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More and more common in our society are sexual dysfunctions. We talk very little about it, we tend to hide the problem, and sharing it with someone is often considered a shame. 

In short, a real taboo. But if there were more information on the subject it would be clear to everyone that it is a common problem because it depends on the frenetic pace that life confronts us with and therefore in most cases everything can be solved with natural remedies.

Today we focus on three points: the role of supplements in improving some male dysfunctions, the importance of the hormone known as testosterone, and the possibility of resolving erection-related discomforts.

Supplements, testosterone, erection are therefore the topics on which this article will revolve in order to easily understand that often the most complicated situations are actually also the simplest to analyze. 

Sexual dysfunctions: causes and remedies

Sexual dysfunctions are a common problem for both men and women, although they come in different forms. In both cases, the causes can stem from physical problems and medical conditions, such as heart disease and hormonal imbalances, or from psychological problems, such as anxiety, depression and the effects of past traumas. But there may also be underlying causes of a social nature.

They can strike at any age, although it is more common that they first appear in people over 40 because it is often related to a decline in health associated with aging. 

Leaving aside the physical problems that are not within our competence (always contact your doctor!), we want to deepen the discourse related to the psychological and social causes that have much simpler solutions that are within everyone's reach. What are the main ones?

  • stress and anxiety due to the work situation
  • worries about the inability to handle the intimate relationship
  • relationship marital problems
  • depressive states
  • low self-esteem and lack of acceptance of one's body
  • past traumas
  • guilt feelings

Since we are dealing with emotional conditions, it is possible to intervene with apparently trivial methods, such as supplements natural, proven effective and without contraindications.

Supplements and their 360-degree action

If the consequences of these dysfunctions do not allow us to live peacefully, also affecting couple relationships, it is necessary to intervene immediately. The longer it is postponed, the more the problem creates discomfort in the person and in the partner.

Lack of libido, performance anxiety and dissatisfaction are just some of the repercussions that over time can only get worse if you don't become aware of the problem. And today it is not complicated to look for "confidential" solutions, to be managed independently.

In fact, there are supplements, in capsules, drops or sachets, which act from within and increase virility. Ginseng from Peru, Maca, Goji Berries, Ashwagandha: they are all herbs that contribute to the well-being of the person and which, due to their regenerating, aphrodisiac, energizing and relaxing properties, are used to make these natural 100% compounds. 

It goes without saying that everyone must first understand the cause of their problem and then choose the right supplement. But you don't need a doctor's prescription or even a specialist visit (at least when you are sure that the problem is not related to physical causes).

Effective at any age, they improve not only the private but also the social quality of life, because negative emotional states disappear and one feels good, inside and out. 

Testosterone and hormone system

It is therefore clear that sexual supplements increase desire, reduce anxiety and give energy. 

But they also intervene on the hormonal component. Unfortunately, some dysfunctions can be related to testosterone. Low levels of estrogen and testosterone can cause a decrease in libido.

Male virility supplements also intervene on the decrease in testosterone production when the causes are related to lifestyle, food style and emotional states.

The most suitable in this case are the supplements that contain vitamin D, which naturally determines the increase of the male hormone. Along with supplements, to control testosterone production, you should pay attention to the foods you eat. Some tend to hinder hormone production, while others help stimulate it.

Here are some: eggs, mushrooms and onions, extra virgin olive oil and parsley. We're sure you didn't know this aspect, right? Seeing is believing!

When erection becomes a problem do supplements help?

The loss of desire is often accompanied by other related problems. For this reason, supplements for erection were also born, which focus precisely on the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Plants such as ginseng and Maca have the ability to intervene on blood pressure, thus helping to influence the quality of erections.

So the answer is Yes: supplements help in case of erectile dysfunction, but they are not enough by themselves. So let's find out how to increase their effectiveness.

How to increase the action of supplements

Supplements, testosterone, erection: we have addressed each of these factors point by point to fully understand how to improve the intimate life of a couple.

supplements, testosterone, erection

Yet there is a fourth fundamental point which must not be overlooked in order to have a complete picture. We must not indulge in the idea that only supplements do the work, but we must act personally on our own lives. As?

  • Improving nutrition. In addition to prefer some food that has the appointment of increase libido, it is important that the diet is balanced and healthy. So don't forget to include foods with few calories but rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in your daily planner.
  • Doing sports. The muscles of the body must be constantly trained to increase physical resistance and always feel fit.
  • Looking for relaxation. Anxiety and stress must be fought with practices that stimulate our attention, our pleasure and help distract us from those problems that can generate restlessness. 

Taking supplements but then continuing to live with wrong and harmful habits risks compromising results and even worsening moods. 

So take note of the advice received so far: this is the first step in taking action, also learning to love yourself more and love yourself no matter what.