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Anyone who is attentive to their health needs knows well that vitamin supplements they are that plus that gives well-being and serenity.

Today we talk about vitamin D, the so-called sun vitamin. You don't know why he was given this name? We explain it to you!

But that's not all: we want to explore together the importance of vitamin D in our body and its healthy properties and then tell you about the best vitamin D supplement currently on the market.

If you're ready, let's get started right away. Enjoy the reading!

Vitamin D: the sunshine vitamin

That vitamin D is important is a fact. But do you know all its benefits?

Let's start immediately by revealing why it is associated with the sun. Vitamin D is synthesized by our body by exploiting the absorption of sunlight by the skin. This process is crucial above all for bone health (and not only that!), but it must also be facilitated by us to have all the positive effects that are good for health.

We can take it in two ways:

  1. diet. Foods such as milk and derivatives, or with proteins of animal origin or through cod liver oil; 
  2. Sun. When the sun's rays reach the skin, a synthesis takes place which produces vitamin D naturally.

And then? There are vitamin D supplements, which help maximize the action of these two modes just described and ensure that the body can benefit from all the power of this very important vitamin. But before understanding which is the best vitamin D supplement, let's do a brief summary of the beneficial properties of the vitamin of the sun.

The benefits of vitamin d

What is Vitamin D used for?

In summary, here are its main properties:

  • Our body cannot do without it as it allows us to absorb other minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, useful for the formation of bones and teeth.
  • It helps regulate some functions of the body, such as those related to the central nervous system and the immune system.
  • Its action is also beneficial for arteries and kidneys.
  • It protects the heart and prevents some cardiovascular diseases.
  • It improves muscle functions and prevents pathologies related to cartilage and muscles.

Not bad, right? All in one simple vitamin that can be found in many ways!

If you don't know in which foods it is contained, you are in the right place. Let's see together the foods rich in vitamin D that should never be missing in your home.

Vitamin d: foods

best vitamin d supplement

To meet vitamin D needs, we can't just lie in the sun hoping to absorb all the necessary amount. Even nutrition must play its part with foods that are rich in it and therefore must be integrated into the daily diet.

Which ones are they? Definitely fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel and sardines.

Then there's milk with its derivatives, yoghurt, butter, cod liver oil and eggs. And of course the vegetables, although in this case there are fewer possibilities. Opt for leafy greens like Swiss chard, or buy broccoli and kale.

Do you like mushrooms? Then you have the green light to eat large quantities of them, because they are among the foods richest in vitamin d2 (or ergocalciferol).

Best vitamin d supplement

To the benefits of the sun's rays and a diet based on foods with a lot of vitamin D, it is also necessary to add supplements. As we have repeatedly told you, these are not food substitutes but products that amplify the action of the vitamin and allow the body to benefit from it even in periods of the year when it is scarce, such as in winter, where the exposure to sunlight is very minimal and there is a risk of a vitamin d3 deficiency.

Vitamin D supplement: if you type it on Google or other search engines, one of the most popular brands of products that the Internet sends you back is linked to the brand Glory Feel. And so here is the best vitamin D supplement whose benefits and functions we want to describe to you.

GloryFeel Vitamin D3

A practical tablet format and all the strength of vitamin D: this is what you will buy with this product and what you will give to your body. 

The only ingredient you need is cholecalciferol, or vitamin d3 capable of accelerating the process of absorbing the sun's rays and helping you to release more vitality and energy.

Bones, teeth and muscles are strengthened and even the immune system tends to reinvigorate itself through the constant use of vitamin D supplements.

Within range Glory Feel there are different types of products, some of which exploit the power of multivitamin mixes, such as those that combine the action of vitamin k2, which activates osteocalcin, the hormone with the function of depositing calcium in the correct way in the system bone and teeth and making sure it doesn't end up in the arteries instead.

best vitamin d supplement

Why choose GloryFeel vitamin d supplement

If someone told you that one supplement is as good as another rest assured they didn't know what they were talking about!

Each range of products has its own characteristics and often your choice must also be based on other important factors that go beyond the ingredients alone. We are talking about quality factors, which elevate one product rather than another and make it the top of its range.

This is why we chose GloryFeel, since it meets the quality standards we have set ourselves.

Here's what they are:

  • suitable for everyone because it is lactose and gluten free;
  • clinically tested, but not on animals;
  • natural product because without artificial flavors and GMOs.

In addition, it has an excellent quality/price ratio. Its box contains about 200 tablets and if you think that one a day is enough, you can ensure a 7-month supply with just one pack.

Vitamin D deficiency: how to avoid it?

Why should GloryFeel never be missing at home? To prevent our body from suffering the negative effects of a vitamin D deficiency.

Recall that vitamin D is produced by the body for 90% through exposure to the sun and for the remaining 10% from foods that contain it. And what happens when in winter when you don't have the correct daily intake? 

Assuming that it is necessary to take at least 200 units a day in childhood and from 400 upwards in adulthood, it is natural to ask what consequences an unavoidable vitamin D deficiency can cause in certain periods of the year.

Bad bone calcification, malfunction of some organs, muscle weakness are some of the probable symptoms that a lack of it causes in the body.

In children, rickets and bone fragility can be encountered, but also a weakening of the immune system and a greater risk of contracting viruses and bacteria.

In adults, cases of osteoporosis, risk of fractures and abdominal pain are known.

That's why vitamin D is a precious ally to always keep with you, even in the form of a supplement. And what better vitamin D supplement than GloryFeel?

Practical, natural and economical: the ideal choice for those who take care of their body and that of their loved ones.