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How many times have you said: "I have a swollen belly as if I were pregnant!", right?

Well, it is a problem that unites many women, who for this reason feel uncomfortable, avoid wearing the tightest dress and sometimes feel embarrassed even to go out for fear of feeling judged or for the annoyances that the swelling leads.

In short, it is certainly not pleasant, but fortunately not even a definitive condition.

There are several solutions to the problem, many of which are absolutely natural remedies, which are worth investigating before putting your life on hold for a swollen belly.

Come with me, I will explain how to solve, or alleviate, the problem.

Swollen belly women: when to worry?

Just like for the problem regarding the swollen belly of man, even for women there are triggers to try to avoid and solutions to eliminate the unpleasant abdominal swelling.

When a swollen belly in a woman follows a recent pregnancy there is no need to worry: it is a normal phase that takes time to relax the affected tissues which will soon return to normal.

But if the problem occurs in other situations, it is advisable to ask yourself why and immediately intervene, given that it is almost always a transitory problem that can be solved even in a short time and without consequences for health.

What are the most common triggers? Let's see them one by one to understand which category you fall into and remedy it.

Swollen belly as if you were pregnant: causes and solutions

swollen belly like you're pregnant

From the slightest cause to the most worrying one: understanding the origin of the problem, you know how important it is to carry out the right strategy, both to eliminate it and to help you avoid it in the future.

Here are the most common causes, grouped for you in this list.

Alterations of the bacterial flora

Gases are produced – which are the ones that swell the belly – when the bad bacteria outnumber the good ones. In these cases it is advisable to rebalance the bacterial flora and clean up the intestinal tract thoroughly to eliminate swelling as well.

Consuming excessive sugars and refined flours

These are foods to avoid or moderate to avoid intestinal problems, such as bloating, which can also be linked to candida and disproportionate weight gain.


Candida is also a cause of unwarranted abdominal swelling. Sugars, fruit, carbohydrates are responsible for this and therefore here too the question is connected to nutrition, to be regulated for general well-being. Limiting them is the simplest but also the most effective remedy you can implement.

Eat fresh fruit after meals or with other foods

A now common habit is to consume fruit at the end of the meal. Unfortunately, those suffering from swelling should absolutely avoid and only eat fruit before lunch or dinner, or in mid-day snacks. The reason is their amount of water which then generates excess gas.

Even consuming fruit in conjunction with other foods is not recommended: in doing so the digestive processes are slowed down and intestinal fermentation is promoted, which causes swelling.

Eat raw vegetables or combine cooked vegetables with raw ones

Did you know that raw vegetables are more difficult to digest? If this happens it is no wonder that air forms in the stomach due to fermentation.

And if you think of making a single dish with cooked and raw vegetables together, think twice or you'll have to deal with an overly swollen belly. In fact, they have different digestion times and create disturbances if ingested at the same time.

Consumption of leavened products

The leavening of some products often causes swelling. The point is that they contain brewer's yeast! Furthermore, perhaps not everyone knows that therefore there is no difference whether they are wholemeal or not: they are to be avoided if you suffer from a swollen stomach. 

Consume legumes

As you know, legumes are famous for generating air in the stomach! The problem is that they contain two types of carbohydrates which then undergo fermentation by intestinal bacteria. Difficult to digest, they are a food not recommended in case of a swollen belly.

Consume plenty of grains

Unfortunately, most cereals can generate intestinal gas. The only exception is given by rice, which can therefore be eaten without fear.

Consume nuts and seeds

Giving up nuts and seeds is not easy, we are aware of it. They accompany us during snacks or breaks, but they are not a cure-all for those suffering from a swollen stomach. By nature they tend to slow down digestion because they contain substances that prevent the full functionality of digestive enzymes.

Consuming carbohydrates, fats and proteins in an unbalanced way

Pay attention to the combinations on the table because often, unknowingly, they cause swelling and intestinal problems. Specifically for a swollen belly, it is necessary to avoid consuming foods rich in carbohydrates with those rich in fat or with those rich in protein at the same time.

Eating too quickly

If you eat quickly it means that chewing does not last long and therefore digestion is compromised, causing fermentation and therefore excess gas. Enjoy your food with peace of mind and don't rush even during meals: your health is at stake!


And here we are at perhaps the most common reason among all women: stress.

Hectic life, a thousand things to do at home or at work and many thoughts that require your attention: all this causes a form of constant stress that is reflected in the body, in various forms. One of them is a swollen belly like you're pregnant. So learn to relax, to take problems philosophically and not to burden yourself with all the weight of the world. Try doing yoga or muscle relaxation exercises even at home: you will see that relaxation will naturally help you to deflate not only your mind but also your belly!

Swollen belly: other effective remedies

In addition to monitoring the causes to avoid making the same mistakes that then lead you to increase belly swelling, you can also integrate products that help eliminate the problem.

For example Enterogermina bloating is a specific food supplement for this problem. 

There are also other products, including herbal ones, that can facilitate digestion and the elimination of excess gas, such as those that contain charcoal.

These are adjuvants that can lend a hand but only if in the meantime you get used to regulating your diet, your way of eating, your relationship with food and learn not to let yourself be overwhelmed by everyday stress.

Swollen belly like you're pregnant? This problem for you will cease to exist permanently.