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If you have heard that blueberries are good for your health, you absolutely must know its benefits for the human body. Such a small-looking fruit is not only delicious but also rich in nutritional properties that help keep us young for longer.

But when speaking of cranberry properties, many questions certainly come to mind, including: which is better the cranberry or the black one? Or: what beneficial substances does this little berry give the body?

We therefore want to introduce you to the blueberry in all its facets, from its properties to its uses (both in the kitchen and in aesthetics) and also give you some tips for integrating it into your diet.

What is blueberry and why is it good for health

Each of us at least once in our life has tasted a dessert or a juice with blueberry as an ingredient! Oh yes, because it is a highly sought-after fruit with a very sweet taste that is much loved by those who love to mess around in the kitchen.

Also called Vaccinium Myrtillus, it grows from a plant that belongs to the Ericaceae family. In the past the ancients considered it a sort of amulet; it seems that it was able to ward off bad luck and therefore was used in many rites of the time. Then, studying its effects on the human body, it was understood that it was also a real panacea for health, given its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory properties.

Since then, studies to obtain greater benefits have been carried out until today it becomes an elixir of youth that appeals to all ages, not only because it has an irresistible taste but also because it slows down aging and keeps you in shape.

Blueberry properties: how much do you know? Let's try together to list its most evident benefits in order to be able to make good use of it in everyday life.

Blueberry properties and health

Skin, heart, intestines and even eyesight: blueberries are really good for many parts of our body.

However, care must be taken not to confuse its two varieties, as they have different benefits and uses. In nature we know two types of blueberries:

  • cranberry: it is found in many European regions and contains iron, vitamin A, C, fiber and minerals. Among its properties we remember that of protecting the capillaries and increasing diuresis. Furthermore, it also has an astringent and cooling effect.
  • Blueberry: it is a purely summer fruit that is widespread especially in Italy. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. But that's not all: there are other interesting properties of this type of blueberry! It promotes blood circulation, intestinal functionality and protects against capillary fragility.
blueberry properties

But now let's see these properties more closely to fully understand the real benefits associated with the use of blueberries, both as a fruit (whole or in the form of juice) but also as a supplement.

Why integrate blueberry into your diet?

That blueberry is a superfood capable of preserving health and youth is now a fact. But are you able to take advantage of its beneficial properties? And how?

Here are 10 valid reasons to never miss it in the pantry or to immediately buy a practical supplement, cranberry or bilberry.

  1. Slows down ageing.
  2. Strengthens blood vessels.
  3. It keeps the skin hydrated for longer and prevents the formation of wrinkles.
  4. Promotes memory.
  5. It improves intestinal disorders and is therapeutic against cystitis.
  6. Relieves pain related to the menstrual cycle.
  7. It promotes metabolism and is an excellent fat burner.
  8. Protects eyesight.
  9. It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  10. Prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Do you still have doubts about its effectiveness in improving your health?

Cranberry supplement: cystitis and other ailments

Cranberry berries are a natural and healthy remedy for intestinal and urinary tract disorders. Diarrhea, irritable colon and cystitis have a single enemy that can effectively counter them even in the form of simple supplements that can be easily found in parapharmacies or herbal medicine.

Especially in cases of cystitis, which for the uninitiated involves inflammation that affects the urinary tract, cranberries have truly amazing properties that not only alleviate the disorder, but are also excellent as a preventive method. In fact, they are used both in cases of acute and recurrent infections, and also in people who often experience these problems throughout their lives.

The advice is to start a treatment based on supplements before and during the summer, which is the most fertile period for cystitis phenomena especially in women.

A typical cranberry supplement can be found in capsules and sachets or even in juice, for those who like to combine business with pleasure, taking it with them even during the day to take a sip even during their activities.

Blueberry properties: even for those on a diet!

Good news for those who are following a diet and must limit their diet: blueberries can and must be part of the daily planner as it has been shown to be an excellent fat burner.

There are ready-made juices without sugar and without preservatives that allow you to drink the red nectar in its pure state and it seems that it alone is able to activate the metabolism and purify the body.

In this role it becomes an ally of the diet that can be taken for breakfast together with yogurt and muesli, or during breaks to make it even more delicious.

Obviously we must point out that it is always fruit and therefore naturally contains a percentage of sugars that must be paid attention to according to the diet you are following in order not to alter the results.

However, nutritionists often pose as pro blueberries and also in the ketogenic diet and in its most common menus it is easy to find blueberry pancakes among the most frequent meals.

The blueberry: uses in the kitchen and in beauty

As many of you already know or have guessed, the blueberry lends itself as the perfect ingredient for many culinary preparations, especially desserts. Whether it's a treat to indulge in between meals or a delicious aid to burn fat, fruits or their juice are really used a lot in many recipes.

Any examples? Jams, muffins, cakes, pancakes and even liqueurs. In short, it's good practically everywhere so you can unleash your imagination in the kitchen!

blueberry properties

Yet it's not only excellent in the kitchen, but also in skin products, as it has incredible properties to keep it young, hydrated and glowing.

Have you ever tried applying a blueberry mask on your face? They are revitalizing, toning and promote microcirculation.

How many blueberries to take per day to have no contraindications

The ideal amount of blueberries to consume in a single day ranges from 60 to 90 grams. It is advisable not to exceed these doses, as undesirable effects may otherwise occur. Which? Migraine, stomach pain or diarrhea are the most common (and in any case transient) ailments that pass within a few days without having to take anything.

After all, even if one blueberry leads to another, it is always advisable to limit yourself in consumption without exaggerating or getting carried away by gluttony because if it is true that the blueberry has remarkable properties, it is also true that abusing it (as with any other food) may not be more so healthy.

Having said that, the blueberry in all its facets is welcome, for an always healthy health and to stay young for as long as possible.