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Problems related to a swollen belly are usually a prerogative of women. Yet more and more men complain of feeling particularly swollen in the abdomen and the cause is not always easy to identify. 

Today our column is dedicated to male well-being, to understand how to combat this annoying problem and try to discern its nature, to act in a preventive or decisive way.

Causes of a swollen belly for men: let's analyze the different cases together and try to provide some valuable advice to the male universe as well.

Man swollen belly: causes and remedies

Typical abdominal bloating is a problem related to the stomach filling up with excess gas. 

It can be located both in the stomach and below the navel. 

swollen belly man causes

But let's talk about causes and remedies: men can sleep peacefully as it is a temporary disorder that can be easily fought or prevented. 

As always, special precautions are needed which must be applied to one's daily life and which must then become habits to live better. 

From stress to nutrition, from an unhealthy lifestyle to poor hydration: there are many reasons for a swollen belly in men but knowing how to diagnose them also allows you to solve them in a short time.

As a first step, you need to recognize the symptoms: hard and always tense abdomen, flatulence, abdominal cramps, spasms. Sometimes diarrhea or constipation also occurs.

So let's move on to the causes, which we have grouped together for you here: identify yours and then find out, with our advice, how to fix it.

Man swollen belly: causes 

The most frequent causes that determine a swollen belly in a man are:

  • Hurriedly eating.
  • Incorrect feeding.
  • Unhealthy habits.
  • Stress.

Eating hastily: why it's wrong

Due to incorrect food education or hectic everyday life, it is increasingly common to have a meal within 5 minutes. This leads to inadequate chewing which has consequences that affect the stomach.

Eating in a rush can cause excess gas to build up and make your belly bloat beyond what is needed. 

The stomach, in fact, is not a sack ready to receive food in a messy way as many believe, but it has its own very strict rules: food must start from the mouth slowly, with adequate chewing which can then, without haste, lead it slowly slowly into the stomach where digestion will then take place.

Forcing this time-consuming process means forcing the entire machine of the body, which then inevitably won't work well and you will face the problems associated with abdominal swelling. 

Furthermore, perhaps not everyone knows that eating in a hurry also means ingesting air which then generates gas, the cause of annoying problems. 

Incorrect diet: what to avoid and what to prefer on the table

In addition to the way you eat, it's also what you eat that can cause a swollen belly in you men (but also in women, so be careful!)

Leaving aside the common food intolerances that can be one of the causes but are the responsibility of the treating doctor, there are also foods that are part of our daily shopping that have the ability to create gas and fuel swelling.

We are talking about legumes (or dairy products) which, however, should not be eliminated from the diet but consumed in moderation and preferably without the peel.

And we also talk about fats and sugars and even carbonated or alcoholic drinks. Here the matter is different: since these are not fundamental foods for the necessary nutritional intake, they can also be reduced until they are eliminated, especially sugars.

The same goes for carbohydrates: better not to exceed!

And then there are wrong habits here too: fast food, ready meals, an excess of sweets and alcohol, often in an explosive mix that can only favor any swelling and gastrointestinal disturbances.

Unhealthy habits and stress

swollen belly man causes

And finally, lifestyle is one of the factors to monitor in case of a swollen male belly. 

Why? It seems that little movement and smoking, combined with a bad diet, can cause swelling in the abdomen.

This is why it is important to self-regulate and adopt habits that are also appropriate to one's age and not to indulge in excesses which can then harm the stomach, even if apparently they seem to have nothing to do with digestion. 

If we also add daily stress, abdominal cramps are the consequence that is difficult to avoid. However, these are temporary situations that can be resolved in a short time: all you need to do is take care of yourself and know the most valid remedies to prevent the problem.

Swollen belly remedies and the role of prevention

Man swollen belly: how to fix it? Let's start from the assumption that, if there are no more serious problems diagnosed by the doctor, the swelling problem can be remedied even in a short time.

Of course changing bad habits and chewing more slowly are two golden rules to prevent or solve the problem. But there are also other small tricks that can change things drastically and limit swelling. Which?

  • Balance the nutrients and distribute the intake of carbohydrates, proteins and fats well during the meal without exceeding one over the other.
  • Always eat vegetables because fibers are a natural remedy for any abdominal swelling.
  • Consuming "carminative" spices such as ginger, turmeric and bay leaf, which by definition can reduce the formation of intestinal gas.
  • Limit sugars.
  • Take periodically or daily i probiotics that regulate intestinal processes.
  • Do physical activity to stay fit and get rid of stress. Relaxation techniques such as lo Yoga

Swollen belly thin man: is it possible?

We have analyzed in all its parts the problem "man swollen belly causes and remedies".

But there is still one point worth paying attention to. Often some men are very thin, yet their belly is swollen: how can this be?

It is not a rare disease but an infrequent phenomenon involving men who eat in an unbalanced way. There is a sort of malnutrition linked to some elements (such as proteins). 

So we're not just talking about excesses, but also about important shortcomings, which can cause the belly to swell abnormally and create more or less strong disturbances that create discomfort in daily life. 

So what did we learn today? That if a man has a swollen belly it does not always depend on being overweight, but often it is due to various causes that do not require starting a strict diet but simply adopting healthier habits and greater control over the healthy foods to be taken during meals. Only in this way will it be possible both to deflate more easily but also to live better and with a healthy stomach.