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How many of you suffer from high blood pressure? This article is dedicated to those who suffer from this disorder and need to restore their blood pressure to normal values in the shortest possible time.

Perhaps not everyone knows that nutrition can become your best ally in this process, associated with a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits.

But let's go in order and first try to understand why the pressure rises and what this decompensation entails in our body. 

Naturally, we also want to help those suffering from high blood pressure: what to eat to lower it immediately? Let's find out together!

What does it mean to have high blood pressure

Pressure tells us the way blood flows through our veins. If its values are out of the norm, even serious problems can occur which in the worst case even lead to death. This is why it is good not to underestimate this index which must be monitored constantly, especially in predisposed subjects.

Pressure is divided into two types:

  • systolic blood pressure, or maximum blood pressure, which measures the beats when the heart contracts.
  • diastolic blood pressure, or trough blood pressure, measures the beats when the heart is relaxed.

A pressure is defined as normal when the maximum is less than 120 and the minimum is less than 80. 

We speak of high blood pressure and immediate intervention is required when the maximum pressure values exceed 140 and the minimum exceed 90.

Then you enter the stage of hypertension, which can cause cardiovascular problems, aneurysms, strokes and even death. This happens because the heart is working too hard and has to pump more and more blood. 

But the complications can also be other: damage to the arteries, cognitive impairment, metabolic problems and heart failure. In short, these are not indifferent problems that involve many different bodies.

If you feel the first hints of high blood pressure, don't waste time, but go to the doctor immediately for a check-up. There are also some individuals who are already predisposed to this disorder. In fact, the causes can be different and it is good to know them. 

What are the causes?

Why does the pressure rise? Knowing the causes that lead to an alteration of the values can in some cases help prevent the problem.

If the cause is hereditary, it can only be intervened afterwards with therapies or tricks to keep it under control for life.

If, on the other hand, the causes are of a different nature, it is also possible to prevent the problem.

The subjects most exposed to this risk are overweight and especially obese people. The reason is to be found in the presence of an accumulation of fat cells which obstruct the abdominal area and therefore slow down the work of the cardio-circulatory system. The more fat deposits there are, the more he will be under strain, causing the inevitable rise in blood pressure.

Another problem is associated with this problem: a sedentary lifestyle. Obviously those who don't do regular physical activity risk gaining weight and triggering this vicious cycle that only brings complications. 

Stress and excesses are also the cause of high blood pressure: for example smoking or alcohol abuse. 

Age can have its weight: studies show that as you get older you are more prone to high blood pressure and for this reason you need to be careful to measure it more often, even when you don't feel symptoms of any kind.  

And then there's nutrition: even if it doesn't seem like it, it's one of the most important factors in managing blood pressure. The lack of potassium and vitamins, for example, helps to raise blood pressure more easily.

Here too abuses do not help, especially of foods such as salt. But let's see how to intervene promptly to lower blood pressure through some specific foods.

High blood pressure: what to eat to lower it immediately?

Many ask themselves…I suffer from high blood pressure: what to eat to lower it immediately? 

high blood pressure what to eat to lower it immediately

In the case of hypertension, in fact, we have anticipated that there are foods that more than others help to lower it quickly as they are capable of intervening directly on the cardiovascular system. And they do so because they contain essential nutrients to facilitate its functionality. Let's talk about vitamins, mineral salts, antioxidants, omega 3 fats and vegetable proteins

The foods to prefer to immediately lower the pressure are therefore:

  • garlic, which has a vasodilating action
  • bananas, with a heavy load of potassium to counteract the sodium
  • flax seeds, rich in omega 3
  • dark chocolate, rich in antioxidants
  • water, which reduces blood pressure.

Through the absorption of the nutrients contained in these types of food, it is also possible to counteract free radicals, normalize cholesterol values and therefore help the heart function optimally. 

Other foods that positively affect blood pressure and those to avoid

And then there are also other foods that help normalize blood pressure and prevent it from rising excessively (in association with other factors such as physical activity and stress management):

  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • fish
  • legumes
  • oilseeds
  • dried fruit

And what to avoid? Certainly in the first place we find salt, a real risk factor for high blood pressure. Obviously it must not be eliminated from the diet but at least reduced to the minimum quantities.

In fact, it is necessary to limit the consumption of all those foods that contain a lot of sodium, such as sausages, or some cheeses. 

Absolutely no to alcohol, packaged sweets and snacks rich in excessive amounts of salt and sugar.

On the other hand, as a cooking method, it is frying that can have negative effects on blood pressure values and therefore must certainly be limited (if not even eliminated in cases of proven and serious hypertension).

Here are some tips to prevent blood pressure from rising dangerously

If you are in one of the conditions described above, such as being overweight, a good way to start fighting the problem of high blood pressure could be to diet

The benefit will be twofold: getting back in shape and normalizing blood pressure for overall well-being.

If you add to this the reduction of fats and sugars in favor of foods rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals, hypertension will have its days numbered. 

Therefore, the advice is to moderate your diet, check your blood pressure often even at home and at the first symptoms, such as dizziness, blurred vision and excessive and unjustified tiredness, you should immediately seek medical advice.