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If your goal is to lose weight, the ketogenic diet is the solution to your problems. Simple, good and above all effective. The foods are varied and the portions will not leave you hungry. It's about that diet that many have now learned to appreciate and that even doctors recommend to get back in shape. 

But as in any diet, precise indications must be followed, both in terms of duration and quantity, in order not to alter the person's state of health, run into contraindications or cancel out the expected benefits.

Today we want to accompany you on this journey: we will help you make an appropriate shopping list and give you tips on how to distribute food in the various main meals of the day. 

Ketogenic diet example: you can follow it or take a cue to start your diet. If you are ready, let's start immediately to understand how to activate the ketosis. Don't remember what ketosis is? Follow us and we'll dust your memory on the subject.

The ketogenic diet and its effects on the body

Let's start with the key concepts of the keto diet. Everything revolves around the word ketosis. Raise your hand if you've never heard of it! With arrogance it has become part of our vocabulary and is a clear concept for those who aim to lose weight and do it in a short time.

Ketosis is a metabolic state that allows our body to use fat reserves to obtain energy, therefore without using sugars and carbohydrates. How is it activated? The secret is to limit carbohydrates. 

It's not a question of eliminating them altogether, but of consuming them in very small quantities for a greater supply of protein and good fats. 

Weight loss must always be related to the person's physique, metabolism and health. This is why it is important to first have a precise diagnosis from the doctor and then start the diet aware that it will not have negative effects on your body. 

Therefore, if there are no physical conditions that prevent a change of diet, you can proceed with the first step: buy the permitted foods. You may ask: what does it mean admitted? Exactly it means that there are foods that cannot be consumed during the ketogenic diet otherwise ketosis would be nullified.

Shall we go to the supermarket to do the shopping? Follow us!

Before starting, go shopping: what to buy to activate ketosis?

When we find ourselves in front of supermarket shelves we are tempted by many products. How many times do we fill the shopping cart with products that we don't really need? Well, if you want to take the ketogenic diet seriously, you have to pay attention to these things and limit yourself to buying only what you can actually eat. You will have two advantages: you will make more targeted purchases and you will spend less!

But what to buy then? 

Yes to meat, fish, cheese, vegetables.

No to cereals, potatoes, legumes, sweets, snacks, sugary drinks, ready-to-eat and processed foods.

A separate discussion should be dedicated to fruit. It is said to be healthy and good for diet. These statements are partially true, but if we take the ketogenic diet as a point of reference, this is not exactly the case. 

In fact, some fruits, due to their highly sugary component, are to be avoided or limited during the dietary process. Which? 

  • dates, 
  • figs, 
  • grape, 
  • mango, 
  • cherry,
  • banana, 
  • mandarin, 
  • apple, 
  • melon,
  • watermelon, 
  • strawberry and red fruits

On the other hand, avocados, blueberries and oranges can be purchased above all. And for the condiments? Extra virgin olive oil and all kinds of spices and aromas are fine. 

Example ketogenic diet: menu and portions to follow

Here we are with our example: ketogenic diet and ketosis will become two concepts that are easy to apply by following these practical tips and understanding how to distribute food during the main meals. 

Let's start with breakfast, an essential meal to recharge your batteries and face daily challenges. Then we will go into lunch and dinner, without forgetting the moments of the break with various and obligatory snacks, which should never be skipped so as not to decrease the effectiveness of the diet.


Upon awakening we often feel hunger pangs. This doesn't mean that you have to exaggerate and overeat, but choose what to eat in moderation and start the day with gusto.

White yogurt is an excellent choice: you can buy the jar of whole white Greek yogurt which is also tasty, but remember not to buy the type with added fruit. 

Do you like eggs? You can make them scrambled or in an omelette (without adding too much oil) and with the addition of protein toppings, such as cheese or cured meats.

For those who love sweet flavors, our advice is the blueberry pancake, but without sprinkling the icing sugar on top!

Then turkey breast and bresaola, squares of cheese, or an avocado are also good.


For lunch you have to choose on the basis of different options that can be alternated throughout the week. 

As meat prefer chicken breast, lamb, beef, pork steak.

The ideal fish in the keto diet is cod (excellent if grilled!), but you can also choose salmon and prawns. Watch out for condiments: use lemon and calmly add parsley and mint which have no contraindications.

Eggs to taste, accompanied by lettuce salads, cucumbers, spinach, peppers, radicchio or courgettes, even grilled.

And the cheeses? Clearly admitted in the keto diet, they can be introduced as a first course instead of meat or fish, but without exaggerating. 


The choices reserved for dinner are the same as for lunch. You can therefore prepare meat, fish or eggs as you like, but perhaps using different cooking methods to vary the menu. 

The recommended cooking methods are baked, grilled, steamed. However, frying should be strictly avoided.

Learn to play with your daily meal planner: if you ate scrambled eggs or omelette for breakfast or lunch, prefer meat or fish for dinner and vice versa.

Any tips for our ketogenic diet example? Grilled chicken breast with spinach salad, grilled steak accompanied by cucumber and cherry tomato salad, baked salmon and grilled vegetables. 

Snack and snack

example ketogenic diet

Assuming that meals must never be skipped, we can say that snacks are not optional in the ketogenic diet. Indeed, they play a fundamental role in helping not to arrive hungry at the table. 

Let's immediately discard packaged snacks and sweets which, in addition to making you fat, are not even healthy from a nutritional point of view. 

Here's what you can eat instead without worrying about getting out of ketosis:

  • Parmesan Cheese
  • dried ham 
  • avocado
  • plain or greek yogurt
  • dried fruit
  • celery and cheese

Don't forget to take them with you when you're away from home so you don't find yourself unprepared during breaks at work or at the gym. 

Mid-morning or mid-afternoon can be alternated without particular indications.

Tips for a successful keto diet

We have therefore provided you with a simple and easy example: ketogenic diet and ketosis, however, must be respected every day to get results.

So it's not enough to enter ketosis and hope to stay there forever. Always be careful to avoid going overboard all the time. 

The keto diet also has solutions for those who often eat away from home or have recurrences in which it is impossible to follow the instructions provided. Rotisserie and fried foods should certainly be avoided in this case too, but there is no need to go fast for fear of ruining all the progress achieved up to that moment. 

Choose grilled meat or fish, cured meats, cheeses, light condiments and natural water. Spirits and sugary drinks, on the other hand, are always enemies of any diet. 

Any final advice? Remember to always chew slowly to better assimilate food, drink lots of water, practice regular sporting activity and don't let yourself be tempted by gluttony. Sudden attacks of hunger should be treated by assimilating foods such as cucumbers and fennel. 

By following these tips and not improvising, you can get surprising results even quickly.