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There ketogenic diet It has a big flaw: it limits carbohydrates! And what to do if you have a craving for focaccia? There's no question of going astray after so many sacrifices made, but there would be another solution that is much more practical, quicker and also tasty.

This is the low carb focaccia, a low carbohydrate alternative that you can eat without regrets.

So let's discover its ingredients, its preparation and the most delicious variations, in three strictly low carb flavors that will win you over at the first taste. 

The low carb focaccia, absolutely keto friendly

With the spread of the keto regime, it has also become necessary to find valid alternatives to the usual foods so rich in carbohydrates and calories. Among the novelties on the table that can be enjoyed by everyone, even those who follow a more rigid diet, we want to talk to you about focaccia. But not the classic focaccia you know, but its low carb variant.

Fully classified among keto friendly foods, low carb focaccia is very similar to the original in both appearance and taste. The difference lies in the ingredients, which are equally good and satiating.

Also recommended by nutritionists who include it in their personalized keto plan, this product can be found both in bakeries that sell ketogenic and gluten-free food, and in the most well-stocked supermarkets. Alternatively, it is always possible to prepare it at home: you just need to have the main ingredients available which are the specific flours (which we will talk about shortly!) and a few more ingredients to fill them according to your own tastes or those of your family.

How to choose the right ingredients for a keto focaccia 

When preparing low carb focaccia, it is precisely the ingredients that make the difference. In particular the flours used, which must be low in carbohydrates.

These are special products that contain a lot of fiber and protein but very few carbohydrates. This characteristic makes them ideal in diets especially due to their low glycemic index.

But what are they? Here are the most common:

  • Legume flour; 
  • Rye flour;
  • Buckwheat flour;
  • Soy flour; 
  • Almond flour; 
  • Coconut flour;
  • Carob flour;
  • Cashew flour;
  • Flaxseed flour;
  • Sesame flour.

Some of these are even made without the addition of any carbohydrates, such as soy flour, legume flour and rye flour, but they all contain a good percentage of proteins, fibers and fatty acids.

Which flour to use for low carb focaccia?

From the list mentioned above it is clear that there is not just one type of flour and therefore before preparing our focaccia we need to understand well which one is best for a soft and tasty dough.

The most suitable types are almond flour, linseed flour and the three zero carbohydrate flours (legumes, soy and rye).

almond flour

Almond flour is a concentrate of proteins and minerals. The high protein intake gives the body the right energy boost and greater resistance, while the intake of minerals including magnesium help to counteract forms of stress and tiredness. 

Since it does not contain gluten, it is also ideal for those suffering from intolerances and is widely used in bakeries dedicated to the sale of exclusive products for celiacs. It has various uses in the kitchen: it can make your desserts tastier and low-calorie, it can be used to make almond paste, or it can be used to make low carb focaccia!

Flaxseed flour

Flaxseed flour is a panacea for human health. It contains many nutritional elements, from vitamins to proteins, from calcium to phosphorus, from omega 3 to fibre. It is used frequently because it has many properties, including strengthening the immune system, protecting against heart disease, and purifying the intestine.

In the kitchen it is excellent for both sweet preparations (biscuits, cakes) and savory ones (bread, breadsticks, pasta and of course focaccia). Furthermore, it is among the most sought after not only by celiacs, but also by vegans and vegetarians. 

Zero carbohydrate flours

As anticipated, there are three carbohydrate-free flours. Legume flour contains vegetable proteins and has a strong satiating power. We know different types, increasingly used in the kitchen in everyday life. Among these, chickpea, pea, bean or broad bean flour. Have you ever tasted omelette with legume flour? Excellent vegetable alternative to bring to the table for healthier and more energetic lunches.

Soy flour, among all, is the one with the highest degree of digestibility. Due to its low glycemic index it becomes the ideal solution for those who are following a diet and need to lose weight, but also for celiacs, diabetics and vegans. Its best known use is in the preparation of pasta, but it can also be used for sweeter recipes.

Rye flour contains lots of fiber and minerals, such as potassium and folic acid. The difference with the previous flours is that it is also not suitable for celiacs as it could contain gluten since we are still talking about a cereal. 

In the kitchen it is excellent for low carb focaccias, wraps, but also biscuits and confectionery products.

Step by step keto focaccia recipe

Now it's time to get in the kitchen to prepare a delicious low carb focaccia at home. Here is a practical recipe (but there are so many!) that you can easily replicate when you want a keto focaccia.

What do you need? Get 130 grams of almond flour, egg whites, parmesan, salt, extra virgin olive oil. 

The procedure is very simple: with a whisk, mix the egg whites until stiff and slowly add the almond flour and parmesan. When the mixture is mixed you can put it in a round baking dish with baking paper and cook for about twenty minutes. 

When it is ready, you can season it as you like. The classic recipe only includes salt, rosemary and extra virgin olive oil, but if you want a more delicious dish to serve to your guests you can always add some ingredients of your choice, such as tomatoes, olives or mushrooms. 

Don't have any ideas? We will take care of offering you some interesting recipes in the 3 variations of low carb focaccia that we have designed for you.

Our recommendations: the three best low carb focaccias

low-carb focaccia

According to our taste, the three best variations of low carb focaccia are those made with almond flour, flaxseed flour and rye flour. 

Almond flour focaccia is the most common. You can find many variations on the web and in modern recipe books (including vegan ones) to season as you like, but the constant remains this type of flour which makes it very soft and tasty. To make it even more appetizing you can also fill it with light spreadable cheese, egg and mozzarella. It may have a few more calories, but it remains a dish that is also acceptable on a diet and naturally low carb.

Flaxseed flour focaccia has very few ingredients. Given its nutritional properties and the beneficial effects it brings to the body's functionality, there is no need to enrich it further, but it is often used instead of bread by those who want a low-calorie but substantial and healthy product. Added to warm water, oil and salt you obtain a very soft dough. We recommend the version with olives and rosemary which is perfect as an appetizer or to accompany lunch.

And for those who need fiber there is nothing better than low carb focaccia made with rye flour. It can be served without filling (but it has a more bitter flavor than the other variants described), or filled as desired and brought to the table as a second course. Have you ever tried it with vegetables? Excellent aubergines or tomatoes with a few slices of cheese, oil and salt.


Are you already at the stove preparing your favorite low carb focaccia? Always remember to cook with taste even if you are on a diet. With low carbohydrate solutions you are spoiled for choice and with a pinch of imagination you can vary the menu daily and amaze friends and family by bringing unique but rigorously wholesome dishes to the table.