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Collagen is one of the most common words when it comes to beauty and well-being. An example? Try leaving a perfume shop without even finding a cream that contains it.

But is it really that important? Why the people use collagen? We will find out in this article!

Let's give a definition of collagen

Collagen is the protein that holds up all of our skin, which is why it is so popular in cosmetics. In fact, a youthful appearance depends on collagen, linked in turn to tight and compact skin.

In fact, collagen constitutes the 75% of the structure of our skin, which is why many dermatological researches are devoted to it.

Indeed, unfortunately, the production of collagen begins to decrease over the years, with a timing that varies according to genetics, but also on the basis of bad habits such as smoking and exposure to the sun, which cause free radicals responsible for the oxidative process, which speeds up the breakdown of collagen.

A deeper look at this protein

Collagen is made up of 3 amino acids: glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. The molecules look like a triple spiral which, by bonding, forms a lattice. It is on this network that the dermis rests. Collagen plays a vital role in our body. It forms the structure and texture of fabrics, their stiffness, touch sensation, elasticity, but also strength and resistance.

As collagen begins to break down, you may notice sore tendons, aching joints, weaker muscles, and wrinkles on your skin. This tells us how vital collagen is to every part of the body. And that's why taking, for example, 10 grams of collagen a day, can help skin elasticity and hydration, going to work on collagen density. 

Furthermore, one study pointed out how the intake of hydrolysed collagen (as an example This which also contains acid hyaluronic And Vitamin c) may protect against the side effects of excessive sun exposure due to its antioxidant effects. In particular, collagen has been shown to be effective in fighting dark spots on the face.

Reduce wrinkles without resorting to botox

When it comes to joint pain, all the studies that have analyzed the effects of collagen on athletes who have taken it for 12 weeks should be mentioned. All those who have used it have experienced a reduction in joint pain, probably due to its beneficial effects on cartilage and its anti-inflammatory power.

For this reason, collagen is used a lot in menopause, and also to reduce micro-lesions. But there is also a surprising effect concerning the health of the cardiovascular system, with particular beneficial results on arteriosclerosis and thrombosis for those who have used it constantly for six months. Also excellent results on clogged arteries.

But the sector in which collagen is most widely used is certainly the aesthetic one. This is with the hiring of supplements to prevent and slow down the aging process, both through light collagen infiltrations that allow you to fill in small wrinkles without having to resort to botox.

Our choice on which collagen to buy

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