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Would you like to have long, shiny hair? Then you are in the right place because today we will reveal the secrets to understanding how to grow your hair quickly.

By dispelling some widespread myths, we want to focus attention on the real techniques that manage to strengthen the hair and on the most effective remedies to increase growth in a natural and healthy way. 

Do you know the structure of the hair? Let's try together to understand how it is made before analyzing the ways in which it can grow.  

The structure of the hair

Without going into technical descriptions that could be complex, we can simply state that hair is made up of three parts:

  • Internally there is the medulla
  • In the intermediate part there is the cortex (on which the color depends due to the melanin present)
  • The part on the surface is called the cuticle and serves to protect it from external aggressive agents.

The hair together forms the scalp, which suffers many losses every day, which however are restored thanks to the growth of new hair which is continuous, except in cases where baldness problems arise.

But this growth can be slow and tiring, or very fast: it depends on a series of factors relating to age, hair type, the person's health and even their diet. 

What to do to strengthen your hair

how to make hair grow fast

Strengthening the hair structure also means accelerating the growth phase. As? Supplementing with specific vitamins and minerals is already an important first step towards this result.

The vitamins needed are vitamin C with antioxidant effects and group B vitamins which serve to prevent hair loss.

Among the minerals, zinc and iron are fundamental. Then the supply of essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6, which improve the density of the scalp, is also considered necessary to strengthen the hair. 

These nutrients can be integrated both with food and with appropriate means supplements. In the first case you need to include a lot of fruit and vegetables in your diet.

How to make your hair grow quickly: 5 remedies 

Between grandmother's remedies and techniques promoted by hair stylists, today we can help strengthen our hair and accelerate its growth process for long, shiny hair. Are you curious to know 5 simple remedies to do at home? Here they are in this list! 

  1. Use the hairdryer remotely

Direct and close heat is not good for the hair, in fact it actually makes it much more fragile and prone to falling out and breaking. The correct drying method is to use the hairdryer at a distance of at least 10 centimeters and at a medium temperature. This avoids thermal shock which is the enemy of healthy hair growth.

  1. Don't wash your hair every day

Washing should not be too frequent for several reasons. First of all, they become a stress for the hair which therefore tends to weaken. Furthermore, the constant use of sometimes very aggressive products does not facilitate any growth but on the contrary causes a more noticeable loss, both during washing and drying. Hair should be washed no more than 2-3 times a week.

  1. Use delicate products

Shampoo and conditioner must be chosen carefully. We often let ourselves be fascinated by advertising or by the persuasive ability of the influencer on duty who offers the latest generation product. But will it really be the right choice for your hair needs? Before making purchases, it is therefore good practice to read the labels and discard all those products with silicones or other aggressive agents that negatively affect hair growth.

  1. Cut your hair frequently

Going to the hairdresser is not just an aesthetic routine to always appear beautiful and well-groomed, but it also means responding to a need of our hair which requires cutting every now and then to strengthen and grow stronger and faster than before. Obviously this doesn't mean making radical cuts! All it takes is trimming the ends to make a difference, eliminating split ends and reinvigorating the scalp at the root.

  1.  Use restructuring masks

Finally, we advise you to treat your hair with effective restructuring masks that stimulate growth naturally and also increase the shine of the entire hair. In addition to those on the market, you can also make it at home with a few simple ingredients. Grandmothers have handed down to us many techniques for making excellent DIY masks, using only natural ingredients such as castor oil, olive oil or rosemary oil, which must be delicately massaged into the skin to have beneficial effects also from a nutritional point of view.

What never to do: our advice

After having listed the best techniques that help you understand how to grow your hair quickly, it is necessary to take a step back and also list those false myths that we often turn into mantras but which in reality are of no use, or at least do not help to lengthen your hair. Which? Here are some that I'm sure many of you have heard and perhaps use to increase growth:

  • Brush your hair continuously. Mechanical stress is generated which damages the hair structure and makes the hair more brittle.
  • Tie your hair in ponytails or buns. Surely the hair needs to not always feel tied up otherwise it will weaken, but always leaving the hair loose on the shoulders has no benefit on the speed of growth.
  • Use conditioner. It is an excellent product for softening and detangling hair, but it does not stimulate growth at all, unless you choose products exclusively targeted for this purpose which can help improve results. 

According to statistics, hair grows almost a centimeter and a half per month: if this were the case it would mean that in a year we can expect at least 15 centimeters of growth. Obviously these are data that concern the average of the people analyzed and therefore do not represent a universally valid constant for every situation. Genetics, external agents, products used and hair routine contribute to the speed of growth which therefore differs from individual to individual. 

Do you want longer hair? Try using the remedies proposed today and forget about all those products or remedies that promise great results but which then contain substances that are often harmful to the scalp in the long term. Prefer natural and very simple advice, for truly healthy hair that grows quickly and without compromises.