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We tried the porchetta from the Pucci butcher shop of Terni and we loved it from the first moment. There is no competition, this is undoubtedly the best porchetta in Italy.

We're certainly not the first to say this, but we want to be the first to explain why. Here are the five reasons why no porchetta – neither that of Ariccia, nor that of Norcia – can compete with the one we tasted this week.

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1. The taste is just amazing

pork butcher shop

It's true, there are many good porchettas. In Tuscany, in Umbria, in the Marches and obviously in Lazio. But as varied as the Italian culinary scene is, achieving perfection is not easy. The porchetta from the Pucci butcher shop has an intense pink color and with each bite it offers the perfect balance between flavor, softness of the meat and crunchiness of the rind. The low garlic content and the top quality Umbrian meat make every bite an explosion of flavour. Each slice is a spiral of tender meat, lush fat and crunchy meat.

2. It is prepared in a genuine and artisanal way with the best meat in Italy

Italian porchetta

To make porchetta, a whole pig is boned and gutted, then stuffed with garlic and herbs, and roasted until the skin is crispy. It is a juicy and incredibly aromatic product. The Pucci butcher shop follows a family recipe that hasn't changed for generations, using only fresh seasonal and often wild spices, as well as sea salt, black pepper, and local garlic. 

Pork produced on the green hills of Umbria has been appreciated since Roman times. The pigs graze outdoors as in ancient times, they eat corn, barley and not bone meal as is often the case. They don't take supplements or antibiotics. When you bite into the porchetta of the Pucci Macelleria you know you are eating real and genuine food.

3. Over 15,000 people have already been positively surprised 

“Eat it in a sandwich, served on a chopping board, paired with a gourmet dish… do as you like. The fact remains that it is a show!” – says one of the hundreds of people who have tried the porchetta from the Pucci butcher shop. Whether eaten alone or between two slices of bread, this porchetta does not disappoint.

The key elements of the finished dish are juicy meat, soft fat and crispy crust, wrapped around garlic and herbs, and roasted. The smell transmits spicy notes even before reaching the mouth. And then the flavour, which combines a strong but at the same time delicate taste thanks to the softness of the meat. Truly a delight.

4. He has tons of haters

That's right, in addition to more than a hundred porchetta eaters from all over Italy who are enthusiastic about this product, the Pucci Macelleria also has a long list of "haters". It can only be a good sign: if so many people waste time commenting on social media – often they are experts in the sector such as butchers and gastronomes – it is a sign of how shocking this way of cooking porchetta can be.

It's true, because the Pucci butcher's shop cooks its porchetta without legs, without head and without shoulders. After 50 years of experimentation, Pucci has decided to focus on taste, leaving appearances aside: only the best part of the pig is transformed into an excellent steaming porchetta, making those who believe that to have a quality product you have to show the whole pig. No illusions: let the palate decide.

5. Even heated at home, it remains excellent

The Pucci butcher shop ships its famous porchetta all over Italy, and thanks to a unique method of preparation it is possible to taste it as if it were freshly cooked. In fact, immediately after being cooked, the temperature of the porchetta is reduced to a few degrees, allowing the rind to remain crunchy and the meat to maintain its flavor and nutritional values until delivery. 

Once you get home, just put the sliced porchetta in the oven for about ten minutes and it will be like biting into juicy meat that has just been removed from the heat.

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