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Few things are certain in the world of the web: memes, propaganda, and the fact that we will never stop looking for "The Ordinary product reviews". Oh yes, because this line of products never ceases to attract attention, also thanks to the choice to apply "conscious" prices and a practically unlimited quantity of active ingredients that covers the entire periodic table.

Oh yes, because for the uninitiated, The Ordinary products are based on a single (or very few) active ingredient, and it is with the latter that they are proposed. You will never find “moisturizer” on the packaging. But you will find, for example, “hyaluronic acid”. A choice resulting from a purpose that is never hidden: to get people informed before buying. but a goal that has certainly been achieved, if we think of the inexhaustible number of sources on the web that offer more or less useful information on these products.

Inexhaustible number to which today we want to add ourselves, with a small breviary to better understand The Ordinary and some reviews on the most popular products.

The Ordinary skincare: history and philosophy of a brand that has changed the cards on the beauty table

Essential packaging, minimal marketing, conscious prices, zero sulphates and parabens, attention to the environment and no testing on animals: these are the pillars of The Ordinary, the Deciem company line dedicated to skincare. The basic concept is to conceive dermatological cosmetics as one does with health. So looking at research and technological advancement rather than profit.

The result? An iconic design in its minimal white, which immediately became a trend on Instagram.

And the products? Proof for beauty gurus, but also for those who want an effective serum without spending a fortune and without necessarily having to take chemistry lessons. Few active ingredients, usually a product contains only one, to be mixed in a skincare program that admits a maximum of three. With the help of a special guide on the site, or even by directly purchasing the "No Brain" package which offers combinations designed for specific needs.

All at popular prices - the most expensive product is around 15 euros - which not only allow everyone to take care of their skin properly, but also encourage them to try and experiment with the ordinary products, to the full benefit of the skin .

The result was a sales boom in the first year after its launch, which caught the attention of beauty giant Estée Lauder, the brand's current owner. But don't worry, The Ordinary hasn't changed one iota.

The Ordinary: reviews of the most loved products (and some goodies)

If the entire brand is a real mass phenomenon, some active ingredients are real rock stars in the beauty scene. Any examples? The Ordinary products for acne and combination to oily skin. Free of mineral oils, parabens and any other comedogenic ingredient, they work on both aesthetics and deep skin cleansing. Let's talk about:

  • Niacinamide: when we start googling 'the ordinary serum…' is the first answer, and it's no coincidence. Niacinamide and zinc serum is a real panacea for anyone who needs a light product with a sebum-regulating effect. The best friend of the T-zone, and also ideal in summer thanks to a light and non-sticky formulation;
the ordinary products
  • Squalane: it is one of the 'new' words that we millennials have learned thanks to The Ordinary. Squalane is a sticky cleanser that needs to be warmed in your hands before applying it to your face. For those who already have some experience in the field: it is cleansing by affinity, i.e. the removal of impurities and sebum with an oily product. Its plus is that, since it is an oily cleansing, it does not irritate the skin, a fundamental factor for those suffering from imperfections linked to inflammatory states. Differently from what you think, in fact, skins that produce too much sebum don't need aggressive cleansing, but delicate one;
  • Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA: it is THE moisturizer for those suffering from acne-prone skin, as in addition to restoring the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis, it fights inflammation from within thanks to an effective antibacterial power. Who would have thought that hyaluronic acidOr and alpha hydroxy acids were all we needed?

And again in terms of acne-prone skins that need antibacterial support: the ordinary aha 30 bha 2 peeling solution it is the mask most loved by those who have been fighting imperfections for a lifetime. A formulation also used in dermatology. It is a solution for chemical peeling designed on the one hand to attenuate – and gradually eliminate – the most superficial imperfections and, on the other, to act in depth, purifying the skin thanks to the acids (alpha and beta hydroxides, in this case) that prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

But that's not all, because the aha 30 bha 2 peeling solution is also the ideal mask for learning how to take care of yourself. As advised by The Ordinary, in fact, it is advisable to pay attention to the responses of the epidermis when applying it, and to work cleverly, washing it before the required time, diluting it, or keeping it on for longer. In short, in addition to its purifying efficacy, it also plays a fundamental role in developing a conscious approach to cosmetics.

Speaking of innovative and conscious approach

  • Hyaluronic acid: raise your hand if you knew the moisturizing potential of hyaluronic acid before the advent of The Ordinary. Today, however, we can no longer do without it. A simple odorless and colorless serum that changed the way we hydrate ourselves. A few drops in the day and night cream give a boost to the moisturizer. While in summer it can replace it and be mixed with sunscreen in order to be hydrated and protected;
  • C vitamin: on the Vitamin C of The Ordinary there would be a treatise to be written. Proposed in two different formulations, and even in powder form, it has made people aware of the fundamental role of this vitamin in removing sun spots and having compact and luminous skin.

But not only that, because it has also educated consumers on the use of the product – for example, on the fact that, despite their demonization, silicones are actually necessary to spread the cream on the skin when the concentration of vitamin C is high, as in its 30% version – even teaching them how to dose the powder version;

  • Caffeine: 30ml, about 7 euros, and a single, very repeated leitmotiv, namely 'I didn't notice the effects until I stopped using it'. Well yes, because the Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG of The Ordinary, like all essential things, it stands out when it is missing. What does he do? Applied under the eyes in the morning, it reduces puffiness and dark circles, making our gaze fresher and more rested. Ideal for those who can never get rid of the annoying black circles.

But there's more, and the beauty experts are well aware of it who, thanks to the guides from The Ordinary, and as proof of the fact that the company has truly spread greater awareness of the active ingredients, have begun to use caffeine not only on eyes, but also on the legs. In combination with the moisturizer or anti-cellulite cream, the booster effect is ensured because it works excellently on the circulation.

How to use The Ordinary products

The Ordinary's path to awareness includes guides that help you understand not only which products to buy for your needs, but also how to use them safely and maximize their effects.

So we have one first guide which explains which products must not come into contact with the eyes, which can be used during the day because they do not react with the sun's rays and which ones only need to be used in the evening.

Let's take an example: we talked about The Ordinary products for acne. Well, the guide tells us that the Squalane cleanser can be used both day and night. The same goes for Niacinamide and HA moisturizer. By doing so, we were also shown the correct order to follow for the application of the products.

Continuing to read, then, we find the path to follow for the evening. These are the same products for morning skincare, but the application of the 2% salicylic acid mask is recommended after the cleanser. Finally, Deciem points out that the recommended products can have a photosensitizing effect on the skin. So she suggests not leaving the house without applying sunscreen first.

There is then the guide expressly dedicated to vitamin C, a testament to its popularity. For each product he explains what are the possibilities of feeling tingling, when to use it – after the serum, before the moisturizer or, for the powder, mixed with other formulas -, what its effects are and which skin types it is suitable for.

And finally, since The Ordinary also offers a makeup line, but this too could not fail to be precise to the millimeter, the shades guide. Not only colors, but also which undertone a specific foundation is intended for, offering each woman a targeted and almost personalized solution.

Still, you can select the formulation by category where we will discover the interactions of each product. For example, did you know that it's best to apply retinol only in the evening, and that it's good to alternate it – i.e. not mix them – with vitamin C?

The Ordinary Italy: where to find The Ordinary products

Deciem, the company that makes The Ordinary, was founded in Canada and sold exclusively online for some time. Subsequently, some points of sale were also opened in Europe. The Deciem Shop in Covent Garden has been the subject of pilgrimages for some time, and probably still is, but not in Italy.

On our territory, as well as online, the company has relied on partners who are in turn institutions in the beauty world. For example Sephora and Douglas, which have been offering The Ordinary products on their shelves for years now. A curiosity? The first to understand the potential of The Ordinary in Italy by dedicating a special space to it was the very famous Rinascente, combining a mass price and an exclusive location.

For those who prefer online, The Ordinary is available on all major marketplaces such as Amazon and Asos. But it can also be found in numerous online perfumeries specializing in beauty products perhaps from less popular brands for the average consumer, but popular among beauty enthusiasts, such as Lookfantastic.

From millennials to gen Z, beauty is conscious (and beyond age)

Instagram pages with a critical profile such as Estee Laundry, but also the explosion of young brands such as the very Italian Espresso or The Ordinary precisely - and vice versa the increasingly scarce appeal of brands that offer a single model of consumer: passive, white and with a flawless appearance, i.e. based on an ideal of beauty that coincides with exclusivity and sacrifice - show us quite clearly which direction the world of beauty is taking.

Companies with ethics, which allow the consumer to use their purchasing power by rewarding those who make choices that benefit the environment – low impact shipments, zero emissions for packaging, no testing on animals – or social sustainability – inclusiveness, conscious pricing – and that, at the same time, are effective on the skin. And The Ordinary certainly represents all of this world, empowering consumers through the conscious use of beauty.