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More and more often we hear about eye contour cream: but what is it for and why is it so important?

Today we want to focus on a cosmetic reserved for preserving the delicacy of the eye contour area, which is particularly sensitive and delicate, to fully understand its peculiarities and therefore find out how to make the right choice at the time of purchase.

It is now to all intents and purposes a product that cannot and must not be missing from every woman's beauty case: let's see immediately why.

Eye contour cream: what is it for?

The area surrounding the eyes, commonly known as the eye contour area, is the one most subject to the signs of aging. Indeed, it is here that the first wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and all the signs that make the face look very tired are formed.

It is therefore essential to take appropriate precautions to protect it from the ravages of time. How? There is an eye contour cream which, applied consistently and in the right way, can really make a difference. 

So do you have to wait for the first wrinkles to appear before you start using it? Not at all: you can start using it even from the age of 20, for preventive and nutritional purposes. 

The functions of an eye contour cream

eye contour cream

So here we are at the central point of the matter: the benefits of an eye contour cream.

Here they are in summary:

  • Keeps the skin more hydrated;
  • Gives elasticity;
  • It has an emollient action;
  • It has effects as an antioxidant;
  • Nourishes but without greasing;
  • Protects from external agents;
  • Prevents age-related signs.

Depending on its ingredients it can also improve circulation, eliminate bags under the eyes and de-puff the eye contour area.

Eye contour cream or face cream?

For some, one cream is as good as another and so you risk identifying even the usual face cream with the eye contour cream, doing great damage to your face. Ignorance on the subject is given by the fact that many use a single cream for the entire surface, without considering that the area around the eye is very sensitive and requires reserved care with specific products. 

So you have to learn to manage the two parts separately, avoiding putting the face cream in an area easily irritable and prone to tearing. 

Eye contour creams have a delicate formulation that does not cause inflammation and are rich in nourishing, anti-ageing and antioxidant ingredients, capable of protecting and reactivating microcirculation and limiting the stagnation of liquids.

How to apply eye contour cream

At the time of application, however, the first problems arise around the eye contour cream: where do you put it? How? at what time of the day? How do I know if I'm doing something wrong?

In short, even here having more information would help more to take care of your face and therefore we want to analyze the steps point by point to apply it in the right way.

  1. Don't overdo the cream

Its action does not depend on the amount of product used, so avoid exaggerating and take only a thin layer of cream to use for both eyes.

  1. Clean the affected area

As with any other cream, the affected area must be thoroughly cleaned before applying. So remember to remove make-up and cleanse your face that also includes the eye contour area.

  1. Apply the cream with your fingers

After taking a thin layer of eye contour cream, you need to apply it using your fingers, strictly clean. You should never put pressure and prefer the ring and little fingers.

  1. Tap gently

Instead of spreading the cream it is preferable to tap with the ring finger, until completely absorbed and with extreme delicacy. Another way to put the cream around the eyes is to make circular movements from the inside out. 

  1. Apply twice a day

The application must be made at least twice a day, morning and evening, to smooth the eye contour area and give greater benefits not only aesthetically, but also internally. 

Attention: the most common mistakes

For completeness of information, we also list the most common mistakes that don't allow the cream to do its job well, making the effect almost nil or in any case not very effective.

  • Apply the cream superficially and hastily;
  • Apply it only once a day;
  • Using an inappropriate cream;
  • Use an aggressive or expired cream,
  • Continue to use a cream that causes irritation.

It seems trivial, but if you don't respect these simple guidelines and avoid the most common mistakes, you only get a poor result that doesn't allow the face to be toned and smooth even around the eyes, favoring the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging, even earlier. expected.

Best eye contour cream: which one to choose?

To carefully choose the right product it is essential to also take into account some aspects, including the consistency and texture of the product (gel, serum or cream) and the ingredients that make it up, including mallow, aloe vera, gotu kola or horse chestnut for circulation or jojoba, evening primrose, rosehip, argan, sweet almond, shea or cocoa butter in case of dry skin. 

As for the typology, you need to keep in mind some details before deciding which one to choose:

The specific products for the eye contour are available in different formulations:

  • The cream is rich in ingredients that increase firmness and hydration and are aimed at fighting the signs of aging;
  • The gel is a fresh formulation, easily absorbed and light on the face;
  • Serum: has a more fluid texture, but penetrates deeper than other cream or gel products.

Based on your preferences, you can try a product on your skin and see its effects. If irritations or no repairing effect are found, then it is also appropriate to test other types that are more suited to the needs of the skin.

Eye contour cream: our advice

If you are looking for an eye contour cream and you really don't know how to orient yourself in the vast panorama of cosmetics, we give you some advice on the best-selling cream of the moment, both because it is effective and because it is delicate on the face area.

We are talking about Collistar, a concentrated serum gel ideal against bags, dark circles and all the signs of aging and tiredness. We have selected it for you as it is a product that can be applied to all skin types and contains anti-aging ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid. 

Its active ingredients take care of the skin's needs and respect the tear pH. They also smooth, hydrate, nourish and decongest the eye contour area while also acting as a preventive agent. In fact, it can be used at any age and not necessarily when the first signs of aging appear.