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One of the recurring problems in married life concerns sexual dysfunctions. Whether it is a discomfort experienced by a woman or a man, it has inevitable consequences not only in the sexual sphere but also in family life. The reason why they should never be underestimated is that if they are not resolved they can also damage the stability of the relationship and even lead to a breakup.

But fortunately there are practical and quick solutions that do not necessarily involve the use of drugs. We are talking about very useful natural supplements taken in case of need and without any contraindications.

So let's find out which are the best sexual supplements for men, deepening the question related to the causes that lead to a decrease in desire and going specifically to analyze the different types of products on the market to understand which one to choose.

If you're ready, let's enter the male panorama right away to dedicate him a precious space to start living peacefully again. 

Supplements and sexual dysfunctions

The male libido is not as obvious and always present as we usually think. It can fail at any time and at any age and does not necessarily depend on specific pathologies (whose treatment is the responsibility of the general practitioner).

When this happens you shouldn't panic but resort to a quick and very simple solution: sexual supplements. Since they are not exactly medicines but natural-based products, they do not cause side effects and are not invasive for the body. 

But they are instead perfect for solving problems of sexual dysfunction, whatever their origin. They have an energizing action and promote excitement through the effectiveness of the plant extracts with which they are made. 

Curious to find out which are the best male sexual supplements? Before delving into the types, however, let's try to understand where these discomforts come from in order to understand how to treat them appropriately.

Causes of low male desire

A decrease in sexual desire is natural in some moments of a man's life. We reassure you right away that it's not always pathological, but it's often associated with a particularly difficult phase that you're experiencing and which involves discomfort to be sought first in the emotional sphere than in the physical one.

best sex supplements for men

So how to pinpoint the trigger? Just analyze your life and see just one of these factors:

  • Unhealthy lifestyle. Stress, fatigue, anxiety are all signs of malaise that also negatively affect the sexual sphere. 
  • Inability to live the relationship. Low self-esteem and insecurities do not help interpersonal relationships. These discomforts are also reflected in intimacy and can lead to low desire and performance anxiety.
  • Using drugs or alcohol. They almost completely inhibit desire and accentuate the emotional discomfort of men with mood swings and hormonal imbalance.
  • Worries and sorrows. This is the most common reason that can be decisive in generating serious problems for the couple who are unable to manage them adequately. 

Whether it's a social, personal or psychological factor, there's nothing to be afraid of: science has made great strides in solving sexual dysfunctions and has managed to develop five types of supplements to choose from. Let's find out together what they are in this list. 

Erectile dysfunction supplements: types and indications

The best male sexual supplements promote sexual well-being by using the properties of the herbs used to make them. By counteracting forms of tiredness and stress and stimulating desire, they manage to improve erectile dysfunction from within.

Let's try to divide them by category, in order to understand which product may be more specific for you and which advantages can be obtained.

Supplements that stimulate testosterone production

They serve to increase man's testosterone production by acting in an absolutely natural way. To carry out this type of action, which affects the endogenous production of the hormone, they make use of natural ingredients such as Miura Puama bark extract, which has had the known power of increasing virility since ancient times.

Supplements that increase the testosterone they are also made with arginine, selenium and vitamins.

Stimulating and energizing supplements

This type of sexual supplements is used for the tonic-energizing effect that it manages to stimulate in men. In practice they can intervene to increase both concentration and performance, bringing back lost vitality.

Therefore they serve to combat tired conditions, facilitate blood flow and stimulate pleasure. Among the ingredients there are Ginseng, taurine, arginine, citrulline and Guarana.

Aphrodisiac supplements

An energizing and stimulating power is also given by this category of sexual supplements for men, who can immediately notice a significant increase in libido. More virility does not only mean better sexual performance but also widespread physical and mental well-being.

The formulation of these supplements includes herbs, natural extracts and roots such asAshwagandha, Gingko biloba, Peruvian Ginseng or Maca.

Antioxidant supplements

The antioxidant type is useful for various reasons that also contribute to improving the sexual sphere of man. They counteract aging and the formation of free radicals and due to this ability they can also act on fertility as well as on desire. 

retardant supplements

Finally, the last group of supplements includes those with a delaying action that work against premature ejaculation. Formulated only with natural ingredients, they do not generate side effects such as possible allergic phenomena, but are very delicate and are suitable for everyone.

They contain valerian, linden and passion flower, which are plants known for the calming effect they determine in those who take them regularly when suffering from anxiety and stress (also as a cause of sexual dysfunction) or, specifically, from performance anxiety.

How to choose the best male sexual supplements

After getting to know the different types of sexual supplements closely, you need to understand which one to choose.

What are the best male sexual supplements? There is no single answer to this question but it is possible to make an informed choice based on everyone's needs and the origin of the problem.

Furthermore, you can also decide based on the format on the market. There are capsules, ointments and sachets to dissolve in water.

In short, there are several options and they are all very valid. So all that remains is to become aware of the problem and remedy it without postponing or pretending nothing happened. We have given you the solutions: now it's your turn to take care of yourself and your life as a couple.