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There are particular intimate situations in which tricks, sometimes even unusual ones, are used to increase performance and feel more virile. One of these is a solution that serves to enhance the erection. It's about baking soda. Do you know its purpose and benefits?

Today we want to dedicate ourselves to the male sexual sphere to find out if it is true that bicarbonate for an erection is an excellent alternative to viagra and sexual supplements and if it has physical consequences, and therefore perhaps it would be better to leave it alone.

Are you ready to find out more? So let's find out if this natural remedy is right for you and possibly how to use it.

Benefits and utility of bicarbonate

bicarbonate for erection

How to take care of your sex life? Sometimes it takes very little to avoid annoying and embarrassing problems with your partner which can then undermine the couple's climate.

It seems that bicarbonate can be your precious ally in this. Yes, but how? We all know that it represents one of the most common remedies for many actions to do for home care and also for dental and intimate hygiene. Let's summarize, for the uninitiated, all its benefits:

  • It is used to disinfect fruit and vegetables;
  • Excellent for oral hygiene, to whiten tissues and teeth;
  • Reduces bad smells;
  • Helps in case of digestive problems, such as reflux;
  • Facilitates digestion;
  • It is used to wash dishes and floors;
  • Facilitates cleaning of the encrusted oven.

So it is natural that in everyday life it is a great all-purpose remedy. But what does it have to do with male sex life? 

Bicarbonate for erection: why?

Some studies have shown that baking soda also has positive effects in the case of erectile dysfunction. In fact, it has often been considered one of the natural remedies to combat impotence.

And you don't need difficult instructions to use it properly: simply take it orally and wait for the result which translates into an enhancement during sexual intercourse.

But of course it is always a temporary solution that does not cure any chronic dysfunctions (to be treated by a trusted doctor) but helps those who suffer from sporadic episodes and sometimes need a little support to combat any anxious or stressful states that prevent normal functioning of the genital system.

And so far there is nothing strange that can therefore prevent the man from using baking soda for an erection. But will everything be so simple and without contraindications? Let's find out!

Contraindications: which ones and when

Since it is a very delicate subject, scientific research over the years has gone with lead feet on the subject of "bicarbonate for erection", fully verifying the value of this alternative use. The study focused above all on the search for any contraindications, given that the enhancement was an almost certain fact.

Unfortunately, there is still no evidence of possible side effects. Certainly what resulted from the tests conducted on patients aged between 50-59 with erectile dysfunction is that the active ingredients of bicarbonate created some problems. 

In summary, some of the subjects examined experienced a worsening of their situation, especially in the long term. However, this conclusion cannot be considered valid for everyone, as these subjects were also often suffering from other pathologies, such as diabetes, hypertension, renal insufficiency, anemia, and other serious tumor forms.

However, apart from these sporadic cases, there have been no other tests that have shown contraindications for the use of bicarbonate for erections.

Erectile dysfunction: natural remedies

bicarbonate for erection

The problem of sexual dysfunctions has always been known. The reasons that influence man's performance are linked to age, stress and sometimes even to a wrong diet. These are not always true pathologies and therefore it is not always necessary to resort to a doctor and medicines.

Let's see what to associate sodium bicarbonate with to amplify the results and improve one's sex life.

Erectile dysfunction: grandmother's remedies

Do grandma's remedies help? Well, there is some useful advice handed down by our grandmothers that can actually give some results. And above all they also concern the intake of some foods that are considered very aphrodisiacs:

  • Introduce garlic into the food plan, which improves circulation;
  • Drink coffee, to promote vasodilation and counteract impotence;
  • Eating dark chocolate, which releases testosterone;
  • Add chilli pepper to foods, with an aphrodisiac action;
  • Use aloe vera, with an energizing action;
  • Introduce ginseng and maca, to increase libido.

These are therefore natural remedies that can be done in everyday life to adopt a healthy lifestyle and improve the circulatory system, increasing the production of testosterone.

Erectile dysfunction: natural supplements

And among the absolutely natural remedies we can only talk about the supplements, who act in a targeted way on the problem. They are composed of substances present in nature and herbs, including lepidium or maca, which offer incredible energizing effects.

Many natural supplements are excellent for dysfunctions as they also contain arginine, which is essential for counteracting erection problems. Therefore they ensure better sexual performance, accelerate the pulse, increase libido during the sexual act.

Erectile dysfunction: erection cream

Recently introduced, creams have also come to the aid of men suffering from impotence problems. They are easy to use and have truly surprising effects thanks to the active ingredients that allow rapid absorption and instant action. They are not harmful to health and do not interact with other medicines or alcoholic beverages. 

Local application is preferred by many as a solution because it is faster and more tested than still experimental or natural techniques such as sodium bicarbonate.

Final advice

What else can be done to improve the root problem? Here are our recommendations:

  • Balanced and healthy diet;
  • Constant motor activity;
  • Fighting stress, for example with yoga;
  • Use natural supplements;
  • Always communicate with your partner so as not to raise silences which could increase couple problems.

In short, even if it is still a discomfort that men tend to hide, it is always better to talk about it to find quick and easy solutions, perhaps even testing remedies such as bicarbonate for erection, which can pleasantly surprise.