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If you are interested in buying instant erection pills, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

The reason why you are willing to try these alternative remedies is surely related to some problems during intimacy that makes you immediately diagnose erectile dysfunction. It will certainly be your doctor who will determine the cause of your condition, but we want to reassure you: often it is not a symptom of a more serious health condition!

In most cases the symptoms of erectile dysfunction can occur even without a medical cause.

Besides physical factors, erectile dysfunction is also a result of emotional and psychological factors. So what to do?

We need to evaluate possible non-invasive or dangerous solutions to stem the problem. Especially recently, erection pills are the most popular and effective choice that many men of all ages choose. But to find the right product you need to consider some factors, such as the immediate action, the safety of the product, any side effects and the natural alternatives available today. Here, then, is the focus of this article!

Why choose pills to facilitate erection

PDE5 inhibitors are used to treat erectile dysfunction: this is a class of medicines that block the PDE5 enzyme in the male sexual organ. The effects of PDE5 inhibitors include increased blood flow, relaxation of muscles, and longer erections. 

PDE5 inhibitors are generally safe to take, but they aren't for everyone. They can cause a rapid drop in blood pressure and syncope, requiring immediate medical attention. They cannot be bought over the counter and can only be prescribed by a doctor. Despite these contraindications that could make them stop using them, they are widespread because most patients find them effective.

In fact, using these prescription drugs can really help in maintaining an erection for a longer period of time as well. 

Yet there are also other pills, not belonging to the type of drugs, which can have positive effects on this male problem. Let's talk about herbal supplements that can provide some relief and fast and long-lasting results during intercourse.

In this article we try to list the different possibilities by dividing the types of pills currently on the market, specifying the ingredients, their speed of action and their characteristics.

What are instant erection pills?

In the male universe, erection pills are often that "relationship saver" destined to become a frequent life partner. Today we want to focus our research on four drugs belonging to PDE5 inhibitors and a natural supplement that is gaining popularity in this field for its surprising results:

  • Spedra
  • Cialis
  • Viagra
  • Levitra
  • Neradin

After having carefully evaluated each of their characteristics, it will be easier to choose the most suitable product for your specific needs which, as we well know, are different from person to person. That's why we don't want to tell you about remedies that are more effective than others, but only about different types of products that aim at the same goal with different tools.

Spedra 200 mg

Spedra is a PDE5 inhibitor used to treat erectile dysfunction. Its active ingredient is Avanafil, which allows it to act quickly, obtaining an immediate erection after less than 30 minutes and its effects are guaranteed for up to twelve hours.

According to many men, it works faster and more effectively than Viagra. The main difference between Viagra and Spedra is that the latter is a drug that has a much longer duration. It works quickly and stays effective for up to six hours – making it a better option for some men.

Spedra also has a lower risk of side effects than Viagra. It is less likely to cause sensory problems, such as blurry vision or sudden hearing loss. Some side effects can always occur, but most of them are mild and transient. Headache is the most frequent symptom after taking it but resolves as soon as the action of the drug wears off.

However, it is always advisable to avoid using it in conjunction with alcohol. 

Spedra is a prescription medicine, so you shouldn't take it without doctors approval. Additionally, it can also interact with other medications. So, report to your doctor in detail about any current or recent medications you are taking.

Spedra is a safe drug for use by adults, but it should definitely not be taken by children. 


Another option against erection problems is Cialis, which is available in different dosages. Its active ingredient is Tadalafil, which is useful not only for erectile dysfunction but also for prostate problems.

Of all the drugs, it is the duration that elects it the most used, since its effectiveness remains unchanged for up to 36 hours! The action is not immediate as in the case of Spedra but you have to wait about two hours before reaching its peak of effectiveness.

Cialis, in its 5 mg version, is even more powerful than the traditional formula, as it doesn't necessarily have to be taken shortly before intercourse, but also daily, producing much more natural and spontaneous erections.


instant erection pills

Among the pills for immediate (or almost) immediate erection, of course the most famous is the classic blue pill, also known as Viagra. Its basic principle is Sidenafil, also used in cases of pulmonary hypertension. 

It is taken before intimate intercourse and acts about an hour later, remaining effective up to a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 9 hours. Compared to Cialis, the only one to be taken even daily, Viagra must be used as needed and is not indicated for continuous therapy. Alcohol and food can affect its abilities, so it is good to have an overview of its possible interactions to avoid disappointment after using it in conjunction with alcoholic beverages, drugs and foods high in fat.

As anticipated, some side effects related to the senses may occur, especially vision and hearing, but also stomach problems and headaches. At the first symptom it is advisable to call the doctor immediately to treat it promptly. 


The list of PDE5 inhibitors is completed by Levitra, based on Vardenafil. This product is in many ways similar to Viagra, in effects, interactions and duration. In fact, both act after about 1 hour, last at least 6-9 hours and are less effective when they act after taking other medicines, alcohol-based drinks and some heavier foods to digest.

And among the foods, in this case grapefruit must also be mentioned. Why? In practice it seems that this specific fruit is able to interact negatively with Vardenafil and delay the effects of the drug even by over an hour.

In case of doubts about its effectiveness and dosage, it is advisable to ask your doctor to find out if it is the right choice based on your clinical history and your problem, or if alternatively you need to focus on other solutions, perhaps more natural such as the Neradin which we will now tell you about.


We purposely want to add Neradin to this list of instant erection pills because it can produce the same results, but without being a drug like the previous products just described. 

Neradin is a natural plant-based supplement based on substances capable of promoting sexual stimulation, counteracting infertility and combating erectile dysfunction. Its action is made so effective by the double action of damiana and ginseng, excellent for improving the quality of sexual intercourse because they counteract tiredness in all its forms, from physical to mental. 

It also contains zinc, selenium, magnesium and folic acid which help promote general well-being and improve testosterone levels.

How long does Neradin take to take effect? This is the question everyone is asking when comparing the supplement to PDE5 inhibitor drugs. And here's the answer: Neradin, compared to the others, needs a longer and more continuous time to see results. In fact, you need to use it daily for at least four weeks before you can tell if it really works or not. As always, efficacy is subjective and also in this case it is good to evaluate its value inserted in a precise clinical picture.

Side effects: what you need to know

The drugs that we have told you extensively about are designed to help improve male sexual arousal and increase libido. 

While we have seen that they can indeed have some outstanding results for many men, in truth it is fair to point out that they can also cause quite unpleasant side effects. If you are considering using any of these medications, then, be sure to talk to your doctor before making your decision. 

For example, Viagra is a good choice for those looking for a quick fix. It takes effect in about four hours and has a good duration. However, the most important factor to keep in mind is that if you are taking any other medications you should definitely not take this type of inhibitor as it may cause various side effects.

Examples include joint pain or back pain.

In general, the typical side effects of inhibitor drugs can be:

  • sensory problems
  • backache
  • muscle aches
  • diarrhea
  • insomnia
  • migraine
  • sensitivity to light

In less frequent but more serious cases, skin rashes, dizziness, difficulty breathing or painful erections may be noted. It is immediately recommended to call the doctor to understand how to behave and of course suspend the treatment. 

However, as already mentioned, they are contraindications that occur only rarely and in specific clinical cases.

Choose responsibly

For many men suffering from erectile dysfunction, finding a safe erection pill can be a difficult and daunting task. The reason is that there are a number of drugs on the market and many of them can have unwanted side effects. To avoid them, it is important to discuss your treatment options with your doctor. 

In this regard, a parenthesis must also be made on another topic related to erection pills and their safety. Since they are widely used products, there are also fraudulent, expired or counterfeit variants on the market, which can harm your health and do not bring about any significant change in problems related to erection. 

Therefore, before buying it is always advisable to choose responsibly, evaluating each option, asking for advice from experts in the sector and avoiding doing independent research on the internet to make your own analyses. Not always what they write is true and you risk doing even more damage in your life.

Natural alternatives: our advice

And after talking about the pills for immediate erection on the market, including drugs, generics and supplements, we want to close the topic with the so-called natural aphrodisiacs, which can help, both in conjunction with these products and independently.

You may be wondering: is there a natural aphrodisiac that has the same effects as erection pills? Many people rely on aphrodisiacs to increase their sex drive and many claim that they can also increase fertility and improve sexual pleasure for both men and women.

Traditionally, aphrodisiacs have been created from plants or minerals. Those same compounds are found in most supplements, although today's most popular aphrodisiacs are made with concentrated extracts of active ingredients derived from potent foods.

Ginseng is one of the most common aphrodisiacs. It has been used for centuries to treat sexual dysfunction and to promote fertility in men. In addition to boosting libido, ginseng also improves cholesterol levels and facilitates reproduction.

Maca is another effective aphrodisiac. This herb is a root crop grown in the Andes region. Men who consume maca for at least two months experience an increase in sexual desire.

And after the plants, here are the foods that have always been considered powerful aphrodisiacs. In first place we find oysters, which seem to greatly increase the libido. 

And how about the chocolate? Energetic and tasty, it has long since entered the list of the most natural aphrodisiacs to take at all times! 

After this overview you can draw your own conclusions: the choice is always personal and the factors you always have to evaluate are your health, specific needs and the cause of the problem. It will then be easy to find the ideal remedy for your situation.