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In the ketogenic diet the role of ketones is extremely important for the beginning of the slimming process and for the success of the diet itself. 

But how do you calculate the measurement of ketones? Here is a good question that many ask themselves at the beginning of this experience and which puts them in a state of anxiety, since they don't know if they are on the right direction or if they are doing something wrong.

A solution exists and it is also very simple and intuitive: it is called urine keto test and it is a non-invasive test that can also be carried out at home.

Would you like to know more? Read carefully what it is about and find out with us which is the best urine keto test out there.

What is urine keto testing

Keto urine test is a term to indicate the test that allows you to monitor and evaluate the presence of ketone bodies in the urine. It comes with test strips that color according to the concentration of ketones in the body.

Also known as keto test strips, the aforementioned test is essential to understand if the person has entered the state of ketosis and therefore has begun to use ketones instead of glucose for energy production.

To learn how to use it, you don't need many instructions: however, you need to know the color legend that allows you to identify the correct measurement and make the appropriate assessments. 

This ketone test is an excellent alternative to the blood test, which is usually required in some specific medical situations, such as in the case of diabetic subjects.

People on a low-carb (or no-carb) diet, keto dietSometimes they do this urine test to figure out how many ketones there are and if they are enough to continue. And they do it in their own homes because the way the test works is really simple. Although it is always advisable to first talk to your doctor who will be able to provide advice and indications on the most correct use.

How urine keto test works

keto test uine

If you have never done this test before, it is good to spend a few more minutes reading the leaflet inside the package. You will find a practical kit that contains the strips and the color legend that will help you interpret the results.

As with any other test, it is preferable to do it in the morning as soon as you wake up, considering that it is the time of day when urine is most concentrated.

Here are the steps to follow: 

  • Urinate inside a sterile container;
  • Insert the test strip into the container and leave it to immerse for a maximum of 40 seconds (the time also depends on the brand of the test so read the instructions carefully);
  • Check the color and consult the legend supplied with the kit.

The ketosis process is active when you go from white to pink or purple. The color that is generated indicates the concentration of ketones at that moment. 

Our Pick: Here is the best urine keto test

Usually these ketone tests are very reliable. But it is good not to rely on chance, but to choose the reference brand carefully, perhaps on the advice of your nutritionist.

In the light of reviews and market research, we have identified a type of test strips that we believe are really excellent.

Which ones are they? We present you Ketone Test Strips, Just Fitter, which carries out the measurement even in 15 seconds!

The kit consists of 125 strips and, in addition to the instructions, there is also a lot of useful information inside and answers to the most frequently asked questions about its use and interpretation.

Ketone Test Strips

Being in ketosis is the primary objective of those who embark on a slimming journey by reducing carbohydrates: having a useful tool capable of providing evidence on the presence of ketones in the body therefore becomes an excellent starting point for those who want to commit themselves and have results in time quick.

urine keto test

Ketone Test Strips respond perfectly to these needs, with the extra factor of being easily used from home even without having specific medical knowledge. In fact, it is not a medicine, but a practical urine test that does not involve any contraindication or side effect.

3 reasons to choose Ketone Test strips

But why did we choose Just Fitter's Ketone Test Strips? In our opinion, it has all the makings of being your most attentive weight loss ally, monitoring ketones with precision.

But here are three good reasons to buy this test:

  1. Easy to read and interpret. From the leaflet to the color legend, even first-time users can't go wrong.
  2. Very fast in results. While some tests require 40 seconds or more, this brand offers an exceptional speed of just 15 seconds after contact with urine.
  3. Extreme reliability. The quality tests carried out before its release were all passed with the highest marks, electing this product as one of the best currently on the market.

In addition, there is also a dedicated customer service that helps the consumer to have a rewarding shopping experience. In fact, if there are anomalies in the colors or in the normal functioning of the test, the company immediately replaces it quickly and without additional costs.

Well, what more could you ask for? Tracking ketosis has never been easier!

Keto Urine Test Review

But if you still have doubts, here are the reviews of satisfied customers who have tried the urine keto test and have decided to share their experiences to renew their confidence in the product.

Let's read them together!

These strips do their job quite well. The use is simple and intuitive; just put them in contact with urine.

Easy to use and quite accurate.

Good value for money.

Very simple to use. I advise.

I am on a strict low carb diet, these are a must and this brand works really well. 

Purchased at the beginning of this food journey, they really work.

They do their duty, useful for those who need to check the state of ketosis

Great tests for ketosis.

The strips themselves work well and it is possible to detect the state of ketosis very clearly.

What do you think, is it worth a try or not? However, there are also other equally valid brands for those looking for an alternative, such as Keto Diastix, a reliable and accurate test.

And don't forget to consult your doctor and communicate the result obtained to understand if your state of health in relation to ketosis is optimal and there are no contraindications for continuing the keto diet.