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If you've decided to follow a keto diet, you're probably already learning about what the ketogenic foods and drinks allowed and what is absolutely forbidden. Perhaps you have already consulted our guides on the keto diet and how to prepare a shopping list. Oh yes, because, as you all know, the ketogenic diet is not based on counting calories but on choosing some foods over others.

Well, maybe you don't know, however, that to further vary your diet - and for those who have little time - there are ketogenic products that make your life considerably easier. Which? That's exactly what we want to tell you about in our article today! Grab a pen and paper, and be ready to discover and jot down the best ketogenic products to boost your diet.

Ready? Let's start!

A small recap: what the keto diet consists of and what are its benefits

The ketogenic diet is one of those diets which, as we said at the beginning, do not give weight to calorie counting because they focus on changing the metabolism. This change is called ketosis, and consists of a process that pushes our body to search in the fat stored in our body for the caloric reserves necessary to have the energy that can sustain us throughout the day.

The benefits are already evident from this first explanation. Oh yes, because even if there is no need to lose weight, by eliminating the fat reserves the body is remodeled. Furthermore, fat is among the main culprits of the generalized inflammatory state, with the consequence that – in addition to having a beneficial effect on all those pathologies, such as cardiovascular ones, directly linked to visceral fat – the immune system in general gains from it.

But there's more! Oh yes, because after a small period of adaptation during which you can experience mild symptoms such as headaches or fatigue, typical of all diets, the keto diet will surprise you. In fact, those who tried it said they felt more energetic, and therefore more inclined not only to play sports – a further boost towards health and weight loss – but also to follow a more active and healthy lifestyle. In a nutshell, the keto diet will activate a virtuous circle in you without you realizing it.

What are we eating? Allowed foods and "keto light"

ketogenic products

And we come to the peculiarity of the ketogenic diet, i.e. the presence of permitted foods and prohibited foods. In general we can divide the two categories as follows: foods based on proteins and fats are allowed, while those based on sugars and carbohydrates are prohibited. Let's take the example of a toast with raw ham, cheese and cocktail sauce: cheese and ham are allowed, while you will have to give up the sauce and bread.

This, of course, is a simplification, but it can be useful for understanding what you need to focus on. Let's take another example. Here's what a keto dieter eats in a day:

  • Breakfast: half an avocado with 3 cherry tomatoes and a lime (guacamole);
  • Mid-morning: small squares of Parmesan cheese;
  • Lunch: Grilled tuna salad with iceberg and cucumber:
  • Mid-afternoon: roll of bresaola and low-fat cheese;
  • Dinner: grilled steak with spinach and zucchini.

All washed down with: coffee, tea, sparkling water at will.

You will surely have noticed, analyzing the food plan for a single day, that it is neither more nor less than a Mediterranean diet with some small variations. And that's right, which is why those who follow the keto diet in Italy are further favored because they can benefit not only from excellent food, but also from products that are already born as healthy.

However, you will also have noticed another thing, namely that in terms of snacks perhaps we are not as "strong" as we are for main meals. And this leads us to delve into a topic: there are numerous foods that appear protein and carbohydrate-free, but which actually contain a high rate of hidden sugars. These are, for example, some frankfurters, or dried meat and, more generally, all products that are overly processed. What to do then? The solution in the next paragraph.

Products for ketogenic diet: light snacks and other "helpers"

When you decide to embark on a ketogenic diet, there are essentially three problems you may face. The first is to be a devotee of carbohydrates, and have serious difficulty abandoning pasta and bread. The second and third, more common, concern the difficulty in finding snacks that allow you to vary your diet, without falling prey to processed products from the refrigerated counter which may contain hidden sugars.

In all three cases, the solution lies in ketogenic products. What is it about? Well, keto products are foods specifically designed to support those who follow a ketogenic diet, allowing them, as we have seen, to overcome the craving for carbohydrates, but also to have a different and certainly keto snack at hand. Oh yes, because to the three problems already listed, a fourth must be added, namely that keto snacks must be cooked in advance, and this increases the risk that some packaged snack will tempt you from the office machine.

We distinguish ketogenic products into 3 categories:

  • pasta, bread and protein baked goods: they bear the wording "keto" and therefore are definitely 100% keto approved. These are foods formulated with the addition of proteins, which balance the daily percentage requirement. The pro is that they allow you to enjoy a plate of pasta or a sandwich. The cons, that you need to use them moderately, because they still contain carbohydrates.
  • keto snacks: bars, puddings, protein shakes marked “keto”. They are specifically formulated for those following the ketogenic diet, and have the plus of being ready to use and already packaged, as well as being absolutely safe for ketosis. In addition, the ketogenic diet is now so widespread that you could find these products directly at the supermarket (or order a supply online). The pro is the convenience of use: staying keto even on days when you're really on the run. The cons, that they are still industrial products.
  • keto friends who give your diet a boost: and we come to our favorites. Real keto foods (but actually excellent for everyone) that will turbocharge your diet by also working on the immune system. Products such as kombucha, a special fermented tea, or probiotic shots. In short, products that work on the microbiota by supporting not only the metabolism, but also the immune system. The advantage? In addition to being ready to use - you can order a stock of kombucha online, there are also many organic ones - and ideal to take to the office or on the road, they are also healthy. The cons? There are none!

In summary: ketogenic products to give yourself an extra boost

As you may have guessed, following a ketogenic diet is absolutely simple, as well as ideal for losing weight and staying healthy. So let's go one step further, and consider that we are in the country of the Mediterranean diet, rich in fresh food with a high nutritional value. By combining these foods with a keto regimen, the effects on your weight, health, and even your overall appearance are guaranteed!

As for ketogenic products, just to ensure maximum effectiveness from our diet, our advice is to limit those of the first two categories to cases in which you really cannot do without them, and instead abound with those of the third category. Enrich your diet with kombucha, kimchi and probiotics. You will gain in taste, and also in health!