Whey protein single serving Pack mix of 10


Let yourself be conquered by the foodspring Whey Protein Pack Mix!

If you're looking to get a toned and healthy body, or to maintain your physical well-being, foodspring has the solution for you! With the Whey Protein Pack Mix, you'll get 10 packs of 25g of protein in your choice of delicious flavors such as Dark Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.

foodspring's Whey Protein Pack Mix is ideal for anyone looking for a more intense workout. This way, you will be able to fortify your muscles, build strength and maintain a healthy diet.

Whey Protein from foodspring is the ideal product for the gym and for everyday life. Thanks to the Pack Mix, you will have a further right dose of energy, vitality and resistance. The proteins contained in the mix are rich in essential amino acids, which will help you to reach your goals more easily.

Furthermore, the preparation of the foodspring Whey Protein Pack Mix is quick and simple. Just mix 25 g of product with 200 ml of water, strictly at room temperature. In a few minutes you will have a nutritious and tasty drink at your disposal.

foodspring's Whey Protein Pack Mix is ideal for those who want to maintain a healthy, nutritious and tasty diet. You can choose from three delicious flavours, to transform your routine into a moment of relaxation. Don't wait any longer and let yourself be conquered by foodspring's Whey Protein Pack Mix!

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