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Would you believe it if I told you that eating salmon can also help you solve sexual problems?

It seems absurd, but even some foods commonly present on our menu can be unthinkable allies to help us improve our well-being and some body functions. And we often take them superficially without even knowing how important they are!

Today we'll take care of clarifying the advantages of omega 3-based foods and supplements: sexual, psychic and physical benefits all to be known in order to take them with awareness during our days.

Ready to enter the world of omega 3? Let's start with definition and functions, before delving into how they can positively intervene in the sexual sphere.

Omega 3: what they are and where to find them

Omega 3 is a name used to indicate certain polyunsaturated or essential fatty acids. Why essential? It seems that we can't live without it!

In fact, our body needs them but does not have the ability to create them independently. Therefore they are introduced into the body through supplements or more simply with certain foods.

omega 3: sexual benefits

We can divide them into two types:

  • ALA (or linoleic acid): of vegetable origin. It is found for example in dried fruits such as walnuts, flax seeds and vegetables.
  • EPA (or eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (or docosahexaenoic acid) of animal origin. They are found in the fat of some fish, such as oily fish.

Between the two categories, the second is recommended as it is more nutritious and more consistent in quantitative terms but above all richer in anti-inflammatory properties that the body needs.

Therefore, foods such as: salmon, mackerel, walnuts, tuna, flax seeds and chia seeds must not be missing from the shopping list. 

Here are the reasons to choose omega 3

But what are the reasons that must lead us to take omega 3 regularly? The list is quite long, so let's summarize them like this:

  • They act on brain and cognitive development. They increase memory and also concentration, preventing premature aging and diseases such as Alzheimer's.
  • They are anti-inflammatory, therefore excellent in case of joint problems.
  • They keep the skin healthy and brighter. They help prevent dryness and even fight acne.
  • They improve cardiovascular functions by increasing the average age of life of a man. The heart has enormous benefits and the chances of having strokes or heart attacks are reduced.
  • They prevent breast cancer.
  • They relieve the symptoms related to forms of colitis and gastro-intestinal disorders.
  • They keep hair and nails stronger.
  • In pregnant women they help to make the fetus grow strong and, according to some, they are also valid as an aid in cases of postpartum depression.

Last, but not least, there are significant sexual benefits and it is these that we now want to tell you about in detail. Omega 3: sexual benefits… how much do you know?

Omega 3, sexual benefits to know

Omega 3 fatty acids intervene naturally in the sexual system which receives a greater flow of blood and improves the performance of both men and women. Hormones, testosterone and dysfunctions: there are several sectors on which simple foods can act if taken consistently, and without you even realizing it!

Here are at least three!

Rising hormones, including testosterone

Omega 3s increase the production of hormones in our body and consequently manage to positively modify testosterone levels. We know how important this type of hormone is in sexual life. Ensures fertility and regulates libido. 

When its levels are insufficient, various problems can be encountered in everyday life: erectile dysfunction, decrease in sexual desire, weakness and depressive states. So if these alarm bells are warned it is good to integrate your diet with omega 3 sufficient to restore normal hormonal functioning.

Less anxieties and more desire

The benefits of omega 3 can also be rediscovered in the well-being of the couple. As? Anxieties decrease and libido increases against it! In fact, the action of these fatty acids affects the level of dopamine, the hormone of euphoria, which increases and improves personal mood, consequently also improving relationships in home life. In this way one lives more serenely and it is also possible to solve those problems of a sexual nature linked to intolerant moods, which often require the use of male sexual supplements.

Against malfunctions 

Several ailments can be cured through the use of omega 3, in the form of food or capsules. In particular, they prove to be excellent allies against cavernous veno-occlusive dysfunctions. For those who don't know what we're talking about, it is enough to know that they cause the (most known) cases of erectile dysfunction. 

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory property possessed by omega 3 acids, it is possible to reduce cases or prevent them.

Omega 3 and omega 6: be careful not to confuse them!

If you are wondering what are the contraindications of omega 3 we immediately want to reassure you. The only problems related to their intake are due to an incorrect association with their omega 6 relatives. 

Be careful not to confuse them! These are always fatty acids but opposites and with completely different functions. While omega 3s are anti-inflammatory on the one hand, omega 6s are pro-inflammatory on the other: consequently, if they coexist unbalanced, problems can arise. That's why controlling your diet becomes essential to create a balance between the two types of fatty acids and get the best of both. 

In search of a healthy balance, remember that omega 6s are found in types of oil, such as corn or sunflower oil, nuts and various types of dried fruit, including almonds and pistachios. 

Some final advice

We talked for a long time about omega 3: sexual benefits, foods in which to find them and advantages for the body. But we also want to give you further advice: eliminate food from your tables that is really not good for your health.

In fact, some types of cooking tend to decrease the effectiveness of the fatty acids. For example, frying. It should not be abused, especially when cooking fish. Better to spend a few more minutes in the kitchen but preparing healthy recipes.

So, absolutely yes to omega 3 on the table. But, if the foods that contain it are not to your liking or you have particular intolerances, you can also choose to take specific supplements that are found in capsules and guarantee the right amount of omega 3. They are over-the-counter products and therefore easy to find , but it is always advisable to seek the advice of the doctor before buying them.

One thing is certain: to make a change in your life and ensure increasing well-being, omega 3s must never be missing! So, when you go shopping, remember to stock them in your cart.