Low Carb Focaccia “Fugassa” – Alessandro Scuderi


Enjoy Alessandro Scuderi's Low Carb Fugassa Focaccia!

Are you looking for a tasty, nutritious but also healthy product? Then you can't not taste Alessandro Scuderi's Focaccia Low Carb Fugassa!

This focaccia is prepared with superior quality ingredients and follows the traditional recipe from Campania, to offer you an authentic taste. Plus, thanks to its low-carb composition, it's a great choice for anyone following a keto diet!

The Focaccia Low Carb Fugassa by Alessandro Scuderi is a product that is not only tasty but also healthy, offering a healthy alternative for people who want to limit their carbohydrate intake. It is made with stone-ground durum wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. It doesn't contain yeast, so it's more digestible and with a soft and spongy texture!

From a nutritional point of view, the Focaccia Low Carb Fugassa by Alessandro Scuderi is a food rich in proteins, low in carbohydrates and contains little fat, so it is an excellent choice for those who follow a low-calorie diet. Furthermore, it is rich in B vitamins, such as thiamine and riboflavin, which help keep the nervous system healthy and prevent anemia.

You no longer have to give up the taste of a focaccia to follow a low-carb diet. Try Alessandro Scuderi's Focaccia Low Carb Fugassa, healthy, nutritious and tasty at the right point!

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