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Raise your hand if you have never heard of Kombucha and its properties! If you belong to that circle of people who have not yet been able to try the alternative taste of this fermented drink, you are in the right place.

In fact, we want to describe its incredible beneficial properties and give you the opportunity to understand how to use it and where to buy it, so that you too can taste this long-life elixir already appreciated all over the world.  

We know the history, benefits and new taste of Kombucha, but there isn't much to say about toxicity and contraindications. Is it really a drink capable of doing good for our body and giving us a healthy lifestyle?

Let's find out together! Today we are talking about Kombucha: peculiarities, characteristics and some useful indications to know how to always have it at home and if there are real reasons that must make us stay alert when using it, especially in large quantities.

Kombucha tea: what it is and why it is so loved by those who have tried it

Since the past centuries we have heard of various essences capable of giving well-being to our body. Especially in the East, the healers of the past loved to create extracts and concoctions to give to the sick to restore some malfunctioning processes of the organism. 

Many of these for some were considered almost like magic potions with the power to heal all ills. But magic actually has nothing to do with such concoctions of substances made with natural ingredients and some knowledge of alchemy.

Kombucha tea belongs to this category and has been handed down to us as a unique drink with multiple benefits. In fact, its properties are known which make it a cure-all for restoring the normal functioning of our body.

But it is necessary to make a clarification: Kombucha is not a tea but a drink that comes from infusions but then acquires its own very particular personality and a totally different taste. 

And it's the fermentation process that makes it so unique. In this phase it makes use of the scoby, a mixture of yeasts and bacteria in symbiosis, which allows the creation of Kombucha and diversify it in taste from the usual tea. With its hint of sparkling tones, it meets everyone's tastes and wins the favor of even the most skeptical, classic tea lovers. 

Kombucha benefits: the 5 properties of the coolest drink of the moment

Nourishing, strengthening, purifying and restoring internal balance are just some of the beneficial effects that Kombucha alone can give to our body.  

Don't you think that a fermented drink can really have these qualities? For those who are still skeptical, or simply for those who are curious to know more, we want to list the advantages that are obtained when using Kombucha frequently.

If you try to search for the words "Kombucha properties" in a search engine, you will be surprised to see how many results Google will return. Because it's a very special elixir that guarantees concrete results and helps you stay fit.

kombucha properties

But what are its exceptional properties? We can summarize them in 5 groups divided as follows:

  • Purifying. These are the detoxifying properties that help cleanse the body naturally and without the use of drugs.
  • Anti-inflammatory. They relieve pain and help prevent infections.
  • Strengtheners. They give vigor to our body and strengthen the immune system.
  • Antioxidants and regenerators. They fight aging and help slow it down by promoting cell regeneration.
  • Stimulants. They improve concentration, reduce fatigue and help you sleep well.

But let's go deeper into each individual property to fully understand the importance of Kombucha in Wellness techniques.

Purifying properties

The most praised among the properties of kombucha is the purifying one. The reason is simple: by itself, one glass a day can improve the balance of bacterial flora and cleanse the body. And all in an absolutely natural way!

This quality depends on its intrinsic probiotic components which allow it to facilitate intestinal motility and purify. Because it is well known that i probiotics they serve to facilitate intestinal processes, regulate its functionality and guarantee a constant balance to the bacterial flora.

Kombucha has probiotics, acids, amino acids and enzymes, but also healthy bacteria: its strong point is that the union of these components allow it to take care of the intestine, eliminating waste, toxins and bacteria harmful to the body.

The result? More antibodies, more health and more smiles. Because we know: "mens sana in corpore sano"! And you will also find a good mood because you are finally free from annoying intestinal disorders.

Strengthening features

Drinking Kombucha frequently strengthens our body's immune defenses. It is also able to stimulate the metabolism.

If the metabolism is accelerated by this typical drink of oriental origins, it is inevitable that there will also be advantages in terms of weight. In fact, a correct metabolism facilitates weight loss and contributes to maintaining the figure. 

But if losing weight isn't your only goal, you should know that its strengthening action also takes place thanks to another factor: vitamins. Together with the vitamin B supplements and C you can also take Kombucha. It is not a drug or a supplement, but it seems to exert the same beneficial action in a few gestures and with the advantage of being able to enjoy a fresh drink, sometimes carbonated but certainly with great taste.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Kombucha is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Some studies have shown that with its natural action it is capable of preventing infections.

In this regard we want to give you a gem that we are sure you will appreciate. There are excellent variants of Kombucha on the market and among these the ginger flavor stands out. In addition to the flavor released by this pairing, the benefit for the body is evident. In fact, it will be able to make use of the anti-inflammatory properties of Kombucha and ginger together, for a global action, very useful on occasions of the usual seasonal ailments such as the flu.

.An ideal solution to combine taste and health and stay fit even in winter.

Antioxidant and regenerating properties

Does Drinking Kombucha Extend Life? For some it is a fact while for others it is a hope to have faith in. In any case it is certain that the antioxidant and regenerating properties of the fermented drink allow it to slow down aging.

It may not be the anti-aging filter we expect but it certainly takes care of the skin and keeps it toned and supple thanks to its cell regeneration action. It is also excellent for fighting skin blemishes such as acne, thanks to the presence of acetic acid inside. 

In cosmetics it has become a real ingredient in many anti-aging treatments! But that's not all: its antioxidant and moisturizing effect is also being tested in the preparation of creams against wrinkles, hair products, and soaps and masks to be used for facial care.

Stimulating properties

Finally, Kombucha has stimulating properties. Its ingredients, including the sugar with which it is prepared and which gives rise to fermentation when it comes into contact with the scoby, make it an energizing drink, very useful for invigorating when playing sports or when feeling debilitated and tired. If it is produced with little sugar it can also be used during the keto diet being one of the 51 products recommended by us.

It serves to fight tiredness and helps to activate concentration and stimulate attention.  

The state of well-being that is reached allows the mind to relax and consequently to rest well. So if you suffer from insomnia and anxiety, you can associate with techniques for sleeping well also a nice glass of Kombucha a day. 

However, remember not to exceed because an exaggerated use could cancel the benefits and cause physical decompensations.

Toxicity and contraindications? Here's what science says

But let's now deal with the other side of the Kombucha coin: toxicity and contraindications. How much should we fear that countless pros correspond to the same number of cons?

Pros and Cons of Kombucha they are aspects that somehow intertwine. For what reason? Let's try to list them together to better understand how to use the tea-based drink correctly:

  • Amount. Drinking a glass every day is healthy. The ideal would be half a cup, even twice in the same day. But if you are unable to resist its sweet and fizzy taste, you risk using it too much. And here the benefit becomes a limit and can cause stomach upset. 
  • Fermentation. The unique taste that belongs only to Kombucha and that does not resemble that of tea at all is one of its most evident and appreciated qualities. The merit is all of the fermentation. But if you try to do it at home without following the instructions, you risk turning a good thing into a bad thing. In fact, a poorly fermented product can cause toxicity.
  • Ingredients. Kombucha has very few ingredients: only green or black tea, sugar, scoby and water. Its strong point is precisely the fact that it does not contain harmful substances, preservatives or anything else that could harm your health. Thus it becomes a natural elixir that is good for the body. But you have to be careful when you decide to drink it frequently. Although in small doses, there are sugars and even small quantities of alcohol which in some cases may have contraindications for those who take it. It becomes appropriate to limit yourself when you are pregnant or facing diseases such as diabetes or liver problems.

Kombucha, where to buy it to never run out of stock in the pantry

Craving for Kombucha? Today it is possible to stock up on them and never run out of them at home. 

The trick is to go to those authorized dealers who are on the web and have stores entirely dedicated to tea and its derivatives.

In fact, you can buy it ready-made or try to make it with the do-it-yourself kit, ideal for home preparations. And for those who are always looking for something new, there are also excellent and delicious variations on the market available in truly original flavours.