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Tea kombucha it is a drink with a high antioxidant power which is obtained from the fermentation of different qualities of tea – green or black – thanks to which it acquires a pleasant effervescent and sweet taste with an oriental aftertaste.

When it comes to kombucha, benefits and nutritional properties, however, come before the organoleptic properties. It is, in fact, a drink with remarkable characteristics, ideal for those who want to stay young.

In this article we have decided to learn more about kombucha: where to buy it, how to prepare it, if it can be found ready, and everything it can do for you.

Ready? Let's start!

The benefits of kombucha

Kombucha owes its fame mainly to its purifying properties, which play an important role in supporting the immune system. Not unlike what happens with kefir, in fact, it is a probiotic food. Thus, it restores the balance of bacterial flora and stimulates metabolism and intestinal motility. For this reason it is a drink that is recommended for those suffering from constipation and diarrhea.

But not only. Kombucha aficionados also find it useful for treating menopausal symptoms, asthma, joint and muscle pain, and kidney stones. It is also thought to encourage sleep, help reduce diabetes and positively promote vision.

Furthermore, thanks to its antioxidant power, it is believed that it can reduce baldness, prevent the formation of wrinkles and play a protective role against the cardiovascular system, thanks to a function of regulating blood pressure and preventing arteriosclerosis.

In short, many beneficial properties are attributed to kombucha. It is in fact one of those foods that can be traced back to the field of nutriceuticals, which are ideal not only for the palate, but also for well-being. This is thanks to a composition that includes enzymes, vitamin C, from B vitamins lactic acid, but also many minerals, glucuronic acid, and finally a little caffeine that gives energy.

Kombucha: where to buy it and how to prepare it

Kombucha tea is obtained from the fermentation of tea using a culture of bacteria and yeasts called scoby. This crop has a variable composition. Generally, however, there is a high presence of Saccharomyces yeasts, which are responsible for alcoholic fermentation, and of Gluconacetobacter xylinus bacteria which transform alcohol molecules into acid.

It is a popular drink in Russia and Asian countries such as China, South Korea and Japan. Kombucha: where to buy it? Unlike in the past, today it can be found in bottles. But we also continue to make it at home, and it is even possible to find bacterial cultures available on the net. In short, very easy to find.

Furthermore, buying the product already packaged is definitely advisable as it protects against the risk of contamination that can transform this drink from beneficial into harmful.

Kombucha aficionados favorite?

1. Voelkel Kombucha

This pack of Voelkel Kombucha 750 ml is an absolute favorite among kombucha consumers as it has a delicate and refined taste which makes it suitable even for those who do not particularly like the taste of fermented products.

2. SANTIVERI Kombucha Hiskus, 500 ml

Santiveri is a company that boasts a history of 130 years. State-of-the-art regulations and respectable expertise are combined with the highest quality raw materials. A truly excellent drink from every point of view.

3. Captain Kombucha

Captain kombucha it is the kombucha for those who are always looking for bio. Certified as organic, it also boasts the use of first choice ingredients.


Even in the case of Eco kombucha 750 ml it is a drink whose manufacturing company carries out a great deal of research and selection of the best ingredients to offer a natural and quality product.

5. Gluten-free BIO kombucha

Organic kombucha gluten-free is the solution for those suffering from celiac disease or who find gluten difficult to digest, made with Pilsen water and Darjeeling black tea.

How much kombucha can you drink per day?

kombucha where to buy it

Be careful because, given its composition, there are recommended doses for kombucha. In general it is better not to overdo it in order not to incur intestinal disorders.

For adults, maximum benefits are obtained with half a cup twice a day before meals or as a snack, to work on metabolism and digestion. For children, on the other hand, depending on their weight, the same dose as for adults is thought of, reduced from 20% to 80%.

Finally, perhaps not everyone knows that kombucha can also be given to animals. In this case, however, the dose is limited to one tablespoon a day in the water bowl, which goes up to two for large dogs.

Kombucha contraindications

When it comes to kombucha, toxicity and contraindications are recurring topics, as is the case with all fermented foods. This is due both to the risks involved in the home preparation and to the excessive consumption of the product.

If, therefore, on the one hand, kombucha is an antioxidant, it favors digestive functions and helps to support the immune system by freeing the intestine from "bad" bacteria, on the other it is possible that a wrong preparation proves to be toxic for the liver and for the kidneys, as well as causing metabolic acidosis due to its acidic pH.