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Do you know the meaning and benefits of the so-called food alchemy? It is based on concepts inspired by the psychophysical state of man combined with nutrition to find the correct balance and live better, in health, maintaining good physical shape.

Can you also lose weight? Indeed yes, as a perfect alchemy between body and mind can also have surprising results on weight loss. 

But let's go in order and first we explain what food alchemy is and its basic principles, to then understand how to lose weight with food alchemy, with concrete examples to include in our daily diet. 

What is food alchemy

It's called food alchemy, or even alchemical nutrition, and refers to a philosophy of life where we start from the assumption that to find true meaning in our life we must find a meeting point between the inner and outer parts. 

How? Exploring man in all his components, including the energy field and its structure understood as a set of internal physiological processes. Pulsions and soul, sensory system and nutrition: everything leads back to a complete experience that detaches itself from the classic and ordinary life we lead to embrace a more hermetic vision. 

Everyone therefore becomes a sort of alchemist and can take care of themselves through a different way of approaching food, improving their health and activating a detoxification and purification process.

Alimentary alchemy and the four natural elements

To align the body with the mind and spirit, food alchemy is based on the four natural elements: earth, air, fire, water. Each of us is made up of these four elements that must coexist harmoniously. This involves a healthy, balanced lifestyle that takes advantage of an energy metabolism also taking into account these factors that often go beyond our daily lives and above all from our diet, often dictated by company rules rather than by those that our body suggests.

In simpler words: the structure of man, linked to earth, air, fire and water must be fed starting from man's needs and his physiological rhythms. If man connects with his inner part to find balance, the body must also feel good. And how can he do it? By eating healthy and adapting your diet to this principle. 

So alchemical nutrition aims at a global well-being and at an optimal state of health, free from psychophysical discomforts. Naturally, to be functional, it is necessary to live harmoniously, without stress and anxieties.

Food alchemy: basic principles

lose weight with food alchemy

It is not only important what you eat but also how you prepare the food we bring to the table. The state of mind during the preparation certainly has its weight and if it is conditioned by haste, agitation and stress it certainly cannot bring benefits to the mind and spirit. 

And how do you eat your meal? If you do it standing up, quickly in front of the bar, with voracity and haste because you have little time and you have to get back to your commitments, even in this case you won't be able to have any advantage in terms of health or even weight. 

Finally, the quality of the food assumes an even more important value from this point of view, which takes into account various factors in order to benefit from a good meal that does not harm your health, does not lead to weight gain and does not cause stress to the inner part. 

What is food alchemy for?

Before discovering how to adapt food alchemy to our lives, let's try to better understand what benefits it can bring in a few simple steps. Here's how we can list them:

  • It brings psycho-physical balance
  • It determines an optimal state of health
  • It allows you to monitor what you eat for a healthier diet
  • It helps to understand the energy component of foods
  • It combines lightness and taste
  • It makes you lose weight

And it is on this last point that we now focus our attention to understand how to make the most of the alchemical food principles to lose weight and not debilitate the body with diets that may not be suitable for you.

Diet: lose weight with food alchemy

If some recipes can heal and lead to a state of balance between body and mind why not use them as a strategy to lose weight? And in fact, studies on the subject show that there are satisfactory results in this respect as well. 

But what to eat to find healthy recipes that take advantage of natural principles and also do not make you fat? Here's what you have to choose:

  • Gluten-free flours, such as soy, rice, millet, buckwheat, chestnuts, carrots, peas, chickpeas
  • Fish, especially smoked
  • Egg
  • Legumes
  • Fruit

This is only a small part of the multitude of foods which, if cooked in the right way, can benefit from the results expected by the alchemical principles and make you lose weight.

Do you want to discover some typical recipes? Here's what we have prepared for you!

Food alchemy and diet: recipes for weight loss

The alchemical diet is made up of taste, flavors and healthy foods. In fact, you need to eat well to feel fully satisfied, without necessarily resorting to excesses and "junk" food. Here are some recipes for delicious meals to make during the day.

Let's start with the first course: how about butterflies with broad bean cream? You will need about 100 grams of fresh broad beans, spring onion, salt and pepper, extra virgin olive oil and your favorite pasta.

The broad beans must be boiled and can subsequently be cooked with oil and spring onion. Then add salt, pepper and cook until you reach a creamy mixture. Your cream can now garnish pasta or, alternatively, croutons.

As a side dish, do you want to know the vegan mayonnaise recipe directly from the alchemical kitchen? Use soy milk, sunflower oil, 1 tablespoon vinegar and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Mouth-watering in every meal!

lose weight with food alchemy

And finally a dessert: a custard to garnish cakes or to be eaten with a spoon. You need 500 grams of whole milk, 3 tablespoons of cornstarch, 2 tablespoons of sugar and an egg yolk. Use a food processor to mix the ingredients and then turn the heat on low until the cream thickens. 

Enjoy your meal with your very personal alchemical diet!