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The face represents one of the most delicate parts of our body. Not only must it be cared for from a purely aesthetic point of view, but also internally, to prevent forms of premature aging (with consequent problems linked to the formation of wrinkles and free radicals) and to ensure that it remains young for as long as possible.

It is therefore not enough to buy a good face cream and any cleanser to ensure smooth skin over time. 

Paying attention to the products you choose becomes essential. This is why I ask you: have you ever tried a natural facial cleanser?

If the answer is no, you are in the right place to discover all the advantages and understand why it's time to change the way you do your daily beauty routine.

What is a vegetable soap used for?

The new frontier in the skincare sector is entirely plant-based. For countless reasons which we will tell you about shortly, the natural alternative becomes a must have for those who wish to take care of their skin without compromises and without unpleasant surprises to say the least. 

A natural soap is not affected by the questionable influence of chemical treatments that compromise its quality and its "pure" nature. The ingredients used are therefore natural and therefore safer for the skin without attacking or causing allergies of any kind. So no preservatives, synthetic perfumes, additives or colorings.

Natural soap is almost always organic and has no elements of animal origin in its formulation, therefore perfectly in line with vegan principles.

If you are wondering what vegetable soap is for, here are some sentences that will give you the appropriate and convincing answer:

  • Cleanses gently
  • It does not affect the sebum balance
  • Nourishes the skin with vitamins and other essential substances
  • It can be used on all skin types, even the most sensitive ones subject to redness.

The range of vegetable soaps includes the natural facial cleanser, with very high quality products that do not harm the skin but hydrate, nourish and smooth it with simple substances present in nature, without any chemical alteration that can compromise their benefits. 

But what benefits are we talking about? Here they are in detail.

The benefits of a natural facial cleanser on your skin

There is no comparison between an industrial soap rich in parabens and dyes and a natural detergent, which respects the skin and has no contraindications.

The most obvious benefit you notice when you decide to cleanse your face with a natural soap is its gentleness on the skin. Apparently you will not notice immediate results, but you must not forget that it is only the first step for a healthy and luminous face over time. Part of its targeted action is to act slowly, going deep and respecting the dermis by taking care of it slowly.

Maybe your old immediate-acting cleanser immediately gives you the feeling of freshness and tone? So this speed of release must already make you doubt its real effectiveness: what ingredients does it use to act so quickly? Ask yourself this question before choosing a facial product, to avoid making a choice that could turn out to be the wrong one later.

Nature and animal lovers know well that the cruelty free label indicates a product that does not have animal origin and did not use animal testing to be made. 

Therefore it also becomes more ethically satisfying to cleanse your face with a product that comes from healthy values and combines respect for life and health.

And then there is the advantage of not incurring allergies, intolerances, redness or skin rashes linked to overly aggressive soaps which often, instead of taking care of the skin, age it prematurely, also creating collateral problems, such as the stress of not feeling beautiful every moment and that of having to look for other products or even go to the dermatologist for treatment.  

How to replace facial cleanser 

The purposes of a common facial cleanser are:

  • Eliminate excess sebum, even those that are produced while we sleep.
  • Dissolve impurities linked to smog and pollution
  • Prepare your skin for hydration
  • Stimulate cell regeneration
  • Remove any cream residues 

Its action is therefore even more important because it prepares for a more complete treatment which includes nourishment, hydration, smoothing and even peeling. 

Before applying a cream you need to clean your face thoroughly and therefore we are talking about products that are used daily.

But how to replace your old detergent with a natural one? Just look at the ingredients! 

Rose extract, aloe vera, almond oil, vegetable glycerin, shea butter, are some examples of natural 100% substances. They contain active ingredients, nutrients and antioxidants, which leave the skin soft, nourish it and keep it young. 

Then, for a targeted action it is always advisable to choose the right cream. In particular, after the age of 40, a good anti-wrinkle cream for the face should not be missing, which can benefit from the action of the cleanser and be more effective against skin aging.

How to clean your facial skin naturally

For correct daily cleansing it is important to follow some basic rules and therefore amplify the power of the natural detergent. For example, when to use it? There are two ideal moments:

  • use it in the morning before putting on makeup. Whether you decide to apply make-up on your face before going out or just apply a thin layer of moisturizing cream, cleansing is the first and necessary step that you must never forget. 
  • use it in the evening before going to sleep. The skin of the face is affected by the external agents that attack it throughout the day, from dust to smog. A good natural cleanser is therefore that panacea that regenerates your face at the end of the day. 

Some people make the mistake of thinking that the more times they cleanse, the cleaner their face will be. In reality the action depends on the product and its quality more than on the times it is used. 

And this is why using a natural soap with 100% is on the safe side: these are ingredients based on targeted formulations that do not require continuous actions to have an effect. Those two times a day are enough for unique and long-lasting results. 

For the format, rely on your preferences: mousse, gel or soap. It doesn't matter the format: its effectiveness is proven in any case!

So forget your beliefs, perhaps linked to brands of products that have always accompanied you in skincare and change the way you do your usual beauty routine. It is not a leap into the void but the ideal way to take care of yourself in a strictly natural way.