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A dog's health must be monitored from puppyhood to old age. Because it is unfortunately inevitable that time passes for him too and it is our duty to ensure he has a healthy and happy life even when he begins to have some more age-related pain and needs more care.

As happens with humans, old age can also cause some problems in animals. Knowing the symptoms that help you understand your dog's discomfort is the first step in helping him feel better, also by purchasing the best supplements for elderly dogs for him.

Don't know what they are? That's what we're here for! Today we will tell you about 15 supplements dedicated to older dogs and with specific problems. And, for those who aren't sure what the most common problems are that cause elderly animals to feel unwell, we also want to do a little recap so that they are more aware and don't find themselves unprepared at the right moment.

Even dogs become old!

As much as you are used to seeing your four-legged friend jumping, playing and running with you, you cannot forget that age advances for everyone and you have to deal with the problems related to the dog's seniority. But what are the most frequent disorders that can arise? Let's try to list them together:

  • Vision or hearing problems;
  • Disorders involving the digestive system;
  • Renal dysfunction;
  • Dermatitis or other skin problems;
  • Hair loss;
  • Dental problems;
  • Arthritis;
  • Cognitive deficit.

Of course, it doesn't mean that every dog is subject to these physical problems just because they get older! But you must be prepared to recognize the symptoms of each disorder in the event that they may occur in more or less latent forms.

And above all, when it happens, there is no need to panic. In addition to consulting with the veterinarian, it is advisable to administer the best ones supplements for dogs elderly people, often targeted at the problem, who certainly help him to live this phase of his life better.

How to recognize the symptoms?

To understand which supplements to give your dog, it is important to also be able to understand what type of discomfort he has, so as not to make him take generic but specific products, and therefore decisive in making him feel better. Even if your dog can't express himself in words to tell you where he feels the pain, it's not that difficult to pay attention to the signs that can give you precise clues about the type of problem. Just observe him carefully and understand from his sudden changes in habits or behavior what is wrong.

Vision or hearing problems

These are the most recognizable issues. If the doorbell rings or the car horn is heard and he doesn't react at all, it's already an alarm bell that something is different! And if when you call out to him he doesn't immediately come with his tail wagging, you can be sure that his hearing no longer works in the same way.

For the eyes it is even simpler and you can see it in his movements, which are no longer linear, and in his difficulties in finding the bowl with food and water.

Disorders involving the digestive system

Loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea: these are the most common symptoms that highlight digestion problems. Even if he has certainly already had similar episodes during his life, when they occur frequently we need to pay attention to the problem and investigate the causes. Talking to the veterinary doctor and monitoring his diet is a given, but starting treatment with specific supplements can really help him overcome these problems.

Vitamins for dogs are also a panacea for his well-being, especially in adulthood and in case of digestive problems.

Renal dysfunction

Among the most serious problems that can arise when the dog becomes elderly there are certainly kidney failures. If the animal has difficulty urinating, an urgent check-up is required to check its condition. However, there are also specific products that have a preventative action and help improve kidney dysfunction from the inside.

Furthermore, making him drink lots of water which helps keep him hydrated is always an excellent move to prevent kidney-related problems, even as a puppy.

Dermatitis and hair loss

Allergies and parasites are that annoying problem that dogs have to deal with since they were puppies. However, when in old age they cause dermatitis or other skin diseases it becomes even more problematic to deal with them with the usual means adopted until then. Therefore we need to act in a more targeted manner.

Hair loss and itching are the symptoms to monitor to avoid the risk of dermatitis or fight it before it develops into more serious forms.

Dental problems

To identify dental problems in your dog, just observe him while he eats. Any difficulties in chewing demonstrate that there may be discomfort in the teeth that the animal did not experience before and which are therefore not linked to the type of diet. Oral hygiene and supplements are just enough to make him live this phase with serenity and without too much discomfort.

If they cause loss of appetite or inability to chew then it is certainly necessary to intervene with more suitable foods, under medical consultation.

Cognitive deficit

The cognitive deficit can affect different areas: from memory to balance, from orientation to sleep. In short, with age it is inevitable that these functions may decrease and therefore helping your little friend with the best supplements for elderly dogs also means giving him specific products that can alleviate these discomforts. The most effective are multivitamins, which contain the vitamins best suited to improving brain function.

Therefore they are used to combat insomnia, promote mnemonic processes, reduce any states of anxiety, prevent disorientation.

Joint problems

But the ailments that older dogs have to deal with are almost always related to the joints. The dog's agility and also its vitality are strongly influenced by this and you notice the change from some very obvious signs. He walks slowly, often has difficulty getting up from the kennel, moves little and avoids climbing stairs, and often whimpers in pain.

best supplements for older dogs

Arthritis in dogs can be alleviated with small but important measures, starting by making his bed softer and more comfortable. Furthermore, joint supplements for dogs are that plus that should never be missing in adulthood to alleviate ailments and facilitate movements.

What supplement should you give your dog?

After having fully understood what disorders can cause discomfort in your best friend, the next step is to choose the supplements most suited to his situation.

There are so many on the market and a little confusion at the time of purchase is perfectly normal! So we thought we'd make a list of the 15 best supplements for elderly dogs that can touch on all the problems described so far, to make your choice even easier.

Ready to take notes? So let's start immediately with the presentation of the products we have chosen for you!

  1. Artikrill

Let's start with a supplement specifically for joint problems. Artikrill is ideal for regenerating cartilage, reducing inflammation and joint pain. Although it is not strictly a drug, it acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and is recommended by doctors to improve the general condition of the dog. Contains omega-3 fatty acids (EPA), fish oil and vitamin E.

Artikrill must be taken orally and if the dog has difficulty ingesting it, it must be helped with nutrition. In fact, it is a treatment that must last at least three months to have the right effectiveness and the quantity varies based on the weight of the animal.

2. V-Integra

Ideal for elderly dogs, this supplement contains vitamins and mineral salts and should be added to the usual diet to guarantee the necessary nutrient intake every day. Its strong point is that of giving vitality and appetite, and therefore it is perfect for stimulating the animal to eat when cases of lack of appetite appear. By balancing your diet, it wards off and prevents digestive or kidney problems.

V-Integra is rich in antioxidants and its formulation contains, in addition to vitamins, potassium, calcium, sodium, folic acid, magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese. The box contains the product in powder form and is therefore easier to administer together with the feed.

3. Terra canis, with Krill oil

To keep your dog's fur always shiny and healthy, combating any hair loss linked to the presence of parasites, allergies or dermatitis, we recommend using Krill oil. The supplement contains natural oils and fatty acids and therefore helps not only to keep the animal's coat always shiny and healthy, but also helps to improve the functionality of the heart and brain.

The product is in the form of chewable tablets and gives the dog all the nutrients necessary for complete well-being. In fact, krill is a small Antarctic crab that eats phytoplankton, rich in minerals, trace elements, carbohydrates, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, fibre.

4. Chondrostress Osteoarthritis

Chondrostress is a specific supplement for osteoarthritis in older dogs. In fact, it acts precisely on the disorder through glupamid and quercetin. The first protects the cartilage and fights inflammation; the second has antioxidant properties and aims to slow down the signs of aging by neutralizing free radicals.

Excellent product also to act as a painkiller because the formulation is also designed to relieve painful symptoms caused by joint problems. Condrostress is in capsules that can be mixed with foods without contraindications.

5. Currant Pet Relief

In the treatment of animal dermatitis this type of supplement proves to be very effective.

Its strong point is the rich dosage of GLA, which has an anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory function. It contains essential fatty acids to restore the compromised skin barrier, promote hydration, and hinder the access of negative bacteria and allergens, which cause skin alterations. 

In addition to acids, the supplement also contains vitamin D3 which is excellent against itching. The entire formulation is designed to promote hair regrowth where there are cases of significant loss. And it also tends to make it shiny and fit again.

6. Animigo Digestive Probiotics

Let's go back to a line we have already seen: Animigo. This time however with a product aimed at improving the functionality of the digestive system and the immune system. We know well how important probiotics are in humans: the same principle applies to animals, especially in adulthood when digestive problems arise.

With this specific supplement, your dog will be able to improve its overall state of health, as it acts on the metabolism and bacterial flora, without forgetting that it can combat any irritation or symptoms such as diarrhea or swelling.

7. KcMega3

Among the best supplements for elderly dogs we also mention KcMega3, specific for kidney problems.

As we have already mentioned before, more or less serious renal insufficiencies are common in older dogs, but the functionality of the kidneys can be improved through the constant use of targeted products. This supplement contains Omega 3, which are the ideal fatty acids to facilitate renal work and reduce any deficiencies. So if your dog shows symptoms such as fatigue, inactivity and difficulty urinating, it is advisable to start the first cycle of supplements to prevent the problem from becoming more serious every day.

8. Senilife

When we talk about dog health we must also take into consideration the psycho-emotional health of the animal and a supplement that stimulates cognitive functions can be ideal even in the absence of specific disorders. Senilife slows down brain aging and stimulates important processes such as memory.

The high concentration of antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin E, help it fight free radicals and even age-related fatigue.

9. DOS Pet

For vision disorders this supplement is very valid, thanks to its formula based on vitamins (C, E, A) but also beta carotene and fish oil. Among the best complementary foods, it not only fights existing inflammation, but is proposed as an effective aid in preventing the aging processes of the eye which can therefore be degenerative and lead to more serious problems during the animal's old age.

By using it consistently you can therefore slow down the reduction in visual capacity. The blister contains pearls to be taken orally which have no side effects of any kind.

10. Iken Up

The best supplements for elderly dogs are not only those that relieve pain or prevent it, but this category also includes multivitamins that generally improve its functionality and state of health. Iken Up provides an energy boost to adult dogs, especially in stressful conditions, through the joint action of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, such as iron, magnesium and zinc.

best supplements for older dogs

As a complementary food it is suitable for dogs of any size, but the quantity to be administered always depends on the weight of your dog.

11. Stimulfos

Another energy supplement is Stimulfos. In addition to vitamins, it also contains phospholipids to stimulate cellular metabolism, and betaglucans, which serve to fight bad cholesterol.

Therefore it should not only be administered as a source of vitamins when the dog is debilitated, but it is also useful in cases of lack of appetite, inactivity and muscular difficulties.

12. Pets Purest

For bone and joint health we also tell you about Pets Purest, the supplement rich in omega 3, DHA and EPA, which also act on other fronts, such as vision, the brain and nervous tissue. It contains cod liver oil whose properties for the well-being of cartilage and bones are well known. And then salmon oil is the ideal component to stimulate the appetite of dogs who are reluctant to eat due to age.

Therefore: it provides the calcium essential to strengthen bones, protects against bacterial and viral infections and reduces the deterioration of cartilage.

13. Daonly

The Daonly supplement was created for problems relating to mobility but over time its use has also been extended to other functions as an effective anti-inflammatory remedy. Therefore, excellent for joint problems, but also for relieving pain and counteracting aging, through the presence of antioxidant vitamins.

It also contains collagen, which is an excellent ally for cell regeneration.

14. Hip & Joint Complex

Against muscle stiffness, inactivity and joint problems there is this supplement rich in glucosamine and chondroitin. Among its ingredients, turmeric and hyaluronic acid stand out. The former is good for the joints, while the latter keeps the joints lubricated and protects the cartilage.

For older dogs it is a high-impact remedy to get back to moving without difficulty and without painful symptoms.

15. Animigo, Echinacea immune system

We conclude this list with a supplement that improves the body's defenses. Age-related diseases, allergies, seasonal changes: there are various factors that can weaken the immune system which can be strengthened by administering practical supplements without contraindications. From the Animigo line we have this product formulated with Echinacea, a sort of natural antibiotic that protects against infections and inflammation, and counteracts the access of viruses and bacteria into the dog's body.

Supplements as complementary foods

We have described to you what in our opinion are the best supplements for elderly dogs currently on the market. Many of these are often referred to as complementary foods. But what does it mean? In practice it means that they must be added to the animal's diet.

Therefore, these are neither drugs nor complete feed, but products that "supplement" the diet with the right nutrients while also carrying out specific functions for problems related to joints, vision, skin or other disorders that may arise in animal.

In conclusion we can therefore confidently say that they are excellent from many points of view and even multitasking, for a well-being that involves your dog's entire health and allows him to experience the aging phase with serenity.

TOP 3 of the best supplements for senior dogs


Christine Rossi

Treatment of osteoarthritis
Complementary feed

Supplement with anti-inflammatory properties for adult and elderly dogs with joint problems.



Christine Rossi

Treatment of osteoarthritis
Complementary feed

Supplement with anti-inflammatory properties for adult and elderly dogs with joint problems.



Christine Rossi

Treatment of osteoarthritis
Complementary feed

Supplement with anti-inflammatory properties for adult and elderly dogs with joint problems.