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The Plank Diet is a high protein diet, very similar to the Dukan Diet. By following it, you can lose 9 kg in just two weeks, thanks to its rigorous weekly menu. Aa for all protein diets, Plank's guarantees rapid weight loss, but it can have some side effects. Let's find out more about this popular weekly diet, from the foods it's allowed to its effects and downsides.

What is the Original Plank Diet? The weekly menu

The Plank diet lasts only two weeks, during which a strict diet must be followed. Below you will find the weekly menu and you must also repeat it during the second week of the diet.


  • Breakfast: coffee without sugar (sweeteners are allowed)
  • Lunch: two hard-boiled eggs with a side of spinach
  • Dinner: grilled steak with salad


  • Breakfast: coffee without sugar and a slice of wholemeal bread
  • Lunch: steak with salad and fruit
  • Dinner: cooked ham


  • Breakfast: coffee without sugar and a slice of wholemeal bread
  • Lunch: two boiled eggs with salad and tomatoes
  • Dinner: ham and salad
plank diet


  • Breakfast: coffee without sugar and a slice of wholemeal bread
  • Lunch: a boiled egg, carrots, steamed or raw vegetables and 50 grams of Swiss cheese
  • Dinner: fruit and a skimmed yogurt


  • Breakfast: Carrots seasoned with lemon juice and unsweetened coffee
  • Lunch: steamed fish and tomatoes
  • Dinner: steak with salad


  • Breakfast: coffee and a slice of wholemeal bread
  • Lunch: grilled chicken
  • Dinner: 2 boiled eggs with carrots


  • Breakfast: tea with lemon
  • Lunch: grilled steak and fruit
  • Dinner: what do you want

stabilization phase

After following this regimen for two weeks, there is no stabilization phase. For this reason, there is a high risk of regaining the lost weight in a short time. To prevent this, it is helpful to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. As with all crash diets, it's very important not to feel pressured into following them. Think that, in the end, you can eat whatever you want.

In short, if you want to try this diet, remember that you can take the opportunity to change your lifestyle: exercise, balance and healthy foods should be your rule!

protein foods

Does the plank diet work?

What are the results of this diet? Well, to say it doesn't work would be inaccurate. In fact, if followed thoroughly, without any interruptions or treatment changes, this diet actually gives results, including a 20-pound weight loss in just two weeks. At the same time, however, by following quick diets like this one, there is always the risk of immediately restoring all the lost kilos.

In short, the Plank diet works, but at the same time, we advise you to be wary of diets that promise immediate weight loss: they only work because they cause a sudden change in metabolism, which forces your body to burn fat to compensate for the deficiency. of calories. But is this harmful? Let's find out right away.

Plank diet: side effects

In this diet there are no fibers and carbohydrates, so it is very unbalanced and can cause constipation and deficiencies. Furthermore, given the high consumption of eggs, it can cause an increase in cholesterol levels.

In this diet there are no sugars, which can be an advantage especially for people who eat a lot of them. However, at the same time, the high amount of protein could have side effects, such as overloading the kidneys and increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

In short, as always, we advise you to contact a nutritionist to study a diet according to your personal habits.