Ultra Low Carb Italian Pasta – Line 6


Have you always dreamed of eating Italian pasta without feeling guilty? The ultra Low Carb pasta from the Pink Food Shop 6 Pack line is the solution you are looking for!

This Italian pasta is ideal for a ketogenic diet, as it is extremely low in carbohydrates, but at the same time very tasty! Thanks to its soft texture and delicious taste, this pasta is a pleasure to eat.

Pink Food Shop pasta is an Italian 100% product, produced with first choice ingredients and without preservatives. Furthermore, it is rich in protein, fiber and low in fat. This way, you can enjoy your Italian pasta without feeling guilty.

Are you looking for a fun and tasty way to eat your pasta? The Pink Food Shop 6 Pack line has everything you need to make an unforgettable recipe. You can use the pasta to prepare a delicious Carbonara, a tasty Penne all'arrabbiata or your favorite recipe.

The Pink Food Shop 6 Pack line is ideal for those who want to follow a ketogenic diet, but don't want to give up the taste of good Italian cuisine. Furthermore, it is also ideal for those who are gluten intolerant and want to eat healthily.

What are you waiting for? With the ultra Low Carb pasta from the Pink Food Shop 6 Pack line you can eat your Italian pasta without feeling guilty! Don't wait any longer, buy your 6 Pack line now and enjoy your favorite pasta!

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The story of Italian pasta has an ancient history, one that has made it a loved, appreciated and valuable food. But what happens when this tradition meets modernity?

If you think of a carbohydrate-free, ultra-light and nutrient-rich pasta, then we are probably talking about our Line 6 of ultra-low-carb Italian pasta.

This pasta was created to meet the nutritional needs of those who want to eat a tasty and healthy dish at the same time. The recipe was designed to minimize calorie and carbohydrate intake, which is a boon for those on a diet or just wanting to eat healthier meals.

What makes this pasta special? It is made with a blend of organic durum wheat flours, including buckwheat, rice and soft wheat. The quality of our ingredients is guaranteed, as all products are processed in the traditional way and contain no preservatives.

Not only that, but we take pride in our manufacturing process. This pasta is made with the latest technology and with particular attention to the quality of the products.

Thanks to our Line 6, you can now enjoy delicious Italian pasta without worrying about your figure. Eat healthy and tasty: our ultra-low-carb Italian pasta is the right choice for you!