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Easter is approaching and I bet that many, like me, are already thinking about which dove to bring to the table to feast happily with relatives and friends on this day of celebration. Well, I decided not to wait and bought one in advance so that I could make my assessments calmly. 

The result? I tried the best artisan Colomba in Italy and I think I will remain faithful to it over the years!

But I don't want to keep you on your toes and I'll tell you right away which brand I'm talking about: Olivieri, a giant in the sector, which I discovered was also considered an excellence by Gambero Rosso. 

I'll explain what left me so excited and why I'm here today to recommend it to each of you!

Artisan dove Olivieri

Top quality ingredients
Originality and innovation
Soft and tasty
Free shipping
Awards and recognitions

Best Colomba according to Gambero Rosso

Tradition and innovation intersect perfectly in this artisan production that conquers Italians every year during the Easter period. Fast delivery and free shipping! Also awarded the best Colomba 2019 according to Gambero Rosso


Olivieri artisan dove: the top

Let's start immediately from its strengths, which I feel like dividing into three groups:

  • Very soft
  • Genuine ingredients
  • Fast delivery

I want to briefly describe my experience that led me to give 5 stars to this product of artisan confectionery which conquers young and old alike with its taste and freshness during the Easter period. 

A fluffy fluffy dove!

Do you know what my daughter said at the first bite? 

Mom, this dove is fluffy fluffy!”

I smiled and couldn't help but think that children's spontaneity is sometimes the first parameter we should consider before making a purchase. His opinion was sincere and his face, as he bit into her bite after death, was clearly satisfied. 

It's a dove that in addition to having a very soft and delicate dough, also tastes delicious. And then, I also found it very digestible. I think this depends on the fact that Olivieri's pastry chefs let it rise for a good 48 hours, in a long manufacturing process that lasts at least 4 days. 

I tell you right away that one slice leads to another and, if you buy it now, it really won't get there on Easter day!

Quality ingredients for a genuine result

I also want to give space to the description of the raw materials used, because we are now used to industrial production so full of preservatives and other questionable ingredients, that we often forget that quality is too important to become a negligible detail, often set aside just to spend Less.

I think that at least once a year you have to make the healthiest choice and treat yourself to that dove that will perhaps make you spend a little more than the classic brand bought at the supermarket, but which will pay you back in quality and genuineness.

Butter, eggs, top quality flour: Olivieri is keen to impress when it comes to ingredients! You can see it from the dough, but also from the icing that covers it, rich in almonds, pine nuts, hazelnuts and sugar.

Crunchy and tasty: an explosive mix that no one can resist!

Super fast shipping

The only drawback that the Olivieri artisan dove apparently seems to have is that you cannot find it in the retailers of your city, but you have to buy it online. And we know how often postal services are slow! So I was very skeptical about this aspect.

Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by the flash shipment that brought me the dove directly home in no time! Olivieri really does not want to disappoint his customers and so he is also attentive to deliveries, which must be quick and precise.

And I add that the package was packed perfectly, without affecting its elegant packaging in the slightest. Although the courier arrived on a rainy day and the package inevitably got wet, the product inside was kept intact and I was even able to take a nice picture of its packaging that looks really chic on the table!

And you: are you curious to try it?

In the light of what has been said, it is clear that my opinion is absolutely positive. For me (and for my daughter!) the dove deserves 30 cum laude and I will definitely buy it again for Easter. It will be hard to resist without opening it, I assure you!

I can't wait to see my mother-in-law's face when she takes her first bite. She is always very critical of my culinary choices, but this time she can only agree with me and I'm sure she will also want to buy one to present to her closest friends for Easter greetings. 

Now it's your turn! If you follow my advice you won't regret it, my word!

Olivieri is an excellent choice for those who want only the best and this artisanal dove deserves a chance. If you don't believe me, ask Gambero Rosso who in 2019 had no doubts and elected her queen of Italy!

Olivieri artisan dove: beware, it is addictive and after tasting it you will no longer be able to do without it!

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