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At breakfast, as a snack, it is difficult to give up a slice of toast with a delicious hazelnut spread on top.

Your mouth is watering already, right? Well, often diet, calorie counting and health problems (such as diabetes) don't allow us to indulge in this whim and reluctantly we have to look for other foods to satiate that gluttony that assails us.

But does it have to be like this? We reveal how to satisfy your desire for something sweet by talking about the Ketociok Ketofood spreadable cream, suitable for all dietary regimens because it has no added sugar.

Let's find out how it differs from other spreadable creams and what the people who have chosen to let themselves be conquered by its sweet but strictly keto taste say!

Because we love spreadable cream

ketociock spreadable cream ketofood reviews

Since spreadable creams have made their appearance on the table, young and old can no longer do without them. They exist in sweet and savory versions, but today we will focus on the former, clarifying once and for all why a ketogenic (or low carb) diet is not the same as giving up tasty foods like this. 

Why do we love spreadable cream? Here are some valid reasons:

  • Ideal for spreading on bread and other baked goods;
  • Suitable for enriching desserts and cakes;
  • Available in different flavours;
  • Tasty and sweet at any time of the day.

Here is therefore explained in four points the reason why dieting becomes more difficult if we also have to give up the spreadable cream that accompanies us at breakfast or as an energy snack during the day. 

Ingredients and calories

Nutritionists hardly include any type of sweet spreadable cream in their personalized diets. The reason is to be found in the typical ingredients that we can usually read on the nutritional label of these products. Usually in its classic version this cream is made with hazelnuts, sugar, cocoa. But it also contains:

  • Dried fruit;
  • Sugar;
  • Oil;
  • Milk powder;
  • Soy lecithin;
  • Flavors and salt.

And then there may be extra ingredients such as pistachio, if the result is a cream with a different taste from cocoa. 

Each of these ingredients serves to give the creamy texture and make it the perfect product to be spread on bread. However, some of them make this food particularly caloric and therefore not suitable in certain food conditions that require, for example, the reduction of sugars. 

How to use the spreadable cream

Its versatility is one of its strengths, naturally after its taste!

It means you can use it on just about everything: muffins, cookies, cakes, breads, donuts, and even indulge in a spoonful now and then. 

And then, depending on the taste chosen, it colors the days and enriches the more special ones, such as birthdays or anniversaries, making you always savor new varieties. Any examples?

  • pistachio cream;
  • hazelnuts and cocoa;
  • white cream;
  • coconut;
  • milk and hazelnuts;
  • hazelnut;
  • coffee;
  • dark chocolate.

There is practically something for all tastes. But how to solve the calorie problem? We have a solution and it's called Ketociok, the keto alternative to classic spreadable creams. 

Ketociok spreadable cream Ketofood

ketociock spreadable cream ketofood reviews

And we find ourselves again talking about Ketofood, the 5-star brand loved by those who follow the ketogenic diet.  

Ketociok Ketofood spreadable cream is perfect for a low-carb diet, to maintain the state of ketosis and feed the sense of satiety. What is it made of? Only three ingredients, for a taste that has nothing to envy to the best-known spreadable creams on the market:

  • PGI hazelnuts from Piedmont 60%
  • Cocoa 30%
  • Natural Sweetener: Maltitol

Without sugar, gluten and lactose, so as to be consumed even by those who are intolerant.

And the nutritional values? We can sleep peacefully here too.

In 100 g of product there are:

  • Fat 40 g, of which saturated fatty acids 2.4 g
  • Carbohydrates 20g, of which sugars 0g and of which polyols 10g
  • Fibers 10g
  • Protein 7.6g
  • Salt 0 g

And all with an energy value of 475 Kcal/1988 Kj.

How to use Ketociok and why

The most obvious feature that we can see by looking at its nutritional label is the total lack of sugar! In fact, its name already says a lot about its healthy choice: Ketociok spreadable cream with IGP hazelnuts and sugar-free cocoa.

It means that you can consume it without feeling guilty or without fear of coming out of ketosis and gaining weight. 

Furthermore, it is also very practical to use: the jar that contains 250 grams of cream can be kept in the pantry for a long time, even if opened, without losing its taste or creamy consistency.

Ketofood bread and ketociok: a winning combination!

And for those who already know Ketofood, a winning combination is made by the Ketofood bread and Ketociok cream, both flagship products of the keto brand.

Ketofood bread, especially if freshly baked, with Ketociok cream spread on top, becomes the delicious snack before a workout, between meals and at breakfast, to recharge your batteries and indulge in a delicious moment that does not compromise the results of the diet plan undertaken.

Ketociok spreadable cream Ketofood reviews

But, as usual, we tell you what people are saying with these “Keto spread reviews” that will help you understand why choose Ketociok.

We assume that the shared opinion is that Ketociok is just too good!

Its flavor is enhanced, without any aftertaste, which accompanies the uncompromising keto path. In fact, he manages to indulge the desire for something sweet, but without guilt and enjoying a product with a unique taste that is almost addictive. Defined spatial, amazing and spectacular, the Ketociok cream is that sin of gluttony that can be done without ruining the progress of the ketogenic diet, and without envying the other creams of other far more famous brands in terms of taste and sweetness.

Its consistency is one of its strengths according to many people: easy to spread, delicate and creamy, a real delicacy that must be eaten in moderation so as not to risk being tempted by gluttony.

The hazelnut flavor is very evident and the lack of aftertaste makes it ideal for everyone, especially those who don't like too much sweets that are too sugary. And of course everyone agrees that Ketociok is a five-star product because it has only three genuine and fresh ingredients, all coming from quality raw materials, it is low in carbohydrates and is also suitable for those who follow a vegan diet.

Basically, everyone who has tasted it loves it and classifies it as the best and tastiest protein cream they have ever tasted.

Ketociok: never again without it!

It seems evident that those who have decided to try Ketociok Ketofood have not been disappointed, indeed they have decided not to leave it anymore.

This is because the product is not only good, but also healthy and allows you to enjoy moments of gluttony even if your diet does not allow it. 

Plus it's satiating and doesn't contain ingredients harmful to health: what more could you ask for? Once again we can promote Ketofood for the choice of its products in favor of health and flavors on the table!