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There are many questions that revolve around the product now known to solve digestive problems called "Enterogermina swelling".

Does it make you lose weight? Does it cause constipation? It really works for the swollen belly?

And here we have decided to dedicate ourselves to the study of this product to understand its effectiveness and characteristics and give you the answers you are looking for.

So let's start with a broad overview of Enterogermina swelling to highlight all its facets and then we dedicate a separate chapter to Enterogermina swelling reviews, to find out what people think about it and if they recommend it to those with swelling problems or invite them to choose others products.

Enterogermina bloating: say goodbye to bloated belly

As can be seen from its name, Enterogermina swelling is specific for those who suffer from a swollen belly. 

The brand is known for its very effective products against intestinal disorders: from abdominal pain to diarrhea, from sluggish intestines to bloating. Its objective is in any case to favor a balance of bacterial flora, then branching out throughout its line to treat specific sectors. 

Enterogermina swelling falls into the category of food supplements based on probiotics, digestive enzymes and plant extracts.

Each of its ingredients is formulated in such a way as to guarantee enormous benefits to the body and a newfound intestinal well-being. Let's find out more closely:

  • Probiotics: due to their ability to rebalance the bacterial flora, they are used in products that treat the disturbed intestinal part.
  • Digestive enzymes: promote the breakdown, absorption and assimilation of nutrients contained in food.
  • Plant extracts: mint and coriander are used to regulate intestinal motility, eliminate excess gas, promote carbohydrate metabolism.

The combined action of these factors shakes the intestine and helps it to deflate the belly more quickly.

Enterogermina swelling: your questions

enterogermina bloating reviews

As promised, after having understood what Enterogermina bloating is and what its benefits are in the intestine, let's now move on to the questions of many of you who are confused and would like to clarify the world of the supplement to make it an ally against intestinal disorders and especially against the swollen belly.

Enterogermina bloating causes constipation?

No, Enterogermina bloating does not cause constipation. In fact, the vegetable extracts contained in it, in particular that of coriander, facilitate intestinal motility and in addition to deflating the belly, improve digestive processes without causing other collateral disorders.

Does swelling Enterogermina make you lose weight?

No, Enterogermina swelling has no effect on weight loss. Someone mistakenly thinks that deflating the belly means losing weight, but that's not the case at all. The supplement acts on the excess air and not on the kilos, therefore the weight will remain unchanged and to bring it down it will be necessary to act through an ad hoc diet.

Enterogermina swelling price: is it worth it?

Yes, Enterogermina swelling is convenient and has an excellent quality/price ratio. The difference in prices is linked to its format: you can find the type that contains 10/20 sachets or the double format with 40 sachets, which is even more advantageous.

In any case, the Enterogermina food supplement does not have prices that fluctuate particularly and are almost the same both in pharmacies and on the web, even more discounted offers are often found in online stores that must not be missed.

Enterogermina swelling: does it really work?

We have deliberately left this question for last which on balance is the most important for the purpose of the purchase. But there is a precise reason: the effectiveness is given by the people who have really tried Enterogermina swelling. Clinical trials are only important in the experimental phase, but then it is in everyday reality that results are seen or flops are admitted.

So we don't want to give you obvious answers, perhaps the result of marketing research, but we connect you directly with those who, like you, had problems related to abdominal swelling and found the solution in the product in question.

Enterogermina swelling reviews: here is the part you were waiting for to know the feedback that will help you make an informed decision.

Enterogermina swelling reviews: your opinions

Before buying, if you still have doubts, read what people think:

Pleasant taste and excellent value for money

Great product, I've already bought it other times and I had a great time and already in a week I noticed its effect

Swelling gone already on the second sachet! A feeling of pleasant abdominal lightness! Good Peach Flavor! Just mix well to melt the powder and you're done! Used for several days, it does its job and regulates intestinal transit, even the lazy one


They worked great for me, I don't know exactly why but my belly deflated completely. The results didn't come in the first few days but after completing a 10/12 day cycle

Sachets to dissolve in water, good taste, I think they work. I have been taking them for a month and have seen significant improvements. It is a product that I would recommend!

Really great product that does its job. Got it at a great price. After a week you can already feel the difference. Pleasant taste, it looks like peach tea. One negative thing is that it's a bit obnoxious to dissolve…but otherwise it's the best

The sachets do their duty and in addition they are good to drink!!

Good flavour, good value

ANDnterogermina swelling has helped me since the first sachets and now it's never again without!!!

Does what it promises!

I recommend Enterogermina swelling, after a few days you can immediately see the benefits! The flavor is good! 

Enterogermina swelling negative reviews

You may be wondering: are they all positive opinions? Well of course some negative feedback has been given but it is a very low and irrelevant percentage.

Almost all people who criticize the product report complaints about the texture after it dissolves in water (they think it stays gritty) or complain that they have a hard time dissolving it properly.

In some rare cases then they had higher expectations than expected and were a bit disappointed.

In any case, in the light of what has been said, we give it 5 stars and we are sure that it is an excellent remedy for a swollen belly to be absolutely tried and judged only after the treatment. 

Do you still have concerns about Enterogermina swelling? Also consult your trusted doctor for further explanations, but do not let abdominal swelling make you uncomfortable and compromise your daily activities.