Energy Aminos Iced Tea


Our Energy Aminos Iced Tea from foodspring is the perfect way to recharge your energy! Its recipe is a mix of natural ingredients which, thanks to the combination of amino acids, vitamins and zinc, will help you face your day with the right sprint.

Its taste is a real cuddle for your taste buds. Fresh and refreshing, this flavored tea is a real breath of fresh air.

But taste is not the only feature of Energy Aminos Iced Tea. This drink is also packed with nutrients. Thanks to its contained amino acids, such as arginine, citrulline and leucine, it will help your body recover its strength and regain its energy. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of vitamins and zinc, it helps to support energy metabolism.

Energy Aminos Iced Tea from foodspring is ideal for anyone looking to have an energy break during the day. Then join us and taste the best of health! Ask your trusted bartender for an Energy Aminos Iced Tea and enjoy an energy boost in just one sip. Furthermore, you can always take it with you, thanks to its practical packaging.

Trying Energy Aminos Iced Tea from foodspring is a real pleasure! A drink with a fresh and refreshing taste which, thanks to the presence of natural ingredients rich in nutrients, will help your body regain its energy. Seeing is believing!

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