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Can you prepare an energetic Bulletproof Coffee at home too?

Today we want to dedicate ourselves to this keto friendly food which has now literally conquered both the faithful of the ketogenic diet and all those who want to start their day with panache. 

So let's discover the recipe for Bulletproof Coffee with some variations to satisfy all tastes and brush up on the reasons that drive us to integrate this rich and nutritious drink into our daily diet. 

Let's discover all the ingredients and the original formula to give the right fuel to our body.

Why start breakfast with Bulletproof Coffee?

recipe for bulletproof coffee

The Bulletproof Coffee is a concentrate of coffee and fats that gives a strong energy boost, an improvement of cognitive activities and full of nutrients that keeps you full longer. It is a valid alternative to a breakfast full of carbohydrates which in many diets are almost entirely to be avoided. 

Intermittent fasting or ketogenic diet are two examples of dietary paths where Bulletproof Coffee is particularly appreciated as an energizing drink to start the day off right. 

The initial skepticism about this food so different from those that are usually offered to us immediately gives way to a very pleasant surprise to discover that in addition to having advantages on our body it is also very good and creamy! Maybe the first few times it could be heavy, but slowly the body gets used to the amount of fat it contains and looks for it as a satiating and nutritious element.

Did you know that you can also do it at home? So let's find out everything we need to make the recipe for Bulletproof Coffee.

The ingredients for Bulletproof Coffee

There are several already complete kits on the market to have everything you need and be able to make creamy bulletproof coffee. So the good news is that you won't have to go from supermarket to supermarket looking for hard to find ingredients, but you will find everything in one convenient pack.

Alternatively, you can always browse the web and visit the best-stocked online shops, especially in Keto food retailers, such as pink food or Ketofood, and buy the individual ingredients in the desired quantities. 

In both cases, here's what you'll find at home:

  • A pack of Bulletproof Coffee
  • Mct oil C8
  • Ghee butter (or clarified butter)

But be careful not to try to improvise by changing the ingredients, for example by replacing ghee butter with classic butter. The result would not be the same at all!

The recipe for Bulletproof Coffee: what you need

And now that you have all the ingredients at hand you are ready to prepare your Bulletproof Coffeee with this very simple, and also quick, recipe.

You will need a blender (or milk frother), a cup, a tablespoon and a teaspoon.  

Instead, the exact doses to faithfully follow the recipe for Bulletproof Coffee and get a cup of creamy keto coffee are these:

  • 8-12 ounces of bulletproof coffee blend (about 1 cup)
  • 1 teaspoon of Mct C8 oil (then you can also put two, but only after having savored the taste)
  • 2 tablespoons ghee butter (grass-fed ghee butter can be added optionally)

As for the quantity of butter or Mct oil, we report the doses faithful to the original recipe, but above all the first few times you can also use less to gradually get used to their intense flavour. 

The recipe for Bulletproof Coffee: how to prepare it

And now let's move on to the procedure that will take you a few minutes at most. In fact you have to put all the ingredients inside the blender (or milk frother) and blend for about 30 seconds. The drink must be creamy at the right point therefore, if necessary, restart the blender until the desired consistency is obtained. 

Then pour the drink into the cup and drink while still hot!

The recipe for Bulletproof Coffee: benefits and calories of a single cup

What are the nutritional information you need to know before drinking the energy drink for your breakfast? Know that Bulletproof Cofffee has 230 calories so it's definitely to be avoided in low-calorie diets, but it's perfect for diets that require a high fat intake. Here are all the values: 

  • Calories: 230
  • Fat: 25g
  • Saturated fat: 21 g

So on balance it does not contain carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, sugars and salt.

More ways to make Bulletproof Coffee at home

recipe for bulletproof coffee

For those with little time or for those who want to try the new Bulletproff Coffee, there are also variations in its preparation, for different but equally tasty and energetic results. 

In fact, it is a product that in itself is already synonymous with innovation and brings with it interesting variations that follow the new trends and new proposals to satisfy all food needs and all tastes.

Here are some viable alternatives:

  1. Prepare coffee using the complete blend that does not require a blender.
  2. Use the Creamer version which contains even more fat.
  3. Use herb-fed ghee butter.
  4. Add the collagen protein powder.
  5. Add cocoa powder.

In any case, the results will be the same as the original Bulletproof Coffee, which is a creamy and energizing drink, but with different nutrients and a more or less intense taste. 

Variants for those who don't love coffee or are vegan

Perhaps not everyone knows that there are variations of the recipe even for those who don't usually drink coffee. The trick is to make the drink bulletproof, i.e. maintaining its creaminess and energy charge of the original. How to do? Simple, leave the other elements unchanged, such as ghee butter and Mct oil. 

And if instead the problem is the vegan regime? Don't worry, there is also a vegan-proof recipe, rich in prebiotics.

Final advice

For those who still have doubts about the validity and benefits of this unique and innovative drink, here are some considerations that could make you change your mind.

First of all, know that Bulletproof Coffee is ideal for activating ketosis. It gives a sense of satiety, burns fat, produces energy and does not compromise the progress of a ketogenic diet.

A cup of bulletproof coffee improves cognitive functions, from attention to concentration and allows you to activate the brain from the early hours of the morning to more easily carry out daily work or school tasks. 

Finally, it is a nutritious drink that does not harm your health and has no side effects. And it does not contain colourings, sweeteners or other substances which could be harmful to diet and health. 

In conclusion, the Bulletproof Coffee recipe is ideal for those who want to combine taste and health, preparing themselves a very quick but super creamy and super nutritious breakfast.