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Have you ever heard of magnetic false eyelashes? It is a very intriguing alternative to give the gaze greater depth and intensity.

But how do they work and how are they applied? There is still some confusion on the subject and therefore we want to answer the most common questions before knowing which are the best magnetic false eyelashes and why to use them.

Ready to start? Read carefully to the end!

Magnetic false eyelashes: what are they?

Magnetic false eyelashes are real eyelash which make use of some small magnets to be applied to the natural eyelashes. 

They are born with the aim of illuminating the gaze, but if they are not applied in the right way they can also have the opposite effect or be annoying. 

So before knowing the best ones on the market it is important to understand how they apply.

Magnetic false eyelashes: how to use them

It may seem complicated to apply magnetic false eyelashes, but with practice or with the help of an applicator everything will become easier to do even more often. 

They are made up of small bands (in cotton, plastic or silicone) with magnets that serve to make the false eyelashes adhere to the natural ones. 

The more magnets there are, the more grip you will have, but with the risk that you will feel the weight on your eyes and they will weaken if worn all day. 

The steps for the application

best magnetic false eyelashes

To apply them correctly you need to follow certain steps.

  1. Act with delicacy and making more attempts

Not always, the first few times, you will be able to apply false eyelashes on the first attempt. You need practice and consistency before you can find the right technique. 

  1. Help yourself with mascara

A good idea to make the false eyelashes adhere better to the natural ones is to first apply the mascara which will also have the double effect of making the look even more profound. 

  1. Use your fingers or plastic tweezers

It is best to use your fingers for application, or alternatively plastic tweezers to be used gently near the eye. 

  1. Place the magnetic lashes against the natural ones

The application ends when the false eyelashes adhere to the natural ones, gently placing them.

At the end of the process, you can optionally intensify the effects by applying black pencil or eyeliner.

In any case, the contrast between false eyelashes before and after is evident regardless of whether you choose the shorter or longer type of eyelashes. And then to remove them from the eyes, just rub the magnets together without using make-up removers or other products.

Best false eyelashes: how to choose?

On the market there are really types for every need or for every eye: don't you believe it? 

You can find magnetic false eyelashes with applicator, long or short band and also with eyeliner aid, which give volume or have a lengthening effect.

But the choice depends only on you and the result you want to achieve. Naturally the effect will be that of a very intense look that highlights the use of false eyelashes, but it doesn't seem exaggerated or vulgar overall. 

Let's get to know some of the best-selling brands up close and find out if they can be right for you or not.

Ardell false eyelashes

Loved by make-up artists all over the world and also used by those unfamiliar with these tools, Ardell false eyelashes are very easy to apply and hide the magnet very well.

Their strong point is not only in the application, but in the lightness: even after hours you don't feel their weight on your eyes.

False Eyelashes Essence Review

The Essence brand has created magnetic false eyelashes that are available in the volumizing or lengthening version, depending on the final effect you want to give to your eyes. It is a very simple product to use, made with synthetic material which makes it easier to apply. 

The reviews are excellent and it is one of the best sellers, also for its affordable price. 

False eyelashes reviews

But in general, is it worth using magnetic false eyelashes? And above all, do they work?

To find out, let's see what people say by directly hearing their opinions and finding out what they think of this accessory to illuminate and intensify the gaze. 

Let's start from the concept that the opinions around false eyelashes are almost entirely favorable and concern people not only beginners with magnets, but also women who over the years have tried different types of false magnetic eyelashes and therefore can make appropriate comparisons even between different brands.

So, what do female customers think in general?

Most women praise the fact that they are not annoying on them and that they can be reused without forming lumps. Indeed, they apply in no time, even if you don't have a great deal of experience with this beauty accessory. They are therefore comfortable, easy to put on, long-lasting and do not ruin the make-up. Furthermore, positive opinions are also found on the removal, because they are easily removed.

And what about the results? Well, here too there is a lot of customer satisfaction. It seems that the look with false eyelashes is splendid and absolutely natural, guaranteeing a doe-eyed look with light and very long eyelashes that give a very intense look.

In conclusion

best magnetic false eyelashes

In the light of the opinions of those who have tried magnetic false eyelashes on their eyes, we can say that they really work!

And here are the advantages found by the majority of satisfied women who continue to use them for their special occasions:

  • Design and dimensions are of every type and for every need; 
  • They give a natural effect;
  • They apply and remove with ease; 
  • The magnets are not seen;
  • They adapt to every type of eye;
  • They also last for a long time;
  • They fit well and don't hurt.

Regardless of the brand purchased, therefore, the result is a very intense but not artificial doe-like gaze. You can learn to use them even at home and without necessarily going to your trusted beautician every time.

By now the types on the market are complete with very clear instructions and applicators to facilitate even those who are not very expert and this makes them a truly essential beauty product for make-up, to be chosen both for important occasions and for every day, both day and evening, respecting the trends of the moment and giving a truly unique look.