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Foodspring protein cream also appears in the panorama of healthy foods. But how is this possible, you may be wondering!

By definition, a hazelnut spread is not really classified as a healthy food but more as a treat or gourmet food. Yet I assure you that Foodspring has created a product that is a source of protein and therefore supports the body in some of its basic functions, thus also improving the quality of life.

And then we just have to learn more about Foodspring's protein cream, from the nutritional values to its variations, to then also know the reviews of those who have already tried it. 

What Foodspring Protein Cream offers

Foodspring, as always careful to create protein products for all tastes and all needs, has seen fit to also offer foods capable of tantalizing the palate and granting real moments of gluttony without however failing in its principles and its corporate mission.

And this is how the hazelnut protein cream was born, made only with genuine raw materials and without palm oil or other additives harmful to health. 

The selection of ingredients and their nutritional values allow everyone to be able to consume the spreadable cream without remorse, especially if you follow a protein-based diet. In fact, it is a product that contributes to muscle development and is therefore ideal for those who train constantly.

Foodspring protein cream: nutritional values

Analyzing the Foodspring protein cream under a microscope, we cannot fail to notice that its ingredients are really simple and genuine.

In fact, it is composed of: sweetener (maltitol), whey protein (22%), rapeseed oil, hazelnuts (13%), sweet whey powder, skimmed cocoa powder (6.5%), cocoa butter, emulsifier (lecithins), natural vanilla flavouring. And what particularly impresses us is the fact that it uses only high-quality whey protein to support muscle power.

And the nutritional values? Here they are in this list:

In 100 g of product there are:

  • Fat 37 g, of which saturated fatty acids 7.1 g
  • Carbohydrates 33 g, of which sugars 7.4 g
  • Protein 21 g
  • Salt 0.20 g

And all with an energy value of 2145 kJ / 517 kcal.

Why Choose Foodspring's Hazelnut Protein Creme?

Surely the main reason for buying Foodspring protein cream is the fact that it is a tasty source of protein. 

After having tasted it, then, there will be other reasons: it is good, it has a sweet taste, it can be used in every meal, and it satisfies the craving for chocolate that is inherent in most of us!

Plus, this spread can be used on everything from breakfast pancakes to toasted bread and cake fillings. 

Its irresistible taste and its creaminess are not lost when the jar is opened, which therefore does not need to be kept in the fridge, retaining its qualities even after months.

The differences with the other best-known spreadable creams

Let's face it, when we hear the name of hazelnut cream our mind immediately takes us back to the popular and timeless Nutella. Without taking anything away from the icon of spreadable creams, if healthy alternatives have arisen there will be a reason and one of the most important is to respond to more targeted needs as in the case of protein creams.

foodspring protein cream reviews

One of the substantial differences between the Foodspring product and the others, in fact, is the high energy value, albeit with a lower percentage of calories. But that's not the only detail we need to pay attention to: in the protein cream we don't use sugar but maltitol, to give sweetness without increasing the caloric intake. 

In any case, in both cases it is always advisable not to abuse it, especially in the case of Foodspring cream which can have laxative effects if consumed disproportionately.

Foodspring protein cream: not just hazelnuts!

Aware of the success of the hazelnut cream, Foodspring has decided to create equally delicious variations. 

The desire to give a protein product that could also respond to different taste needs from the ordinary, prompted the brand to also market the coconut and whey cream versions. And for those looking for something special there is also salted caramel!

Finally, for the lucky few who managed to buy, the crunchy version was also born in a limited edition.

Foodspring Coconut Protein Cream

A delicious alternative that brings the taste of summer back to the table. Foodspring coconut flavored protein cream is ideal for those who love exotic and more particular flavours. 

You can enjoy it with a spoon, or garnish delicious muffins or cupcakes, but also spread it on brownies for strictly protein snacks.

Foodspring Duo protein cream

And in the indecision between hazelnut cream and white cream, you can opt for the duo version. It is a mix that combines golden hazelnuts with creamy whey.

How about trying it to make double flavored biscuits? On the site you will also find practical recipes to dabble in the kitchen and prepare delicious protein desserts. 

Foodspring Crunchy Protein Cream

The Crunchy protein cream was available in a limited edition for a period, made of hazelnut cream with whey protein and coconut flakes. Basically a set of all known versions within a single and irresistible product. 

With crunchy hazelnut pieces and coconut flakes, the product is a novelty that we can't wait to find online!

Foodspring Salted Caramel Protein Cream

Do you like caramel? Then you have to try the salted caramel variant signed by Foodspring, still protein but with an alternative taste, to try on bread or as a topping, for example in pancakes for breakfast.

Reviews Foodspring Protein Cream

foodspring protein cream reviews

After having described the characteristics and tastes of the Foodspring protein spreadable cream (which, I forgot, also exists in a vegan version!) it is a must to know the opinions of the customers who have tasted them all. So here are their reviews that can help you choose with more awareness.

Foodspring protein cream reviews

ATTENTION! The first opinion that is found in the vast majority of those interviewed is that it creates addiction! Yes, it seems that those who try the protein cream for the first time can no longer do without it.

As a spreadable cream it is labeled as the best on the market and the fact that it is exceptionally spread everywhere, especially on toasted bread, is exalted, and therefore becomes a must-have product in the pantry.

It is said to be sweet at the right point, not too much and not too little, becoming the right compromise even for those who don't like overly cloying flavors but want to indulge in something delicious, perhaps at the end of a meal or after a hard workout in the gym.

There is no doubt about the flavour: sweet and tasty and with the added value of being without added sugar, with noteworthy nutritional values. And everyone agrees that it's not good to abuse it anyway because it's a really high-calorie cream.

As for the salted caramel flavored protein cream, the reviews say it's a different and original taste and after trying it, you can't help but buy it again. And above all, it is recommended to all friends!

Instead, for the coconut flavor it is said to be the right compromise between taste and protein, to be enjoyed at breakfast, on the weekend or as a break during the day.

Therefore, in summary, it is a mouth-watering cream and a jar is not enough to indulge the sweet tooth: a much larger jar would be needed!

And have you already placed your order?

In conclusion: what do you think of Foodspring and its protein creams?

If you too want to savor the taste and take advantage of the muscle benefits of these products, all you have to do is go to the site and place your order. 

Here is the link where you find many opportunities to increase the protein intake in your life and eat with gusto. Who said that to indulge in a delicious meal you have to put aside the health of the body?