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Looking for delicious ideas to prepare both in winter and in summer, you often browse through the classic recipe books: but what happens if these no longer satisfy you because they contain foods that are too caloric and above all because they don't respond to your ideologies and your food style?

Simple…bet on vegan desserts!

Sugar-free vegan desserts are the healthy alternative to many traditional recipes, revisited and made suitable for a type of diet with different needs: gluten free, sugar free and strictly vegan friendly!

Today we're cooking to prepare 5 really good tasty ideas that will make both adults and children happy. 

Have you already put on your apron? Then we just have to start kneading, after having properly prepared the necessary ingredients.

Vegan sweets without sugar: because they are a healthy choice

Someone may be wondering: why give up classic desserts to choose sugar-free vegan alternatives? After all, sugar is a sweetener allowed by those who do not eat animal foods and derivatives!

The answer actually depends a lot on the type of diet you have adopted: choosing solutions without added sugar can really make a difference in your lifestyle.

In this way you can have a delicious snack without giving up your principles and even without compromising your figure and your health. Because we know well that sugar is not good for the body not only because it causes weight gain, but also because it can promote any diseases such as diabetes. Better then opt for others natural sweeteners or choose not to use it at all, as happens in many recipes for vegan desserts without sugar of any kind, which however have a taste to try!

And then there are also situations in which intolerances prevent the use of both gluten and lactose in the kitchen (which are also very common in children). 

For all those who meet these requirements, we have thought of describing 5 easy, tasty and healthy recipes: here are our vegan sweets without gluten and lactose, and also without sugar, to please everyone.

1. Apple pie

sugar free vegan sweets

Apple pie is a classic of the confectionery tradition. Everyone likes it, from adults to children and it is very nutritious, as it contains all the nutritional properties of apples. 

Over time, its variations have become so many that we lose count, but today we will describe the recipe for the vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free version.

Begin to heat the oven to 180 degrees (no fan!) and peel the apples. At least 200 grams will be needed. After cutting them into thin slices you can sprinkle them with lemon juice. 

Then take a large bowl and add 85 grams of rice flour, 50 grams of almond flour and the baking powder. Instead of sugar you will useerythritol, much healthier and less caloric. 

If you like, you can also add the vanilla flavor and a few slices of apple, and then mix the dough. 

As soon as you have obtained a smooth compound without lumps you can move on to the decoration. Pour the mixture into the pan with baking paper and on top make a layer covered with apples. 

You are ready to bake: in just 40/50 minutes you can enjoy your excellent apple-based dessert. 

2. Banana flavored vegan cookies

Excellent for dipping in soy milk or to be enjoyed as a snack between meals, the banana-flavored biscuits in this vegan recipe are truly unbeatable. 

Plus, they're super easy to make! The ingredients you will need are of course bananas (two are enough), almond flour (160 g), coconut oil (20 g), baking powder and vanillin.

The first step is to mash the bananas well and add them to the coconut oil. Then you will add all the other ingredients: you will have to mix very well because the mixture must be homogeneous.

You are now ready to make the biscuits: use some molds or unleash your imagination and then, after letting your biscuits rest for about ten minutes, bake for 20 minutes.

Did you know that they can also be kept for a week? Just put them in an airtight container and they will remain as fragrant as the first day. 

3. Fruit ice cream

Do you want ice cream? In summer you can't resist the freshness of a good, healthy and sugar-free fruit ice cream. Great for the palate but also for the figure!

This vegan recipe not only doesn't use an ice cream maker, but it's one of the best gluten-free and lactose-free vegan desserts you can make.

What flavor to make? This depends on your preferences: bananas, strawberries, watermelon, peaches, in short, you are spoiled for choice based on the seasonal proposals.

The chosen fruit must be peeled and cut, sprinkled with lemon juice and mixed well.

You will have to leave it in the freezer for at least 5 hours and then just put it in the blender until you get your soft and creamy ice cream. 

Also this time sugar is not in the recipe, it is certainly no coincidence: after all, fruit is already sugary and does not need other sweeteners. 

4. Ginger muffins

In our proposals for vegan and gluten-free desserts, but also sugar-free, muffins could not be missing. The variant of this healthy column puts ginger as the main ingredient, a panacea for the body especially to strengthen the immune system.

You will also need raisins, which you will need to soften before integrating into the mixture. First you have to pour the almond flour, ginger, salt and baking powder into a bowl and mix. Then add the oil and maple syrup. 

Now you can put your half-filled cups in the oven (otherwise the dough will risk leaking) and cook for about 20 minutes at 180 degrees. 

Your ginger muffins will conquer even the little ones!

5. Tart with chocolate cream and raspberries

sugar free vegan sweets

The latest proposal is the chocolate and raspberry flavored tart, one of the most delicious healthy gluten-free vegan desserts. 

It's good for a lunch with family or for a special occasion: it's a refined dish that can be even more chic if you add rose petals (but this is just a suggestion if you want to make it even more special).

Of course the first step is to make the pastry, using wholemeal flour, spelled flour, corn starch, salt, rice syrup, oil and vegetable milk.

Stir and wrap the mixture in cling film before placing it in the fridge for an hour. At the end of the indicated time, you can roll out the pastry in a suitable pan and put it in the oven. 

After just 10 minutes your base will begin to turn golden and you will understand that it is time to take it out of the oven. 

So you are ready to fill it with your raspberry jam and the previously prepared chocolate cream. 

According to your taste you can decorate the tart before serving it on the table to your guests who will be delighted, both in appearance and in taste. 

And now? Enjoy your meal!

What do you think of the 5 delicious ideas for sugar-free vegan desserts just described? You can give vent to your imagination and vary the ingredients according to your tastes, always preparing new and original recipes.

Vegans and non-vegans: they will conquer you at the first taste and therefore we just have to wish you a good appetite!