get back in shape

In the ketogenic diet the essential thing is to enter ketosis, then everything becomes almost a walk! Through the metabolic state known as "ketosis" our body can use fat reserves as a primary source of energy, without activating the combustion process using sugars and above all carbohydrates.  

In summary, you need to reduce your carbohydrate intake and increase your protein and good fat intake.

You get back in shape in a short time and you can lose weight without excessive effort, respecting the keto plan, the meals to eat (without skipping even one!) and the permitted foods. 

To avoid improvising or going overboard from time to time, it is advisable to prepare the menu first, so as to have not only time to do the necessary shopping, but also to organize the recipes and vary them during the week.

What are we eating tonight? The importance of dinner

Dinner is the meal that precedes the night, therefore you need to be careful when preparing it, taking care to choose recipes that are not too heavy and difficult to digest and with small portions, to then avoid having trouble falling asleep.

The first rule is to prepare dishes with healthy, natural and light ingredients. What is meant by a healthy dinner? It means preferring foods that have proteins and nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, trace elements and healthy fats.

The second rule is not to dine too late. We need to give our body time to start digestion and therefore it would be advisable to sit down at the table at least 3 or 4 hours before going to bed. This rule applies especially if the dinner is substantial, in particular if you are invited out to dinner or are returning from a party, as these are special occasions where you know that the dishes are more elaborate and the portions more abundant.

The third rule is to avoid carbohydrates in the evening. In the ketogenic diet, carbohydrate-based recipes are already considerably reduced, but that minimum allowed should not be planned for dinner. Better to prefer vegetables, eggs and fish, which are much more digestible.

If these three rules are not respected, the ketogenic dinner risks turning into the heaviest meal of the day, which will not allow us to fall asleep easily and sleep well.  

Example ketogenic dinner: ideas for menus within everyone's reach

To make your life easier, we want to give you some ideas on easy recipes to prepare to make your ketogenic dinner more appetizing.

We present 4 proposals, based on eggs, fish and beef and chicken, all with a vegetable side dish. To you the choice!

Beef burger with lettuce and tomato salad

Who doesn't like a hamburger for dinner? If it follows a keto recipe it's even tastier and healthier.

Our advice is to prepare it at home (often the ready-made ones are processed and may also contain traces of carbohydrates and sugars). Purchase ground beef and season it with salt and pepper. Then with your hands shape the burgers to the size you prefer and cook in the oven or on the grill. To make the dish even more delicious, you can add a thin slice of cheese on top of each burger. 

Finally, serve on a bed of green salad with the addition of tomatoes. 

Paprika chicken nuggets with a side of spinach

If you prefer chicken instead of beef, here's another idea for your keto dinner.

Buy whole chicken breast and cut it into bite-size pieces. Brown in very little oil and then add the already boiled spinach. Add some white wine, Parmesan cheese and a pinch of salt and cook for a few minutes without a lid. Then cover and cook for the time necessary for the chicken to be well browned and blended with the spinach. Finally, add a dash of paprika and serve hot.

You will have the right amount of protein and fiber and you will not feel weighed down before going to bed. 

Omelette with soft cheese and cooked ham or asparagus omelette?

Eggs are the plus that makes the ketogenic diet even tastier. In addition to being able to make them at will in many recipes according to one's imagination, they ensure the necessary nutrients in any meal of the day, from breakfast to dinner. That's why we offer you two egg-based ideas.

ketogenic dinner

Let's start with the omelette with soft cheese and ham. Cheeses are foods allowed on the keto diet and as far as cured meats are concerned, care must be taken that they are low in fat and unprocessed. Ham is great! This pairing is a winner with any side dish, from grilled vegetables to sautéed mushrooms, to simple salad.

If you like asparagus you have to try making an omelette. After having boiled the asparagus in boiling water for about ten minutes, you can add them to the bowl in which you have already beaten the eggs. Add Parmesan and salt and put the mixture in a baking dish. Bake for 20 minutes and serve after letting it cool down a bit. For those who love to be daring in the kitchen, it is also interesting to add ricotta, which makes the omelette softer and even better. 

Salmon with Avocado Salsa

Among the fish, salmon is a favorite for those who follow the ketogenic diet. Rich in omega 3, we recommend pairing it with avocado sauce to create a colorful and original dish that is also light and healthy for a ketogenic dinner at home with family or friends.

And preparing it is very easy! All you need to do is cook it on the grill or in the oven and then add the avocado sauce on top, made by chopping the avocados, tomatoes, peppers and onion. After adding just enough salt, everything can be blended and the sauce is ready to be served.

Enjoy your meal!