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The beauty of the face is a value that must be taken care of on a daily basis, respecting the ph of one's skin, treating oneself to constant cleansing and using only delicate products that do not damage the skin, especially if it is delicate.

How many of these things do you do every day? Like many of us, the frenzy of everyday life, between work and home, often prevents us from dedicating the right amount of time to our beauty routine.

But there is nothing more wrong! So from now on you have to learn to carve out moments only yours, reserved for pampering your face with a daily skin care able to brighten your smiles and make you always look beautiful and fit even when a busy day awaits you.

Ready to find out what to buy for your beauty routine? Obviously you must first understand what you need to meet the needs of your skin and then know step by step the steps of an effective and relaxing skin care, to be done both in the morning and in the evening.

My beauty routine: the secret of beauty

Carrying out a daily beauty routine is not only meant to relax the skin by eliminating impurities. But then what else is it for?

  • skin care is that powerful means capable of defending you from inflammation that can occur following the accumulation of sebum, such as the appearance of pimples or reddened areas.
  • It allows you to eliminate make-up residues to refresh the skin.
  • It helps you maintain healthy skin, especially as you get older, while also hindering or slowing down the appearance of wrinkles.

Here are more great reasons not to forget to take those routine steps that allow you to pamper, nourish and smooth your facial skin. 

How many times a day is skin care done?

What to buy for the beauty routine?

Smog, pollution, the sun and even climate change have considerable effects on the skin, which can only be mitigated through daily skin care that must be done twice a day.

You may be wondering: isn't it enough to do it just once? Time is already limited and then you have to find it to repeat the same steps at the end of the day?

In reality these are two different operations, even if they both fall within the common term of daily beauty routine.

In the morning the skin should be gently awakened, but also properly hydrated before leaving the house, while in the evening it should be thoroughly cleaned to remove all traces of make-up, dead cells and impurities that have accumulated during the day. 

Giving up one of the two moments, as you can imagine, risks compromising skin health and exposing it to the risk of irritation or redness.

What to buy for the beauty routine? It depends on your skin!

Now that we understand how important the beauty routine is, I know that you are very curious to find out the steps to take and which products to apply.

But first it is necessary to make another clarification regarding the type of skin of each of us. 

Different skin equals different needs which can also take into account other factors, such as age and lifestyle.

So the first step in making a truly effective and impactful skin care is to understand if your skin is dry, oily or mixed.

Depending on the answer, you will know what is best to meet your specific needs and carry out a customized cleaning. 

How to recognize your skin type? Here are some pointers:

  • There dry skin it produces little sebum and therefore this makes it dry and dehydrated, almost rough to the touch. It tends to crack and should be treated with emollient and soothing products. 
  • There oily skin on the contrary, it produces excess sebum, causing a lucidity on the face which is synonymous with dilated pores that need astringent, rebalancing and purifying products.
  • There combination skin it can be both oily and dry, depending on the area we analyze. Here the choice of products for a beauty routine for combination skin depends precisely on the affected area and must in fact be applied only in those parts (unless they are specific for combination skin).
  • There acne prone skin. Another type of skin is the most sensitive one, also known as acneic because it is predisposed to skin inflammation. It reddens easily, can itch, and is often covered in pimples or white and blackheads. The right products must be very delicate and specific for sensitive skin.

Skin care steps: step by step in the morning

Here we are finally at the practical part, where you will learn step by step how to take care of your face with a truly effective daily skin care.

Based on each phase, you will understand which product to buy, taking into account its purpose and the characteristics of your skin.  

As already mentioned, the beauty routine is made up of two moments during the day. Let's start in the morning!

1 – Detergent

What do you do when you get up in the morning? Of course you wash your face, but it's not enough to clean it thoroughly, at best it can help wake you up!

Cleaning is a different thing, much more accurate and important. 

It consists in purifying the skin of the face from dead cells, impurities or sweat that accumulates during the night. It is precisely those substances that block the pores when they accumulate and that must be removed promptly to avoid the appearance of pimples and moles. 

The objective you need to focus on is to degrease the skin (but without exaggerating so as not to make it dry!) and hydrate it thoroughly with delicate cleansers, free of aggressive substances, which leave the skin smooth and luminous.

Cleansing effectively: what to buy for your beauty routine? Here is our pick: Garnier Pure Active Purifying Cleansing Gel.

You can also decide to cleanse with a double pass (typically oriental practice) to clean even more thoroughly. Obviously in this case two different products must be used, one foamy and the other more oily. This operation is excellent if you did not have the time or will to remove make-up properly the night before when you returned home and therefore a more incisive action is needed to eliminate impurities and make-up residues.

2 – Tonic

After the cleanser you need to pass the tonic. But what's the use? Many of you don't really know its functions and don't even have one at home, right?

The falcone contains a liquid, transparent, often odorless substance, which has astringent, purifying and refreshing properties. Its purpose is to restore the pH of the skin that has been cleansed, strengthening and balancing the production of sebum.

It is applied before putting on make-up or applying a cream precisely because it is preparatory to the subsequent stages. 

Tonic: what to buy for the beauty routine? Here is our pick: Equilibra Face, Aloe Tonic.

3 – Serum

Do you have a face serum at home? Here's what to buy for your beauty routine in addition to the other products just described.

It is a cosmetic whose importance is little known, as it amplifies the beneficial effects of the moisturizer by acting in depth so that the latter can be absorbed in the most correct way.

It also nourishes the skin with a light, non-greasy texture that absorbs quickly. In its formulation, in fact, Vitamin C, a natural antioxidant, must not be missing.

Serum: what to buy for the beauty routine? Here is our pick: Florence Bio Cosmetics.

4 – Eye contour

What to buy for the beauty routine?

Wrinkles and dark circles can be prevented or reduced. As? In addition to specific creams, an eye contour must be used constantly. Here is another rather underrated cosmetic! 

Not everyone knows that the eye contour area is poor in sebaceous glands and therefore is more prone to dry out easily, which then leads to the appearance of blemishes that make us look tired and less young.

For this you need to use an eye contour cream, which moisturizes and promotes microcirculation.

Eye contour: what to buy for the beauty routine? Here is our pick: Bio Routines.

5 – Moisturizing cream

We've come to the most common step: applying moisturizer. Let's say that this is the moment of skin care that we all cannot give up.

A cream must not only have the purpose of hydrating, but it can also nourish, act as anti toge, act as a base for make-up and be specific to your skin type. In short, it respects the needs of the face from the morning and prepares it to face all the external agents it will be subjected to during the day.

Each cream is different in texture, purpose and formulation: you have to make the choice carefully to take care of your face on a daily basis.

So look for a very moisturizing type in case of very dry skin, while a sebum-normalizing one in case of oilier skin, or an anti-wrinkle one if the skin is more mature.

Moisturizing cream: what to buy for the beauty routine? Here is our pick: L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age.

6 – Sunscreen

The last step is applying a sunscreen. I know what you're thinking: doesn't it just wear before going to the beach? Well, it's time to dispel this false myth that leads you to forget the importance of the final phase of your morning beauty routine.

Exposure to the sun is constant even when you go to work or take a walk downtown with friends. Even in winter, especially in the more temperate regions where the sun shines even in the coldest months.

What happens to the skin if exposed to UV rays without protection? We age prematurely and become fertile ground for the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots. 

Sunscreen: what to buy for your beauty routine? Here is our pick: ISDIN Photoprotector Fusion Water.

And the evening? Skin care before going to sleep

Now that you know the skin care steps to do in the morning, it's time to list the steps that complete your daily beauty routine in the evening, to be done before going to sleep.

1 – Make-up remover

We have reached the end of the day and if physical tiredness is already making itself felt, don't forget that it has also accumulated on your face in the form of impurities and dead cells that must absolutely be eliminated before going to bed.

The basis of this evening beauty routine is the make-up remover. Not only does it remove all make-up residues, but it helps to expel all the harmful substances that have deposited on the skin during the day, for a truly thorough clean.

Which one to choose? Everything always depends on your skin type, but also on product preferences. The types of cleansing milk, micellar water and biphasic make-up removers are fine. Always rinsing your face after using make-up remover is a good habit before applying moisturizer.

Make-up remover: what to buy for the beauty routine? Here is our pick: Lierac Micellar Milk.

2 – Detergent

Even if it may seem like a superfluous step, cleansing the face after the make-up remover is that decisive step that allows you to thoroughly cleanse the face by eliminating any residue of impurities, but also of freshly applied make-up remover.

You can safely use the same one you bought for the morning, as its action will be the same and so will its results.

3 – Moisturizing cream

Finally, you need a moisturizer that acts on your face throughout the night, nourishing it thoroughly. For this reason it is advisable to use a specific one, which responds to this need and which is therefore reserved for night-time hydration.

What to buy for the beauty routine?

This does not mean that there are many types that also act on other aspects, such as skin type or wrinkles, for an even more incisive result. After applying the cream, you can go to bed satisfied: you have completed all the steps of your daily beauty routine and your face will be brighter and smoother in the morning, ready for a new day to face with determination. Furthermore, you will have averted the risk of dull and tired skin which, in the long run, tends to premature ageing.

Finally: once a week what to buy for the beauty routine?

In conclusion, we cannot fail to recommend a further step that is done only once a week, but it is enough to make the skin even more beautiful and healthy.

It's about the scrub, that is, that product rich in micro-granules with the task of gently exfoliating the skin and cleaning it thoroughly from all impurities. The result? A skin cleansed of dead cells that is ready for cell renewal. It would also be advisable to get into the habit of applying a face mask at least once a week, excellent as a restructuring product rich in nutrients.