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Zzzquil nature to sleep reviews: Zzzquil is a new food supplement designed to counteract phenomena such as nocturnal insomnia, but also the simple difficulty falling asleep. These are sleep sweets, with a formulation specifically designed to make it easy and comfortable to use.

In this article we have decided to analyze these sleeping pills by zzzquil: reviews, how they work, why it is important to deal with your insomnia problems, and if there are any side effects. In short, you will discover everything, absolutely everything, on zzzquil pills. Ready? All you have to do is make yourself comfortable and take note!

Insomnia: pathological causes…

Insomnia is a problem often considered as "minor", which can depend both on bad habits related to our lifestyle, and be the indicator of some pathologies. Therefore, it is important to take this into account to check whether a medical check-up is appropriate.

Any examples? They are triggering causes of total insomnia (not being able to fall asleep throughout the night) or partial (being able to fall asleep only very late, waking up during the night, getting up much before the alarm clock without being able to fall asleep again) pathologies such as sleep apnea or even headaches and hyperthyroidism. Sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, or unsuspected causes such as dermatitis and food intolerances, as well as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

But not only. Often, in fact, insomnia is connected to pathologies related to emotional balance such as generalized anxiety and depression. Or again, that real pathology of hormonal origin which is premenstrual syndrome. Furthermore, as the pandemic has shown us, in the presence of particular stress situations the cortisol level can rise (cortisolemia) and also cause insomnia. But so does the use of some medications and ultimately aging.

…and bad habits

Then there are, as we have said, sources of insomnia which in turn find their origin in wrong habits of our lifestyle, even habits that we would never have suspected.

Any examples? Many read on their smartphone, tablet or ebook reader before falling asleep, but in truth the blue light emitted by screens stimulates wakefulness. The same can be said about the habit of watching television and, perhaps, forgetting it on. In this case, in addition to insomnia, there is a general deterioration in the quality of sleep, which needs absolute darkness and silence to fully explain its beneficial effects.

Other sources of insomnia – passing over the obvious ones such as leading a particularly stressful lifestyle – concern our digestive system. Even if we don't suffer from food intolerances or allergies, in fact, food (especially obviously what we ingest at dinner or after dinner) can have a harmful effect on our ability to fall asleep or, more often, make us wake up in the middle of the night. Pay particular attention to all heavy foods that slow down and tire the digestive process.

But also beware of sugars! This goes for desserts as well as alcohol which, being 'empty' sources of (many) calories, give us energy we definitely don't need before going to sleep.

Finally, if a particularly stressful lifestyle is certainly the cause of insomnia, a too relaxing one can be too. We also realized this during the pandemic: the body needs to "get tired" to feel the need to rest. So taking long afternoon naps, getting up late in the morning, or still not practicing enough physical activity, cause energy reserves to accumulate which then affect our need to fall asleep. 

Why it is important to take care of your own insomnia: healthier…

Insomnia, already a rather widespread disorder in itself, has experienced a considerable spread during the pandemic period, when more and more people have suffered from both night awakenings and difficulty falling asleep, also due to growing stress and anxiety.

Although its diffusion may suggest that it is a minor disorder, in reality the impairment of the quality and quantity of hours of sleep can also cause very significant consequences. Not only in terms of mental tiredness, but also of impaired metabolic functions and even the immune system.

Furthermore, in subjects who are already suffering from anxious or depressive states, lack of sleep increases the already existing problems, with a significant deterioration in the quality of life.

In short, we have talked about the pathologies that can underlie insomnia, but we can also see how insomnia itself triggers a vicious circle that worsens the same pathologies and creates new ones. A very valid reason to take care of it.

… and more beautiful

Well yes: if you don't sleep, you notice. It is during sleep that our body - and in particular our skin - is most involved in the tissue regeneration process, processing the nutrients we have ingested, feeding on the active ingredients that we have applied with our face creams, pushing the renewal process of collagen cells.

The latter, in particular, are the proteins that form a network whose task is to support the most superficial layers of our skin, therefore responsible for hydration, but also and above all for the turgid, elastic and youthful appearance of our skin.

When we don't get enough sleep – or at all – our body is unable to carry out these processes adequately, with the consequence that our appearance is affected both in the short and long term. And not only that, because insomnia causes a greater number of free radicals to be released, among the main culprits of the oxidative process which underlies cellular ageing.

In a nutshell, those who sleep little really risk suffering the phenomenon known as premature aging. And that's not just for the skin. In fact, the stress caused by insomnia pushes our body to concentrate nutrients where it deems it necessary, neglecting those non-essential parts such as nails and hair, which will therefore be weakened and could lead to falling out and thinning (hair), or breaking. more frequently.

How to take ZzzQuil nature ?

Zzzquil nature is a natural preparation to help sleep at night, formulated with ingredients that promote physical and mental relaxation. It is gluten and lactose free, and therefore also suitable for intolerant people. Each tablet contains Vitamin B6 and a quantity equal to one milligram of melatonin.

Furthermore, the formulation also contains extracts of chamomile, valerian and lavender, all ingredients known for their relaxing properties. All in a format of gummy tablets with a berry flavour.

How many ZzzQuils can you take?

It is sufficient to take one tablet a day half an hour before going to sleep and, very importantly, it does not cause drowsiness in the morning. This is a remarkable effect, since many people avoid taking melatonin due to the sense of drowsiness and lack of concentration they experience upon awakening. Apparently, however Zzzquil manages to relax without side effects. Moreover, being natural ingredients, it does not induce addiction.

Zzzquil reviews and opinions: let's hear those who have tried this sleep supplement think!

According to the opinions of those who have tried it, Zzzquil nature really seems to keep its promises. Most people have pointed out that it not only makes it easier to fall asleep, but also allows you to sleep continuously, without interruptions. It doesn't hurt that it doesn't have the classic "medicine" taste, which makes it more comfortable to take.

One of the most emphasized aspects, then, is the fact that it works very effectively on people subject to particular stress, who have recorded greater ease in falling asleep.

More rested at night, more efficient during the day

In addition to the ease of falling asleep and the fact that, as we have said, Zzzquil allows you to sleep without undergoing annoying nocturnal awakenings, people who have tried these sleeping pills have shown that they do not experience drowsiness during the day. Apparently, in fact, it is quite the opposite.

Zzzquil natura would, in fact, allow you to feel energetic and active upon awakening. Like after a good night's rest, there is a feeling of positivity, and both concentration in study and work and physical performance improve. In short, the product goes to work on all the negative effects of sleep deprivation.

Zzzquil nature: are there any contraindications?

But another positive aspect about Zzzquil: positive reviews suggest that it seems to have no contraindications on those who take it regularly. It is, in fact, a product based on natural ingredients, such as chamomile, valerian and lavender, in addition to the aforementioned melatonin and vitamin B6. Sleep aids that do not cause allergic reactions and can be taken - by consulting your doctor beforehand - even by those who are following pharmacological therapies.

However, the manufacturer does not specify whether the product can be taken by children. For this reason, it is advisable to exclude administration to minors, or consult the pediatrician also to evaluate a possible different dosage.

Another advice is to take Zzzquil natura only in case of light and occasional insomnia phenomena. If the problem persists, however, what you need to do is consult your trusted doctor to evaluate a correct therapy.