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When it comes to purification, the Ordinary Niacinamide 10% zinc 1% serum is undoubtedly one of the first things we think of. It is in fact one of the most popular products of recent years, loved both by those suffering from acne-prone skin and by those who need a small period of skin cleansing due to light impurities, or simply a duller appearance than usual.

Oh yes, because in addition to an effective sebum regulating and purifying function, this serum is also known to be an excellent illuminant and to leave the skin smooth and smooth. Yeah, but how?

In this article we decided to study it more closely, and now we want to share with you all that we have discovered. Ready? Let's start!

What is The Ordinary Niacinamide 10%+ Zinc 1% and what it is used for

Let's start with simple information: Niacinamide is none other than one of the denominations of Vitamin B3, i.e. one of the most important B vitamins (of which we all know the fundamental importance for our well-being). The serum is formulated by adding zinc to Vitamin B3, a key ingredient in the treatment of skin impurities.

In general, therefore, we can say that it is a serum indicated for two types of people: those who have to intervene on the impurities of the skin, and those who instead want to counteract the first signs of aging, or work on irritations and redness or make the texture more even skin.

Who is it for The Ordinary Niacinamide 10%+ Zinc 1%

This serum can be used by everyone, because it is formulated not to be aggressive even on the most sensitive skin. However, as we said in the previous paragraph, it is absolutely recommended for those who have two types of specific needs, namely removing impurities and having brighter skin.

This is because Vitamin B3 performs an important regulating and soothing function on the skin, while zinc performs a slightly antibacterial function, useful for example for acne-prone skin, so much so that Niacinamide is also recommended among The Ordinary acne care products.

On the one hand, therefore, it is indicated for those who need a sebum-regulating product - for example, those who have problems with the T-zone - and need to unclog pores and reduce their appearance. Therefore ideal for those suffering from acne, blackheads, comedones and shiny skin on the T-zone. It also has a slightly anti-inflammatory function on red pimples, minimizing their appearance.

The plus? It also works when we want to make the classic evil pimple disappear before an important occasion.

On the other hand, it also works on the skin texture making it finer, with a blur effect similar to that of silicones or make-up. But that's not all, because it stimulates cell turnover and smoothes the first signs of aging as well as the texture of the skin. The result is smooth and polished skin, but also nourished from within and therefore naturally radiant.

How to use The Ordinary Niacinamide 10%+ Zinc 1%

We often buy serums without really knowing how to use them. Some say after the cream, some before, some even suggest mixing them with the moisturizer to maximize its effects, and the result is that sometimes they remain in the beauty case waiting to figure it out.

It must be said that this confusion depends on the fact that each serum has a specific use. In the case of The Ordinary's Niacinamide, the correct use is to insert it between cleansing and moisturizing cream, therefore as the penultimate step of the routine. Then wash your face, apply a toner if your routine calls for it, or do a mask (or do absolutely nothing), then take a few drops of Niacinamide and rub them on the skin, and when it has been absorbed, apply the moisturizer.

Being a serum, you can use Niacinamide every day morning and evening, but also limit yourself to evening use only, or buy it to use it only on special occasions, for example if an important evening awaits you and you don't want your make-up to be ruined by the annoying oily effect of the T-zone.

How NOT to use The Ordinary Niacinamide 10%+ Zinc 1%

The Ordinary offers helpful guides for combining its products on its website. Since these are highly effective cosmetics, in fact, using too many acids, for example, can cause damage to the skin. In particular, it is absolutely not recommended to use Niacinamide together with products based on Vitamin C. Both, in fact, perform a light chemical peel on the skin, and therefore the combined use can generate states of hypersensitivity.

For the same reason, since when the skin undergoes a light chemical peel it is in a state of greater exposure and vulnerability, it is advisable to protect it with a sun protection factor. In this phase, in fact, your epidermis is more sensitive to the sun, and therefore the risk is that of finding yourself with spots or small signs of aging.

Can I use Niacinamide with other serums?

The answer is: absolutely yes. First, there is a general rule that we can use up to three serums at a time before the skin is saturated. As for Niacinamide specifically, the only thing to pay attention to are the incompatible active ingredients indicated on the site, such as the aforementioned Vitamin C.

Apart from this, however, green light and indeed: you can apply Niacinamide before hyaluronic acid serum or together with caffeine serum to apply under the eyes. This is especially true for the summer months, when for some the moisturizer is too heavy to apply and they prefer to replace it with a serum. In this case, go ahead with the mix of serums! And of course, don't forget to apply a sun protection factor.

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10%+ Zinc 1%: our final evaluation

All-out promotion for this serum which, not surprisingly, has quickly become a best seller. And we add: it has retained its position among the most popular products for several years already. A very light texture and surprising effectiveness are certainly its strengths, because a beauty product must first of all work.

Furthermore, an Instagram feed-proof aesthetic does not hurt, and above all an ethical formulation that is careful to avoid harmful and comedogenic ingredients. In short, a lot of effectiveness and zero side effects: absolutely approved!