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After "crazy and desperate" months struggling with the diarrhea of my Corgi Pembroke Sandwich, the probiotic signed JAMPY – saved me.

Diarrhea in dogs.


The parents of our four-legged children are divided into two macro categories: those who know the problem and those who lie.

I belong – without any doubt – to the former.

Diarrhea is a symptom and not a disease; it can be caused by various factors: diet changes, food intolerance, ingestion (garbage - dead animals - toxic substances - objects - bones), food allergic reactions, bacterial or viral infections, parasites, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney or liver disease some drugs.

I spent a whole year questioning myself, questioning myself, comparing myself, documenting myself. Result?

Huge sense of frustration.

I tried them all but despite the analyzes and diagnostic tests I could not find out the real cause.

The spasmodic search for a diet that suited Panino was the greatest source of stress for both of them.

I removed one food, I inserted another gradually to avoid causing gastrointestinal disturbances and - again - diarrhea.

I saw Panino sad, tense, tired... I hardly recognized my messy and very sweet big dog.

One day I hit rock bottom.

While I was on the call for an interview (it was the last one, the one for which I was risking my life's position in the company I've always wanted to work for) Panino had yet another attack of acute diarrhea: it was everywhere. Literally. I won't go into details because I want you to keep reading… as stated, there is a happy ending in this story.

I continued the interview in a situation of extreme discomfort: he was crying and my pain and embarrassment grew.

For the record, the interview went badly but a few days later a friend told me about Jampy and the new soluble probiotic, THE SUPER PRO, which actually has not only probiotics like the other supplements I had tried, but also PRE and POST biotics .

Initially I didn't believe it but taken by discouragement I thought that it couldn't get worse than this.

I bought reluctantly THE SUPERPRO: Jampy's urban dog probiotic.

It is a powdered supplement composed of active pre/pro/post biotics to relieve stomach rumbling and flatulence and ensure healthy intestinal flora.

I feared Panino's reaction who for months - on a regular basis - had had to ingest pills: I had tried them all, it was now impossible to cheat him.

With immense joy, however, we discovered that THE SUPER PRO is in powder form, super versatile (you can put it as a topper on baby food, mixed in drinking water or mixed in croquettes) and has an irresistible natural flavor (very few kcal and no meat proteins ). Practically a prize for Sandwich!

Thanks to THE SUPER PRO I discovered the incredible world of Jampy.

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Jampy is a brand Made in Italy of sustainable wellness for modern dogs: develops premium supplements with the support of nutritionists and formulators specialized in canine nutrition, promotes only products based on functional ingredients supported by scientific research.

All products are plant-based, therefore cruelty-free, have optimized dosages for the dog's weight and contain natural appetizers which are also superfoods (yeast with nucleotides >40 and pumpkin)

I'll give you some data: their formulations contain more scientifically validated ingredients than most of the products on the market, and the company is also super sensitive to the issue of sustainability, a fundamental factor for me. Keep in mind that the 97% of the supplement packs for dogs is made of plastic, Jampy does not use it and their dispensers are also made of bamboo.

Lifestyle and nutrition are basic but – believe me – if you want to improve the health of your dogs, know that supplements work. I tried JAMPY's and for us they were useful, effective and easy to integrate into Sandwich's routine: he loves them and when he sees them he licks his mustache 😋 who would have thought!

Discount of 20% with code: dorg20

This advertisement for JAMPY is intended for informational purposes only. All information provided by JAMPY Srl does not constitute medical advice and should not be used as a substitute for veterinary advice. Please consult your veterinarian regarding any changes to your dog's diet. Opinions and opinions expressed are solely those of JAMPY or a testimonial from a verified JAMPY customer. Results may vary. Please note that JAMPY products are not drugs and are not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease.