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Why do diets take place?

This seemingly trivial question explains the nature of many paths, more or less difficult, which lead to weight loss in a person.

At the basis of the decision to drastically reduce one's diet and change eating habits there may be various reasons: getting back in shape after a pregnancy, losing a few kg in view of the summer, shaking off a few extra pounds after having exaggerated with food.

These are often the most common reasons, but fitness isn't always the only driver of weight loss. Sometimes it's a health issue.

Especially in cases of severe overweight or obesity, it is necessary to lose weight in order to feel better and above all to improve one's health. 

For these situations, stricter and particularly effective diets are needed: have you ever heard of the ketogenic diet to lose 30 kg?

Well, it is one of the most targeted solutions for those who want to realize a higher goal and live better with their body and with themselves.

Today we are here to tell you what it is, how it works and how long it takes to get these results.

What we know about the ketogenic diet

Of all the existing dietary pathways, the so-called ketogenic, or keto, diet is undoubtedly one of the most effective. Not only does it allow you to lose weight easily but it does not lead to any drop in energy or debilitating states.

By now almost everyone knows her: there are those who have heard of her from their friend and those who have known her through their nutritionist who recommends her to get back on line in a short time.

How many of you have tried or just heard of the 21 day ketogenic diet? In practice, it is the sufficient duration to touch concrete results and see on one's skin (and on the scale!) a lower weight of at least 5-6 kg.

These immediate effects are obtained thanks to ketosis, that mechanism that exploits the metabolism of fats and allows you to lose weight more easily.

Usually it is a regimen that should be adopted only for a limited period of time, but, under the constant supervision of your doctor and only if your physical conditions allow it, you can continue longer than the 21 days and lose weight much more kg.

That's why we talk about the ketogenic diet to lose 30 kg: through prolonged use of keto standards, this is one of the results that can be achieved without too many sacrifices, but with commitment and determination. And above all without haste! Certainly they will not be able to be eliminated in a month but what matters is that in the end the set goal will be achieved.

The ketogenic diet to lose 30 kg: the phases

ketogenic diet to lose 30 kg

Before delving into what the ketogenic diet consists of to lose 30 kg, it is advisable to understand what are the advantages of this food style which will have to become your mantra for some time.

The keto diet is great for these reasons:

  • It is a low-calorie regimen
  • The body burns fat in the absence of carbohydrates
  • Take advantage of the action of ketosis to get more results
  • It allows you to vary the nutrients without debilitating the body

The ketogenic diet is good for all those who know they have to give up foods consumed daily up to that point, but who have very clear ideas about their goals and are not intimidated by the change, albeit temporary, of the food style.

There are rules to be respected to ensure that ketone bodies do their job well and planning the weekly menu can be an excellent starting point to be prepared and not make mistakes.

The first step for those who want to lose weight, even 30 kg, is certainly to know and respect the phases of the ketogenic diet. Let's discover them together!

Eliminate (or reduce) carbohydrates

In the first phase of the ketogenic diet to lose 30 kg you need to do your best to accelerate the activation of ketosis. How? You need to reduce (and in some cases eliminate) carbohydrates from your diet.

The percentage must be very low to communicate the message to the body that it must draw elsewhere to burn energy, so that it can move towards fat reserves. 

So pay attention to the foods you eat: there are often foods that apparently don't contain carbohydrates, but which do, however, even minimally contain them and risk making the counts go bust due to the reduced daily consumption of carbohydrates. 


Here we are, you have reached ketosis and now thanks to the action of ketones the real weight loss will begin. What do you have to do now? Don't stop following the rules of the ketogenic diet!

Now more than ever every mistake can be fatal to ruin all the sacrifices made. Ketosis is reached slowly but can be inhibited in an instant and you certainly don't want to start over and therefore lose weight more slowly. 

These ketone bodies will then go away spontaneously through diuresis. 

Foods and eating habits: what changes in keto diets

In theory, the chemical process that leads the body to lose weight with the keto diet is now clear, but on a practical level, what does it involve?

Certainly two changes: the first concerns the list of allowed and forbidden foods to always keep in mind, and the second concerns the lifestyle which must undergo some inevitable changes.

In principle, these indications must be followed: the permitted foods are those rich in proteins and good fats, such as meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, dried fruit, oilseeds, coconut oil, 'extra virgin olive oil, low-carbohydrate vegetables, spices and low-sugar fruit.

Off-limits foods, on the other hand, are those richer in carbohydrates and sugars, such as cereals, legumes, tubers, alcohol, sugar-rich packaged foods, snacks, potatoes, fast food and some more sugary fruits. and caloric like bananas.

Then you need to get used to always having a snack to break hunger and guarantee the body the right daily energy between one activity and another. And exercise: a sedentary life is the enemy of a diet, especially when the pounds to lose are at least 30 kg. 

Finally, you need to hydrate a lot with draining infusions and drinks which are also a panacea for intestinal health. And of course water, lots of water, to consume at least 1.5 or 2 liters a day.

The ketogenic diet to lose 30 kg: the menu

ketogenic diet to lose 30 kg

And now the time has come to learn about a practical menu to use as an example to organize the days dedicated to the keto diet.


Breakfast: Greek yogurt without fruit, an avocado

Lunch: cod with cherry tomatoes, roasted aubergines (about 300 grams), 1 apple 

Dinner: chicken (200 g), green salad, 1 fruit 


Breakfast: milk (one cup, about 200 ml), 1 slice of bread with peanut butter

Lunch: pork chop (200 g), grilled zucchini (300 g), 1 fruit 

Dinner: turkey (250 g) mixed salad with tomatoes, fruit


Breakfast: whole milk and bowl of red fruits

Lunch: king prawns (250 g), sautéed spinach, fruit

Dinner: omelette, radicchio, fruit


Breakfast: whole yoghurt with dried fruit muesli

Lunch: tomato salad (200 grams) with fresh ricotta (about 150 grams), fruit

Dinner: sea bream fillet, lettuce salad, fruit


Breakfast: Chia Seed Pudding 

Lunch: seafood or octopus salad, artichokes, fruit

Dinner: baked swordfish, chard, fruit


Breakfast: whole milk and 2 biscuits

Lunch: beef steak, mushroom side dish, fruit

Dinner: escalopes with lemon, pan-fried or steamed broccoli, fruit


Breakfast: whole yoghurt with fresh red fruits

Lunch: veal loin with mushrooms, fruit

Dinner: baked salmon, steamed cauliflower, fruit

Indications to integrate the menu

To this menu must be added snacks and snacks in the middle of the day. Optionally you can consume: dried fruit such as walnuts, pistachios and almonds. Or cheeses such as Parmesan or other fatty cheeses.

Cured meats are also fine, but must be fat-free and in limited quantities: choose between lean ham, bresaola or turkey breast. However, avoid salami and processed foods such as frankfurters.

And for the condiments? Extra virgin olive oil is a permitted food, but without exaggerating. But it's better if you can replace it with Mct Oil which is much more suitable for replenishing energy and keeping ketosis active. 

Finally, let's dispel a rather widespread false belief on the subject of keto: protein consumption. Don't be fooled by those who say you have to consume lots of protein! Certainly a higher protein intake is expected than the ordinary regimen, but exaggerating is counterproductive. In fact, proteins must not exceed 30% of the daily requirement!

Ketogenic diet to lose 30 kg: the results

Based on the testimonies of those who have consistently followed this diet to lose from 5 kg up to 30 kg, we can say that it really works.

But we leave it to your nutritionist to tell you timing and methods because each person is different from the other and the results that someone gets in 20 days, others get them in 40.

We just have to wish you a good diet, with the awareness that you will come out of this journey much more satisfied with your body and with great benefits for your health too.