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There is still someone in the world who does not know the collagen and thehyaluronic acid? Probably not. The spread of these two elements both in cosmetics and in pharmacological science has meant that everyone, absolutely everyone, knows more or less in depth what it is and why, for example, collagen powder is good for you.

Refreshing your memory is never a bad idea, however, just as having some more information can prove useful to better discover these products, but also to learn their use so that, the next time you buy a pack of marine collagen or try the best hydrolyzed collagen, you will know how to go without fail.

Let's find out together the 5 best collagen and hyaluronic acid supplements.

What are collagen and hyaluronic acid for and how are they used?

Our skin is the largest organ of the human body, and is itself made up of several layers. Below them, we find a dense grid that has the function of giving it support. All those characteristics that make our face appear young: turgidity, elasticity, compactness, depend on this grid. The denser and more resistant the grid is, the more young our skin will appear.

But, there is a but. This reticulate is subject to deterioration – in technical jargon it is called the oxidative process – due both to time and to factors that are triggering causes of an oxidative type, such as stress, smog and cigarette smoke. This means that, as time passes, and even more when these factors affect the person, the grid will lose strength.

Specifically, this happens when the body begins to produce fewer collagen cells. Collagen is, in fact, the protein element that makes up the reticulate. Elasticity and turgidity depend on two factors in particular: the number of collagen cells, which causes the network to be dense and the skin compact (think, for example, of wrinkles: it is a collagen fracture), and hyaluronic acid , whose function is to retain moisture, thus filling the cells with water.

Time can be stopped (or at least we can slow it down)

We just mentioned that collagen deterioration is time dependent, which unfortunately means that it is an inevitable process. However, today there is a way to slow down the aging process considerably, and to ensure that cellular degeneration is "graceful", that is, it does not produce too obvious signs. In fact, if on the one hand it's nice to stay young, on the other it doesn't mean that mature skin can't still look good.

collagen and hyaluronic acid supplements

The secret? Work on the supply of collagen and hyaluronic acid, to provide the skin with all the support and hydration it needs. This is why collagen and hyaluronic acid supplements are essential.

Let's start with hyaluronic acid: this is available in both powder and cream form, and above all this tells us that it is advisable to take it from the outside, by applying it directly to the skin. Collagen is also available in formats that allow it to be applied externally, especially in creams, but also in serums and powders that can be added to waters, oils and creams. However, when it is applied externally, its effectiveness is slightly compromised by the fact that not all of the active ingredient is able to penetrate and reach the crosslinked.

How to do then? We will see this in the next paragraph.

Top five collagen supplements

Well yes, you will surely have guessed it from the title, the solution exists and it is called an integrator. You can therefore take your collagen in comfortable tablets – making your beauty routine much faster … ah, if only you could also remove make-up with a pill! – which are also available in many varieties. We find collagen of animal or marine origin, bio and vegan friendly, but also in powder form for those who are not pill lovers. In short, there truly is choice for everyone.

Don't know which one to choose? We have selected them for you!

1) Nature Diet – marine collagen

nature diet is a marine collagen with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, in tablets. The combination of marine collagen, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid is a real youth booster, since it works not only on collagen, but also on tissue hydration and on free radicals, which are responsible for the oxidative process.

2) NUTRALIE Collagen + Hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid

Nutralie Collagen is a multi-principle complex based on a formula that combines hydrolysed collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C, D and B12, coenzyme Q10 and zinc. The elements that accompany collagen are designed to allow greater absorption, so as to maximize its effects. All in capsules produced with a procedure based on the strictest quality protocols and the most advanced standards, observed in the creation of collagen and hyaluronic acid supplements.

3) ALPHA FOODS: collagen powder

Alpha Foods is a powdered food supplement based on hydrolysed collagen peptides, hydrolysed elastin and hyaluronic acid. The convenient powder format allows you to prepare drinks, but also to add collagen to yogurt and in general to foods to take it as part of the daily diet. The product is completely natural, free from flavorings and other chemically formulated components, but also from sugar, lactose, gluten and GMOs.

4) WeightWorld Vegan Collagen

Weight World is a collagen supplemented with Vitamin C and Vitamin E, it protects against oxidative stress with a dual action to counteract free radicals. In addition, zinc is present, which works on the health (also) of nails and hair. Ideal for vegetarians and vegans, the formula of this supplement has been studied with only ingredients of plant origin, such as rosehip and orange powder, MSM, resveratrol, zinc, hyaluronic acid, vitamins from a family-run biodynamic company.

5) Gold Collagen Pure: liquid collagen to drink

One of the most widespread and popular formats on the market: ready-to-drink collagen with Type 1 hydrolysed marine collagen, Peptan, BioPerine, a black pepper extract to maximize nutrient absorption. But also hyaluronic acid of vegetable origin and borage oil, vitamins C, E, B6, and zinc. Gold Collagen Pure it is free from chemically formulated ingredients and allergens.