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Wrong microblading? After years of thin eyebrows, when Cara Delevigne finally launched the "thick" trend, many of us found ourselves with the problem of eyebrows that no longer grew, had taken on a shape we didn't like, or had empty patches.

There were many solutions, from pencil to dye, until microblading arrived on the market, a treatment that many hailed as miraculous. However, even if miraculous, it is still a treatment. As in many other cases, the risk of ending up with incorrect microblading is always around the corner.

And this is exactly what we decided to talk to you about in this article!

Why are eyebrows so important to our appearance?

Let's start by analyzing a truly fundamental aspect that will help us understand the reason for the growing popularity of this new technique, and above all why it is absolutely essential to correct incorrect microblading. We are talking about the importance of eyebrows for our face.

Perhaps not everyone knows, in fact, that eyebrows do not perform a merely aesthetic function, or at least not in the strictest sense of the term. This part of our face, in fact, has a decidedly fundamental role from many points of view

Anti age

When the eyebrows are well shaped and thick, you have a definition of the look whose optical effect - yes, a bit like makeup! – is to make it appear “taller”. Therefore, similarly to what happens with eyeliner, whose tail must always be turned upwards to open and illuminate the gaze, eyebrows also have the power to make us appear younger.

Beautiful even without makeup

A pair of thick and well-groomed eyebrows, i.e. which have been given the right shape, and which have been well defined and combed, allow you to appear tidy and well-groomed even when you are not wearing any make-up. Of course, they require some maintenance! But it's a great time saver if you consider that with microblading you only have to deal with it once every six months at most.

Enhance your gaze

The reason why eyebrows are not the same for everyone (this applies to natural ones as well as the shapes most suitable for each of us) is that every look is different and unique. The eyebrows, in particular, contribute to giving greater or lesser intensity to the gaze, expertly modulating the balance of the face.

Correct imperfections

Want to know a fun fact? The eyebrows must be symmetrical but never the same. Why? Because this is also how our face (and our whole body) is in a balance that is part of everyone's charm. It is a symmetry that can therefore correct any defects by shifting the focus to the gaze. Treatments such as microblading are also useful, for example, for correcting any asymmetries of the eyebrows themselves, such as when they are too low and make the eyes appear sunken, or when they are too spaced apart giving the characteristic "fish" appearance.

Work on the shape of the face

wrong microblading

As we said, working expertly on the eyebrows allows you to change the entire balance of the face, to the delight of those who complain of not having a perfect oval, of having a nose that is too big, etc. For example, those with the classic elongated face will benefit from an eyebrow shape like Cara Delevigne, which tends to be straight and thick. While those with a round face acquire dynamism and volume - round faces tend to appear flat - with gull-wing eyebrows like the famous Audrey Hepburn.

What is microblading

Microblading is a treatment that corrects eyebrow blemishes, ideal for enhancing the look and giving a new shape to your face. It is performed with a particular technique which involves making small superficial cuts into which pigment is inserted.

Thanks to the fact that the pen with which microblading is performed is extremely thin, and so are the blades, microblading allows you to work with great precision both to fill the gaps in the eyebrows and to correct their shape in a natural way, for example by modifying the superciliary arch.

One of the main differences compared to permanent make-up is precisely this extreme precision, which is accompanied by the fact that the treatment is delicate and non-invasive, with an extremely natural appearance. For the same reason it is possible to see the effects of microblading after four days and not before, and it is almost always advisable to repeat the treatment within a year.

Microblading: costs and maintenance

Microblading costs between 100 and 500 euros, depending on your needs and the beauty center chosen. It may seem expensive, it's true, but most people who approach microblading have already tried all the other temporary techniques, and know that, in the long run, it's a great saving.

Of course, when we evaluate whether microblading is expensive, we must also consider how long the treatment lasts and, therefore, how often we should do maintenance. In the worst case scenario, microblading maintains maximum pigmentation for about three months. However, a lot depends on the characteristics of each one. There are quite a few who return to repeat the treatment after six months or even a year.

Who is microblading suitable for? And does it hurt?

Let's start with the second question: absolutely not. It is not a painful treatment and, above all, it is not a treatment harmful to your health. But, there is a but: it is advisable to turn to qualified and possibly experienced professionals. The risk, in fact, is that cuts are made too deep, creating layers of dead skin which, when detached, take away part of the pigment. For the same reason, as with tattoos, at least for the first few days it is advisable to protect the area by applying Vaseline.

As for the effects of microblading, this is absolutely suitable for those who have naturally sparse eyebrows. Or to those who have always thinned them and have now realized that they no longer grow. But not only that, because, as we have already said, with microblading it is also possible to correct defects such as asymmetric eyebrows or an arch that does not enhance the eyes enough. Generally speaking: this is a treatment suitable for anyone who wastes precious minutes every morning tidying up their eyebrows.

Wrong microblading: the causes

Unfortunately, as we said at the beginning, it is also possible to stumble upon incorrect microblading. The reasons can be the most varied, but we must not despair, because for every problem there is a correction. Let's analyze them together:

  • Operator error: unfortunately, even in renowned beauty centers, it happens that we come across professionals who are not yet sufficiently expert and can make mistakes. The result is finding yourself with different eyebrows, or a different color than the desired one.
  • Unsuitable skin: Some have skin that can't be treated with microblading, or at least not right away. In particular, if the skin it is greasy and oily, or on the contrary if it is too dry and stressed, it is necessary to proceed with a regulating treatment before being able to undergo microblading, or the pigmentation will not have the desired effects. Normally it is the operator who has to notice the problem, but it may happen that this does not happen.

Wrong microblading: how to fix it?

The first piece of good news is that, whatever the error, microblading is not a completely permanent treatment, so the effects will tend to fade naturally. If, however, you just can't wait - some errors really become very evident, to the point of making us very insecure - it is possible to correct or remove it.

First of all, an expert dermopigmentist knows techniques to camouflage and cover all errors in shape and color, working on the previous treatment to lighten or darken it until it is completely eliminated (at least in appearance). But be careful: before proceeding with the correction it is necessary to wait for the skin to heal completely from the incisions, which requires you to wait at least 40 days.

As for removal, there are two methods to proceed: the laser, the same used to remove tattoos, and salicylic acid, which is injected into the area until the color is "eaten". Both are equally effective, and the choice depends only on how glaring the problem is.

Our final verdict on microblading (wrong)

What did we learn with this article? That the shape of the eyebrows is really much more important than we tend to think.

And, of course, we have also talked at length about the effects of incorrect microblading, and perhaps this can mislead you about the safety and effectiveness of this treatment. In truth, microblading is almost always safe, and above all it is one of the best treatments you can choose for your eyebrows.

It is, in fact, a delicate, non-invasive technique, and above all with an absolutely natural result. It is able to correct the look and give a new face that you would be absolutely surprised by. And all without being excessively flashy.

Of course, mistakes can happen but, as you have seen, they are not difficult to correct. The important thing is therefore to choose the right professional, and discuss the technique and effects at length before deciding to proceed.

So, aren't you eager to try this new treatment?