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Today we're talking about coffee, but we want to surprise you with something new that perhaps you haven't yet had the pleasure of knowing so far. It's called Bulletproof Coffee and it's a coffee-based drink that's becoming increasingly popular, especially among those who care about their physical fitness.

We know well how irreplaceable coffee is for some. Excellent for breakfast, both bitter and sweetened, or even added to milk: it is the food that wakes us up in the morning and gives us the energy to start the day in an energetic way. 

But what if we told you that there is an original and new coffee that doesn't hurt and is especially good for those who follow a keto regimen?

Come with us to discover the so-called "bulletproof coffee": we will learn about the properties, advantages, and even some cons that make it remain (only for some skeptics!) a step behind the usual traditional coffee. 

Here's a new way to do it breakfast (keto)!

Bulletproof coffee: what is it?

Bulletproof Coffee is a caloric drink that replaces coffee and takes on the role of primary and only food for your breakfast. This depends on its basic ingredients including butter and coconut oil (abbreviated as MCT Oil).

The discovery of this tasty alternative to coffee is due to Dave Asprey, who also devised a dedicated diet regimen, making himself the spokesperson for a fat-based diet with a low carbohydrate intake. It is a kind of ketogenic diet that is based on natural ingredients and keeps insulin and weight gain under control.

He personally experienced its benefits and since then his Bulletproof Coffee has become a legend that everyone wants to try, given the high slimming power that can be included in a diet based on the ketosis process.  

Basically, this alternative coffee will make you forget about carbohydrates for breakfast, such as toast or cereals, but without taking away the right dose of morning energy. Indeed, you will find yourself even fitter and with greater determination to start the day.

Healthy ingredients for a coffee drink to try

The Bulletproof Coffee's appearance is no less inviting than its older antagonist. It is thick and creamy and makes you want to taste it!

The ingredients of Bullet coffee are not many, but sufficient to give that not inconsiderable full of energy.

Let's start with the coffee, which is a basic element of this preparation and which must be of good quality. It is mixed with butter (called ghee butter) and MCT Oil, such as that derived from coconut oil. It is also called medium chain triglyceride oil and has the function of energizing, given the high content of healthy fats inside.

This blend is what makes the drink so creamy and tasty!

THE benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee is good, healthy and ideal for low-carb diets. But do its benefits end there? Not exactly, indeed we really want to deepen them to give you the opportunity to understand why the drink has become so popular in a short time. 

Here are the most important:

  • Burn fat. It performs this important function thanks to MCT oils and butter.
  • It gives energy and strength. You can think of it as the fuel needed in the morning to start the day right.
  • Cure for bone structure. Ensures more bone health thanks to the action of Omega 3 fats.
  • Improves concentration and cognitive abilities.
  • Fights cardiovascular diseases. 
  • Gives a sense of satiety that allows you to better bear the breaks between meals.
  • It contributes to weight loss and favors the activation of ketosis.

According to some it also has the power to lengthen life, but the evidence of this thesis has not yet been confirmed. We therefore limit ourselves to taking note of its evident benefits just listed which certainly contribute to making it increasingly cool even among the youngest who are attentive to their figure.

…and also some disadvantages to consider!

Bulletproof Coffee: do we know any contraindications?

From careful investigations, some disadvantages associated with taking Bullet Coffee have emerged. Let's try to analyze them together to understand how much they can affect the daily use of Dave Asprey's caloric coffee.

  • It is not suitable as a meal replacement. After analyzing it, nutritionists have determined that it has a low nutrient content, so while it provides a lot of energy, on the other hand it does not offer any type of nutrients. 
  • It has a very high level of saturated fat. Exaggerating with fats is not always healthy, as they are often the cause of heart problems.
  • It risks altering blood cholesterol. Bulletproff Coffee contains a lot of butter and, as is known, excessive consumption could affect cholesterol levels.
  • It can cause gastrointestinal problems. This risk is subjective and depends a lot on the usual use of MCT Oil. In fact, if it's the first time you use it, it could cause annoying stomach problems. 
  • Caffeine can induce anxiety and sleep disturbances. It is still a coffee-based drink and therefore has all the already known contraindications. Abuse can lead to difficulty falling asleep and states of nervous stress.

But despite these health risks, which also depend on the use made of Bullet Coffee, it remains an excellent drink especially when you are following a diet rich in fat and low in carbohydrates, such as the Keto diet or even the intermittent fasting.

The advice is to avoid using it daily but alternating it with other more nutritious foods. Taken in moderation, you can only take advantage of its many benefits for the body and weight, given its decidedly energizing and also fat-burning characteristics.

How to prepare Bulletproof coffee at home

bullet proof coffee

Have you ever wanted to taste Bulletproof Coffee? Simple recipe with few ingredients: we reveal how it can also be prepared at home.  

First you need to get the right ingredients and a blender. 

You will need: 

  • 300 milliliters of American coffee
  • 1 tablespoon of MCT oil
  • 1 tablespoon of ghee butter

For the uninitiated, ghee butter is a type of butter that is prepared from the original but then synthesized and deprived of some of its components, while remaining intact its fat part. 

On the other hand, MCT (medium-chain-triglycerides) oil falls into the category of fatty acids that derive directly from coconut oil. Its qualities are the ability to generate a sense of satiety, a strong energy charge, a higher immune defense and it also seems to help decrease fat mass.

The first step is brewing American-style coffee. Remember well that they make it much longer than us, and that's why you can stretch it with hot water. Then add the teaspoon of MCT oil and ghee butter. Take the blender and pour the mixture obtained: operate for at least 40 seconds. 

The result is a very creamy coffee to be served hot. The drink is high in calories and should be taken without other foods. So no biscuits, croissants or toast, not even in the keto version! Otherwise, in addition to gaining weight, you risk taking on too many calories.

Because it's a keto friendly drink

Bulletproof Coffee is a keto friendly food. In fact, it is taken by many people who have chosen to follow this type of diet and need foods very rich in healthy fats and above all with very few carbohydrates.

And this drink seems to be made for them: it contains healthy fats and has no carbohydrates or sugar. 

So should it be replaced by the usual coffee of our parts? Absolutely not! You can easily alternate them, as the intake of coffee in the keto diet is admitted without problems. But, if you alternate with Bullet Coffee, you can take advantage of an extra advantage: the addition of healthy fats naturally contained in the drink.

Then everything becomes just a matter of habit! For example, those who don't like the taste of butter may find it difficult to drink Dave Asprey's Bulletproof Coffee at first. Fantasizing about the taste, those who have never tried it may even think it is unthinkable to drink coffee with butter! Yet the creaminess that conquers you at first glance will make you forget this detail and savor the drink of the future without prejudice.

Where to buy bulletproof coffee

It seems strange, but it is not at all difficult to find Bulletproof Coffee even around your city. In fact, if you go to your trusted dealer who sells coffee blends and capsules, you will find that a section of the shop is already dedicated to the high-calorie drink.

Perhaps it is not yet common in the supermarket, but it will certainly be found in specialized shops. 

Online, on the other hand, as you know, nothing is ever missing! You can buy directly from abroad or choose some Italian store that deals with this type of product.

And then there's Amazon: here you'll find great varieties, reviews and even lots of Bulletproof Coffee-based supplements. Don't know what they are for? We explain it to you!

Supplements based on Bulletproof Coffee

After the increase in popularity and also in the fame of the so-called bulletproof coffee, it is not strange that supplements based on the same formulation have also been born on the market.

These are always keto products that use the same ingredients as Bullet Coffee and come as energy bars, special blends, capsules.

The most interesting thing is that they combine the benefits of the Tibetan-inspired drink with vitamins, collagen and even probiotics, making the supplements even more powerful and healthy for the body.

Trivia: Dave Asprey's Bullet Diet

In conclusion, let's take a leap into the past to rediscover the origin of Bulletproof Coffee. 

We know that the founder is Dave Asprey, who would soon also create the Bulletproof diet.

The man at the time had major obesity problems and to avoid further health complications he decided to do something about it. Thus, after traveling a lot and discovering new cultures and new foreign elixirs, he came across the Inuit population, whose diet was based on very fatty foods but without carbohydrates. 

From this meeting the idea of Bulletproof Coffee was born and a revolutionary dietary journey began for him which finally led him to a healthy weight. After trying it on his person, he decided to share and market his personal diet which became an icon especially for those who follow a keto regime.

What is this all-natural keto diet all about?

Its peculiarity is that it does not include the usual meals we are used to, but reduces them. So say goodbye to breaks, snacks and snacks. Each meal is low in protein (this is another difference with the keto diet we know) but plenty of fat, including butter and MCT oil.

The first meal of the day is essential. but here the ketogenic breakfast it is based only on the Bulletproof Coffee. Alone it manages to give enough energy to fuel up in the morning.

The second meal is directly lunch: meat, fish or eggs are regularly eaten, accompanied by side dishes rich in fat (for example, seasoned with spoonfuls full of coconut oil or butter).

And for dinner? The same rules as for lunch apply. 

The important thing is never to consume carbohydrates or sugars. But the advantage is not having to count calories!

Lose weight with Bulletproof Coffee

The benefits of Bulletproof Coffee within a keto diet are obvious. In addition to having Dave Asprey's first-hand experience, we know that it works and actually contributes to weight loss. 

But even here it is good to make a clarification: it is not a magic drink that works miracles by itself! The need to also do sports remains a basic rule. 

You don't need to go to the gym and jog intensively every day, but also two/three times a week, and maybe take long walks. Did you know that walking helps a lot to keep fit?

In short, what matters is that the body does not remain still for too long. 

Thanks to the energy boost of Bulletproof Coffee, it will also be easier to say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle and find yourself more inclined to move even in the early hours of the morning.