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Of all the vitamins known to date, the one that arouses the most curiosity is vitamin B7. The action it carries out within the human organism is wide-ranging and is linked to our well-being. 

Yet there are still many questions that are going through your head about vitamin B7: what is it for, what are its benefits, in which foods can it be found naturally and how to take it.

Let's go slowly: we will answer each question, but only after having clarified what it is about, starting from its definition and structure. For example: did you know that it is not a vitamin like any other? 

So let's set off to discover this special substance that falls into the wellness category and must be part of our lives to give us the opportunity to take advantage of all its properties. 

What is Vitamin B7

Vitamin B7 is a nutrient called Inositol in technical jargon. It closely resembles glucose, from which it differs only in its molecular structure. 

Although it is commonly called a vitamin, it is actually a pseudo-vitamin, as our body is capable of producing it independently. Her colleagues, on the other hand, must necessarily be integrated through supplements or food. 

Its structure is similar to B vitamins and this is why it was decided to include it in this group. In fact it is water soluble, i.e. it cannot be stored by our body but must be constantly replenished. 

The difference with the other B vitamins concerns precisely the fact that the B7 type does not have the oral form as its only means of reintegration (through nutrition or supplements) but the body is already able to produce it under normal conditions.

Vitamin B7: what is it for? Now the time has come to describe its functions which are really interesting for complete well-being.

Vitamin B7 what is it really for

Pseudo vitamin belonging to group B plays an important role in our body. 

Curious to know more? Here is a short summary list that will make you understand in a few points how special vitamin B7 is:

  • stimulates the production of lecithin. It is a substance that is related to cleaning the inner walls of the arteries;
  • it has a detoxifying action and helps to neutralize toxins;
  • reduces blood cholesterol;
  • fights emotional stress and relieves depressive states;
  • it has a relaxing action and improves mood;
  • increases attention and facilitates mnemonic processes;
  • fights the aging of nerve cells;
  • reduces the accumulation of fat in the liver;
  • strengthens the health of nails, hair and skin;
  • promotes fertility;
  • regulates the female cycle by acting on a hormonal level;
  • Relieve panic attacks.

According to some research it seems to be excellent also in diets because it is also assumed that its direct action can help you lose weight. But we will talk about this later. Now we want to deepen the properties, especially related to the health of nails, hair and skin.

The benefits related to the use of vitamin B7 on hair and nails

In the care of your daily beauty, minerals and especially vitamins must never be lacking. Over the years, hair and nails become increasingly brittle and need some extra attention to find a new shine.

Group B vitamins contain substances essential for this purpose, (including precisely biotin), which stimulate hair growth, give it more strength, make it always appear bright.

But what if there is a lack of vitamins? Inevitably hair shows all its fragility, breaking, falling out or producing dandruff. That is why these alarm bells must make you reflect and act promptly. Vitamin deficiency, and especially vitamin B7, must also be treated with the use of specifics hair supplements.

The same goes for nails. Have you ever seen them dull and tend to chip more easily? Some attribute these events to stress, but in reality it is the association of several factors, including precisely the lack of vitamin B7.

Once you have corrected this shortcoming you will notice the difference. The benefits will be seen with faster growth of both nails and hair, but above all healthier. 

Vitamin B7: hair and nails always need it, so be careful not to neglect this essential vitamin supply to always be beautiful and young! 

Foods that contain vitamin B7

In addition to being produced spontaneously by our body, vitamin B7 is found in many foods that we often find on our tables. 

Furthermore, some of them promote the proper functioning of the intestine and other basic organs, thus helping to ensure a double beneficial action by acting on several fronts. 

Let's find out together in which foods we can find a good dose of vitamin B7:

  • fruit: inositol is contained in various types of fruit, such as citrus fruits, bananas or melons, but also avocados.
  • legumes: beans in particular contain this type of vitamin along with other important nutrients. 
  • cereals and wholemeal bread: contain enough to ensure the benefits of fiber.
  • Egg yolk: even if cooked, it maintains the same amount of vitamin B7.
  • Vegetables: broccoli in particular, which are very suitable for a complete diet.
  • Brewer's yeast: depending on the type of yeast used, it can contain different quantities, but all sufficient to guarantee the benefits of inositol.
  • Nuts and seeds: especially almonds and sunflower seeds.
  • Meat: specifically some parts, such as the liver, naturally rich in vitamin B7.

However, you have to be careful how you eat these foods. Indeed, if we freeze or store them for too long they lose some of their nutrients, including vitamin B7 which will therefore have its properties reduced. And as far as fruit is concerned, the advice is to always consume it fresh, as it does not have the same effectiveness even in the form of processed juices and with preservatives.

But does it work for weight loss?

After having listed so many benefits for the body, from hair to the nervous system, it is legitimate to ask: does inositol also work for weight loss? 

There is no evidence that demonstrates it with a veracity of 100%, yet there are several theses that seem to point in this direction anyway. Probably by itself it is not capable of influencing weight loss, but associated with correct nutrition and healthy sporting activity it can have a positive effect. 

In fact, the B vitamins are known for their ability to speed up the metabolism. In particular, vitamin B7 also has the power to reduce abdominal swelling. This function can be performed thanks to the detoxifying action that operates in our body, especially if its range of action is expanded by also taking probiotics against constipation and swelling, such as yogurt. 

However, the intake of vitamins B7 for weight loss should be monitored by a doctor. In fact, it is often decided to improvise do-it-yourself diets by overusing vitamins and producing side effects that could be avoided with a little more foresight and information. 

Vitamins B7: how to find it on the market

We have already said that vitamin B7 is found in some foods that must not be lacking at home for a correct daily intake.

But that's not the only way to make up for the lack of inositol. In fact, depending on the specific needs, it can be found in different formats, mainly in the form of a supplement or in creams. 

Let's find out the different solutions to make the most accurate choice and buy the right product for your case.

Vitamin B7: supplement

Even if vitamin B7 deficiencies are not so common since our body is capable of producing it independently, it can still be important to replenish it, especially when you notice that your hair is brittle or your nails are too brittle. 

This is why very interesting formulations were born, which contain the vitamin alone or combined with others of the same group. In more general cases, however, there are even multivitamins, which however also have a percentage of vitamin B7. 

An inositol supplement not only helps protect and strengthen the scalp and nails, but also the skin, acting against seborrheic dermatitis, in both adults and children. 

Furthermore, it can be a valid aid in relieving depressive, anxious and both physical and mental stress states.

The recommended dose is 500 mg per day. Important not to overdo it! Excess vitamin B7 is not without health risks. You may experience loss of appetite, digestive problems, sweating beyond the norm. 

Vitamin B7: cream

what is vitamin B7 used for?

Another form in which vitamin B7 can be taken is cream. Best suited for those with hair or skin related issues. In fact, there are types of creams aimed at solving scalp problems that are spread in the affected area.

And then there are specific products, however, which help to hydrate the skin, often performing a combined action with other substances such as hyaluronic acid and collagen.

They are good for those who need to restore the integrity of the dermis, cleanse and even fight acne.

Some products exploit the anti-inflammatory action of vitamin B7, because it is suitable for relieving skin irritations, or the antioxidant action, fighting free radicals and slowing down the premature aging of the skin.

Contraindications of vitamin B7

Right now, it appears that taking vitamin B7, whether it's in food form or in supplements and creams, is just a healthy choice. In the light of what has been studied and analyzed up to now, there are no real contraindications.

The only ones that have been recorded concern abuse in the recommended doses, but as mentioned before, they fall under gastrointestinal disorders and pass within a few days without complications. 

Inositol is well tolerated by all categories of people, even pregnant women. But as always, we recommend first consulting a doctor before taking initiatives that could harm the health of mother and child. 

Where to buy vitamin B7 supplements

Like any other type of vitamin, it is not at all difficult to find vitamin B7 supplements everywhere. 

The most obvious shop remains the herbalist's shop, always stocked with ad hoc products ideal for every need. The most practical format is certainly the box containing the inositol capsules. You can choose the regular tablet or the more appealing gummy format. 

In addition to being on the market many brands that deal with this type of vitamins, some are also very convenient because they contain a large quantity to stock up at home and save on the price. 

For those who prefer sachets to dissolve in water, there is also this practical solution. The flavor depends on the brand but in most cases it is sweet to make it easier to consume. 

Inositol is also on sale in pharmacies in its various formats. There are even single-serving sachets for shorter cycles that don't require consistency over time. 

Instead, it is useless to go to supermarkets: these are products that are not widely used and have a more selected target of retailers. Surely, however, you will also find a lot of assortment online: have you tried to take a peek on Amazon? 

You are spoiled for choice! 

Well-being that starts with vitamins

Vitamin B7, together with the other vitamins of group B, are that plus which gives the body an edge and not indifferent well-being. 

It is no coincidence that they are called energy vitamins, because they are able to give the necessary boost to regain strength especially after a period of severe stress. They owe their strength to the ability to favor physiological functions without compromise, being natural, healthy and without calories. 

They are indicated for all ages, especially if taken in vitamin complexes that contain a mix of types. But in specific cases they are more suitable for certain age groups. Specifically, vitamin B7 is ideal for the elderly, as it promotes the restoration of nerve cells and in women, even pregnant, for problems related to the cycle, as an adjunct in polycystic ovary therapy and to improve fertility. 

Finally, let's not forget that beauty often has to be looked after from within and taking the right supplements can be the right choice to take care of yourself.