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You know the saying: “one cherry leads to another“?

Yes, in fact we can't resist their juicy and sugary taste. But that's not the only reason that must push us to consume cherries!

In fact it is a fruit with surprising properties that we will describe in detail today. 

“Properties of cherries” is the focus of this article: are you curious to find out why, in addition to being delicious, they are also good for health?

So let's not waste any more time: follow us on this journey into the world of the most loved fruit in the summer period.

Cherries: the fruit of rebirth

The cherry is a very characteristic fruit whose shape, small and round, makes it unique in its kind. 

In the past it was customary to indicate cherries as the fruit of rebirth, precisely because of the seasonality that distinguishes them. In fact, the cherry is born after the winter and is the spokesman for the arrival of the warm season, from spring to summer. 

The sweet and juicy cherries that we bring to the table on hot summer days belong to the variety known as Prunus Avium and have very ancient origins. They date back to the period of ancient Rome, but they were already enjoyed even in much more distant times without yet knowing all the benefits.

Did you know that it is one of the healthiest fruits? The properties of cherries are truly innumerable and therefore they represent a healthy choice to be consumed at any age. 

It seems that they are also able to extend life! But, longevity aside, here we are talking about its benefits to learn more about this fruit with a pulpy and very sweet nectar.

Properties and benefits of cherries

Properties cherries

Cherries properties: anticancer, antioxidant, nutritious, in practice we are talking about one of the healthiest fruits that can be found around and many of you may not even be aware of it, right?

Unfortunately, some foods are often consumed without knowing their characteristics: this is why we are the ones who want to open your eyes to what can really contribute to your well-being in order to always aim for an optimal state of health. 

Let's begin to immediately describe 4 excellent reasons for never missing them on our tables! 

  1. They contain very few calories. Indicated without hesitation even in diets, cherries have satiating properties and are perfect in a low-calorie diet because they can be enjoyed in quantity without making you fat.
  2. They are naturally low in sodium. Among the fruits, cherries are the ones that do no harm to those who have to regulate their diet by decreasing the doses of sodium in the kitchen. 
  3. They contain water and facilitate diuresis. In this way, especially in the summer when the body needs more hydration, they are also a panacea for their diuretic properties.
  4. They regulate the intestines, as they normalize digestive processes.

But that's not all! Let's also discover together other incredible properties of cherries, some of which are still unknown to most of you.

Nutritional properties of cherries

Do you know what a cherry contains inside? In nutritional terms, here is what you will stock up on by consuming a modest amount of these small, intense red fruits:

  • Mineral salts, such as potassium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus (but very little sodium!)
  • Vitamin A
  • B vitamins, including B1, B2, B3
  • C vitamin
  • fibers
  • Waterfall

And what does it mean in practical terms for our body? It means that cherry is an ally of your beauty, because it prevents skin aging thanks to its antioxidant effect. In addition, it also naturally fights skin imperfections, such as acne and the excess sebum typical of oily skin.

Finally, they help improve vision and increase the immune system.

Properties cherries: anticancer

Inside cherries contain substances that reduce the risk of cancer.

Its anticancer properties are absolutely natural and they also make use of the antioxidant action which counteracts free radicals, repairing the cellular damage caused by the action of the latter.

Cherries properties: anti-inflammatory

It has been discovered that cherries also have the ability to act against pain: have you ever used this fruit as an analgesic?

Well, this is not an ancient belief but a pure reality with a scientific basis. In fact, they are excellent against arthritis, reducing swelling and improving movement.

With this obviously we don't tell you to replace it with drugs! But consider associating the beneficial action of cherries to improve health as an additional remedy to those indicated by your doctor.

Cherries: benefits for better sleep

Among its properties we must add that of improving the quality of sleep.

Enjoying the fruit whole or in the form of juice helps you sleep well and for much longer, as recommended for overall well-being of mind and body.

But how do they act in this respect? The most important reason is melatonin, the hormone produced in the pineal gland to regulate sleep-wake cycles. Cherries contain plenty of them! In addition, potassium and magnesium also contribute to this action, which improve the health of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Cherries: only properties or also contraindications?

We immediately reassure you that cherries are good for you and have no contraindications.

But it is also advisable to evaluate case by case: in fact, if you suffer from irritable colon, this fruit must be dosed because in excessive quantities it could have unpleasant consequences.

Its power to facilitate intestinal motility in these cases leads to worsening disorders. It is not for nothing that it is considered an excellent remedy for constipation, thanks to the presence of pectin which facilitates bowel movements.

In principle, however, it is good for the colon and keeps it healthy thanks to its anti-inflammatory action.

And in cases of diabetes? They can be consumed without problems because they contain a low glycemic load index. But it is natural that you should always ask your doctor first if you suffer from particular pathologies.

The properties of cherries and their beneficial power

In conclusion, cherries are a fruit to be eaten without fear.

They are good for your health in several respects and are also very good: is it worth stocking up on them?

Properties cherries

The answer is yes, but always be careful to choose untreated varieties, especially in times of the year when they are not usually found around. 

So indulge your craving for cherries: you will be conquered by the great beneficial power it releases despite its small size, and of course you will immediately want another one!