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If you are used to taking care of yourself, this is probably a healthy habit you already have: taking a good dose of hair supplements at every change of season. It's important in the fall when they fall out, of course, but it's also and above all important to do it before the summer, that is, before the most stressful season ever for the hair.

How do you say? You had no idea? No problem: in this article we decided to explain why hair needs a little extra help. How they are made, what damages them and what stresses them, why they fall in autumn and much more. Including, and above all, what are the best supplements for natural hair and nails, so as to prepare your hair in a super way!

So? Make yourself comfortable, we've taken care of the rest.

We know our hair better

Hair has a structure that starts from a follicle. We can define the follicle as a small bag attached to the skin and connected to the deep part of the dermis where the bulb is. The bulb is that part of the hair that contains living cells and is in contact with the blood vessels from which the hair receives nourishment.

The visible part of the hair is made up of two proteins. One is keratin, a fibrous type protein, which has a high level of strength. The second is melanin, which instead serves to give the natural color of the hair. If we analyze a hair under a microscope, we would notice that the visible part is made up of three layers: a central part, the medulla, an intermediate part, the cortex, and finally the cuticle, which is a very thin membrane made up of small cuticles.

What damages hair

natural hair supplements

Why does our hair start to thin, break, look weak and lifeless, or create split ends? The reasons can be different. Below we list the most frequent:

  • Excessive exposure to heat: when we use the hair dryer. A hair dryer at too high a temperature, or held too close to the head, certainly makes hair dry faster, but it also tends to weaken it. It can dry out the cuticles, and cause fractures in the hair in the long run. Furthermore, it is a stress for the scalp. The same goes for the plate, so watch out for the crease!
  • aggressive products: whether it's hairspray or gel to keep you in order when you go to the office, using too aggressive styling products tends to deprive them of their natural hydration. As with the hair dryer, the consequence is that the hair dries out. In the long run, however, fractures are created that can lead it to break or create split ends. The products do not necessarily have to be eco-friendly - but it is better that they do not contain too many chemicals - but care must be taken that they are not excessively aggressive;
  • Sun exposure: Have you ever wondered if there is a correlation between the beautiful color of hair bleached in the sun after the holidays, and the fact that the hair falls out in the fall? Well, we tell you: the two things are directly connected. And the light color is something that should concern you! It is a real burn of the hair which deprives it of its pigment and which, by also working on the scalp, then causes winter fall. When you expose yourself to the sun, therefore, in addition to using protection, try to cover your hair.
  • Heat, diet, and all forms of stress: yes, even your hair gets stressed. Or rather, your hair and nails are affected by your stress. This is because, when the body is in a situation of severe stress, it enters a "survival" mode which leads it to focus nutrients only on essential organs, neglecting all that is superfluous for survival. As a result, your hair stops receiving nourishment, and therefore tends to get damaged and fall out more easily.

How to keep hair strong and healthy: supplements and good habits

Supplements for natural hair and nails are essential to guarantee a healthy appearance (which reflects a true state of health even "from within"). It is a sector in which consumers are spoiled for choice. For example, supplements from RedMoringa offer an alternative to natural 100% also suitable for vegans, because they contain a complex of mineral salts, vitamins and biotin, the essential ingredients to counteract hair loss and promote regrowth.

In particular, it is mineral salts such as zinc that rebuild the structure of hair and nails, nourishing them from within. The vitaminsFurthermore, they are essential for their nourishment, as is biotin, which improves its elasticity, giving the hair that classic full-bodied and shiny appearance that is typical of healthy hair.

When to take hair supplements?

You can take your hair supplements at any time of the year. Indeed it is a good idea to use it at least once in the course of 12 months to ensure its health. However, there are times when taking supplements is not only a good practice, but something necessary that you must do if you do not want to risk them falling out and thinning out.

In particular, try to get into the habit of taking a cycle of supplements:

  • When you come back from summer holidays;
  • During particularly stressful times or if you are following a diet rigid;
  • If you are taking antibiotics;
  • When you notice an abnormal fall or, to the touch, they seem less vigorous than usual.

In all these cases, hair supplements do not serve so much to guarantee them a better appearance, but to restore those nutrients that are essential for their health and which have been lost due to internal or external stress. So choose the hair and nail supplement that's right for you, and plan to do at least one cycle.

How to take hair supplements?

Each supplement has its own characteristics. Therefore, to know how to take a hair supplement all you have to do is read the package insert. However, there are general rules that apply to everyone. These serve, in addition to a correct intake, to give an extra boost to the effect of the supplements, maximizing their effectiveness.

In particular, pay attention to your diet and lifestyle habits. This applies not only to cure the problem, but also to prevent its recurrence. Instead of trusting that one pill will solve every problem – which often happens with hair supplements as their results are visible almost immediately – try to find a more long-term solution.

Work in particular on nutrition, taking as much fruit and vegetables as possible. And try to adopt good habits such as getting enough sleep, leading a lifestyle that eliminates sources of unnecessary stress, and drying your hair naturally.

Hair supplements and some little tricks for perfect hair

Now that you know all about how natural hair and nail supplements work, you can consider incorporating them into a program to always have strong, healthy hair. As they say, prevention is better than cure, right? So here are some ideas for an ad hoc trichological strategy:

  • Choose the most suitable hair supplements for you: from veg to bio, enriched with vitamin B complex, the market offers many varieties of natural hair supplements. This allows you not only to vary so that the body doesn't get used to it, but also to discover the most effective ones for you;
  • Take care of your diet: fruit, vegetables and water at will, so as to nourish and hydrate the hair not only during the treatment cycle, but throughout the year. In this way the hair will also be more resistant to any external stress, and less prone to getting damaged;
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle: don't smoke, get enough sleep, protect yourself from smog and everything that causes oxidative stress, because hair ages too!
  • Attention to styling: do not use too aggressive products. You recognize them by their fixing power: they often contain sodium which dehydrates the hair. Then, hold the hair dryer at least 20 cm from the head by choosing a medium temperature. In summer, cervical permitting, avoid drying your hair with a hairdryer altogether.

Bottom line: strong and healthy hair? Yes you can!

As you may have guessed, having strong and healthy hair is easier than you think. Just change your habits a little and choose the right products. This is, fortunately, even simpler. In fact, the market for natural hair and nails supplements is really large, and includes many high-quality products, often from companies with a great history behind them and considerable attention to formulations.

Furthermore, hair supplements can be taken to remedy a stressful period that has led to thinning or weakening hair, but also with a preventive function. Choosing the right products in view of the summer, for example, and taking a cycle of supplements before exposing yourself to the sun will help your hair – but also your nails and skin – to resist the stress caused by ultraviolet rays, and to arrive to the autumn in perfect health!